The Montessori School

Montessori classrooms are peaceful, happy places designed to meet the developmental needs of every child in each stage of life from Preschool through Kindergarten.

The Montessori School welcomes all children into their classroom – no matter their talents or challenges. 

Children are treated with respect and are encouraged to find their individual path to learning.

Each child is unique and so each child has their own path.

Children who like to move will enjoy the Practical Life Area where there are water activities, tools, art materials, and food preparation.

Children who like order will respond to equipment which lets them organize objects by size, shape, color, texture, smell, and sound.

Children who are ready to read will be assisted with materials introducing sounds, the spelling of words, phonetic words, sightwords, phonograms, and storybooks with corresponding comprehension workbooks.

Children who are math-oriented can count and learn numbers through 9999, discover the decimal system, add, subtract, multiply, tell time, and use money.

Children will learn about their world and science.

They will explore space, the continents, magnets, building materials, body parts, nutrition, music, animal care, holidays, and different cultures.

Our classroom contains many places for children to learn and play in many different ways: by themselves, in pairs, in small groups, in large groups, with a teacher, inside, outside, at tables, and on the floor.

Early childhood is a finite time to help your child prepare his or her brain for future learning experiences.

TMS is committed to helping children reach their potential with the best in materials and teachers.

The Montessori School is located at 501 W. Maple Avenue in Morrisville. For more information about TMS, visit

Tours are usually done on Mondays during the school year and anytime during the summer.

They may be arranged by calling the school at 215-295-1170.

PHOTO CAP: The Montessori School summer camp children enjoy the new playhouse which was a gift from the Kindergarten Class of 2019.