Villa is Growing

1957…The year John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time, three years before forming the Beatles…and “Leave It to Beaver” premiered on CBS. This year holds a very special place in the story of Villa Joseph Marie High School, as well.

It was in this year that construction of the current school building was completed.

Like the musical groups and television of yesterday, Villa Joseph Marie has had to keep up with a changing society.

More young women today are choosing to continue their education in fields such as biomedical engineering, aeronautics, and actuarial sciences.

But, like their Villa sisters who went before them, they want to play sports, sing in the choir, and give their time in works of charity, as well.

Villa’s planned facilities renovations will no doubt open the doors to many new possibilities for its students.

The building of a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center will be completed this summer, and soon after, construction will begin on a STEAM hallway, complete with robotics, computer, and innovations labs, a sound booth, recording studio, and media center, in addition to renovated classrooms. “What will be here by next September and what will be here by the following September is dramatically different than what we have and have had (in the past),” says President Thomas Kardish. “It is a really exciting time for Villa.”

In anticipation of the planned facility upgrades, curriculum advancements are already being made at the school to meet the growing interests of their students. New classes include AP Music Theory, Theater Tech Practicum, Advanced Art Portfolio, Women’s Studies, Law, Intro to Engineering, Reel History, AP French, and Advanced Latin.

Principal Lauren Gaughan Carr ’00 is confident that Villa’s curriculum will continue to stand out and stay ahead of the game. “We are teaching 21st century learners for 22nd century jobs.”

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The school welcomes all to attend Open House on Sunday, October 6th, with Mass in the Villa Performing Arts Center immediately preceding the event.