Lova Naturals Beauty Repair – A clinically proven, simple approach to replenishing skin and nails, reducing cellulite

by Maryanna S. Phinn

Many factors such as genetics, aging, lifestyle or poor diet and sun exposure can negatively affect the appearance and health of our skin, nails and hair.

For generations, adults of all ages have tried countless cosmetic products and procedures to diminish skin problems such as wrinkles and fine lines, loss of elasticity, cellulite or to strengthen soft or brittle nails.

But, a local company may have a natural, safe, simple, scientifically proven and affordable solution for these common cosmetic problems.

Lova Naturals™ Beauty Repair, a product launched in March by a leading health and wellness consulting company, Healthy Innovative Products, LLC based in Middletown Township, has demonstrated success for these skin, nail and cellulite challenges.

“Lova Naturals™ Beauty Repair contains the key ingredient called collagen peptide,” explains Lorenzo C. Nicastro, MS, who co-founded the business and developed the brand with his wife, Sallie S. Kim, MS. “By the age of 25 we start losing collagen and between the ages of 35 to 45 we may start to see wrinkles. Therefore it is essential to consume collagen peptide to naturally boost and replenish the collagen in our bodies.”

In the human body, amino acids form chains that are the building blocks of peptides.

Peptides form proteins such as collagen, a crucial component and the foundation of healthy, firm, younger appearing skin.

Collagen is a major structural component of the human skin, comprising approximately 70% of the skin’s dry-mass.

But natural collagen production slows down rapidly with age.

This leads to a breakdown in skin firmness and structure, resulting in dehydrated and thin skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

“Several clinical trials that have been published in peer reviewed journals have confirmed the benefits of consuming collagen peptide at the dosage specifically found in Lova Naturals™ Beauty Repair. These studies showed that after regular usage there was improvement for eye wrinkle volume, higher skin elasticity, improvement in nail growth and reduction in cracked or chipped nails and decrease in cellulite. There are competitive products in the marketplace that contain collagen peptide at various usage levels. But many of these products do not have clinical trials conducted on their specific raw ingredients,” Lorenzo says.

Prior to establishing Healthy Innovative Products, LLC in 2005, Sallie and Lorenzo had successful careers working for major food and beverage corporations, as well as middle market companies within the health and wellness space.

They launched Lova Naturals™ Beauty Repair after studying trends in the nutricosmetics field where ingestible or edible products are consumed to potentially improve the skin from the inside out.

They evaluated many raw ingredients from various suppliers and read numerous published clinical trials. The true test was to consume the raw ingredients themselves. “We saw better results beyond what the clinical trials indicated. We wanted our product to be plain and easy to use. Other companies incorporate collagen peptides in other product forms such as gummy bears and bars. But we didn’t want to incorporate sweeteners or additional calories. Also, we felt it was important to have just the active ingredient. Our product is 100% formulated with natural collagen peptides, with no additives or extra ingredients. It is in a powdered form that readily dissolves and disperses in water or liquid quickly.”

Lova Naturals™ Beauty Repair is sold in 30 count stick packs which are slim, compact and easy to open.

Each stick pack contains a single serving (2.5 grams about a teaspoon) of collagen peptide that easily pours into a water bottle or favorite beverage without spilling.

It is recommended to consume one serving per day, as part of your regular morning routine.

Lova Naturals™ Beauty Repair does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMO), or any of the common food allergens.

Currently, Healthy Innovative Products, LLC is offering a 50% discount off the suggested retail price for the first 50 customers who purchase the product on the company’s website using coupon code TPN50LOVA. (See ad for more details.) Shipping is free within the United States.

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PHOTO CAP: Lorenzo Nicastro and  Sallie S. Kim