Weekday Nursery School celebrating 61 years

Weekday Nursery School will be opening its doors this September for its 61st year in operation.

The nursery school was founded in 1958 by the pastor of Morrisville Presbyterian Church as an outreach ministry to the community.

The school has educated thousands of area children over the years.

Education is a lifetime process, and we believe that preschool is the first step in a cooperative learning effort between family and school.

Our mission is to nurture young minds, build confidence, and stimulate curiosity of the world around them.

Each child is a unique and important person.

There is much to be learned during children’s work time, which is their playtime.

Successful experiences enhance learning and build confidence.

Children thrive when presented with age appropriate developmental activities and learn best when they proceed at their own pace with flexibility within a structured environment.

The atmosphere is warm and loving with an extended family feel.

We provide a cheerful environment, safe modern playground equipment, hands-on activities, music & movement, yoga and exciting field trips to provide happy meaningful experiences for your child.

We are licensed by the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Board of Private Academic Schools and all our teachers are certified in the state of Pennsylvania.

Weekday Nursery School offers classes for our youngest students at two years seven months through the age of five.

There are a variety of class options with weekly lunch bunch and clubhouse additions available.

For information about availability call 215-356-3525 or for additional information go to our website at or on Facebook @weekdaynurseryschool.

PHOTO CAP: Outside play day at the water table.