Fletcher’s Garage: Neighborhood auto shop returns home

by Tianna G. Hansen

Recently moving back to their hometown area of Fairless Hills, owner Fred Fletcher is proud to announce that Fletcher’s Garage is back and better than ever.

Not only is their new location totally refurbished and updated, housed in a state of the art facility, but Fletcher’s is focused on staying up to date with the changing times by keeping all the most recent technologies on hand.

“We want to be your neighborhood shop that’s the alternative to the dealership, offering the same quality and equipment with better prices and bringing more experience to your car needs,” says Fred.

Fred has worked in the family-owned business since he started helping his father in 1981.

He purchased the business from his father in 1999 and moved the business to Fairless Hills from its Trenton establishment in 2003.

After spending a few years in Morrisville when he moved the business there in 2016, the hometown garage is coming back to their roots again where Fred has always felt at home, in Fairless Hills, and welcoming the community.

“We are building for the future,” says Fred. “As the technology advances, some older Technicians are getting out, but we decided to embrace the technology that’s coming out now and are moving towards it. My Techs, Joe Andujar and Rob Swaim, are not just fantastic technicians, but have the same mindset and values as I do. They are the best!”

His father always had a background in cars, racing back in the 60’s and 70’s, and had businesses in Ewing Township and Trenton working on cars. “I was born into the car business, I guess.”

He adds, “My father taught me not just how to fix cars, but also how to treat customers truthfully and respectfully. ‘They are not dollar signs, they are people, just like we are. Treat everyone fair and you’ll do well for a long time.’”                                                                                                                          

Fred spent four years in the early 80’s as an Air Force as a jet mechanic.

“I’m a trained airplane guy and I believe it lends me an advantage,” Fred says. “Spending time working on aircraft has sharpened my eye for detail that now uniquely translates over to auto repair.”

As he pointed out, a car can breakdown on the road, but an aircraft doesn’t have that advantage. You can’t afford a breakdown in an airplane.

Coupled with this detail orientation and their new diagnostic equipment including electronics, maintenance and engine diagnostics, Fletcher’s Garage is equipped to offer you the dealership quality without charging dealership prices.

Fred is an ASE Certified Master Technician and his garage is an AAA Approved Auto Repair facility offering many discounts and savings.

Fred also hosts a radio show at WBCB 1490AM called “Under the Hood,” discussing all things cars and community related.

Fletcher’s Garage itself has a large focus on community.

“I’ve lived here for 28 years and raised my family here,” says Fred. “We are very active in the community. We’ve been involved with the American Cancer Society Relay For Life since 2006, also Veteran’s causes, among other events. I love hosting my ‘Hot Rod Santa’ event and this year I’m dedicating all fundraising to the ‘Toy’s For Tot’s’ in which I did for years with WBCB 1490AM.”

Fred is determined to dig in his roots to stay.

“I’ve come full circle now back to Fairless Hills and I’m not moving again!” says Fred.

Visit Fletcher’s Garage at 480 Hood Boulevard, Fairless Hills, and see for yourself this hometown automotive business that’s dug permanent roots in the local community, willing to offer you the highest quality in auto repair and all your automotive needs.

Also find Fletcher’s Garage online at, e-mail Fred at, or call 215-295-4931 to make an appointment.

PHOTO CAP: From left, owner Fred Fletcher, Joe Andujar and Rob Swaim.