Lendo Fellowships awarded to 20 Pennsbury students

    Thanks to a generous endowment fund established in 2007 by Pennsbury ’64 alumnus, Arthur J. Lendo, Ph.D., 20 students at Pennsbury High School were recently selected to receive Lendo Fellowship awards to help support their academic and co-curricular pursuits.

    This year – marking the endowment fund’s 12th anniversary – the following students were approved by the Board of the Pennsbury Education Foundation (which oversees the endowment) for the 2019 Lendo Fellowship awards.

    The program that each student plans to attend is also listed.

    • Diya Cherian, Mini-Medical Summer Camp, Drexel University; *Priya Deliwala, Leadership in the Business World, University of Pennsylvania;
    • Olivia Doyle, How Chemistry & Engineering Can Change the World, University of Pennsylvania;
    • Aditya Gaba, Wharton Moneyball Academy Training Camp, University of Pennsylvania;
    • Brooke Garretson, Upper Valley Swim Camp, Dartmouth College;
    • Kathryn Gilbride, American Choral Directors conference, Kansas City, MO;
    • Shreeya Gounder, Jefferson College of Life Sciences, Thomas Jefferson University;
    • Rachel Guloy, Biomedical Engineering STEM Summer Academy, Drexel University;
    • Naya Henry, Nat’l Youth Leadership Forum: Advanced Medicine & Health Care, Johns Hopkins University;
    • Riley Howington, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Program, Albright College;
    • Kartik Kannan, Mini-Medical Summer Camp, Drexel University;
    • Chloe Mako, Summer Portfolio Boot Camp, Tyler School of Art at Temple University;
    • Sutirth Mannikeri, Emergency Medical Responder course, Burholme Emergency Medical Services;
    • Patrick McCullough, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Program, Albright College;
    • Kole Meinhart, Environmental Science Leadership Academy, Drexel University, Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute, and Yellowstone National Park;
    • Derek Quinn, Rowing Camp, Princeton University;
    • Amanda Reardend, Summer Institute, Brevard Music Center;
    • Ava Sciolla, Point Guard College, PGC Basketball Camp;
    • Avery Stimmel, Upper Valley Swim Camp, Dartmouth College;
    • Benjamin Wachspress, Mini-Medical Summer Camp, Drexel University.

    Prior to his retirement, Dr. Lendo served as the long-time president of Peirce College in Philadelphia. He has since relocated out of state.

    To learn more about the Pennsbury Education Foundation or Dr. Arthur J. Lendo, visit > Community > Foundations > Pennsbury Education Foundation > Fellowships.

    PHOTO CAP: Seated from left, Kathryn Gilbride, Chloe Mako, Priya Deliwala, and Rachel Guloy; standing, Kole Meinhart, Shreeya Gounder, Kartik Kannan, Olivia Doyle, and Ava Sciolla.