‘ModERIN’, a modern twist on Irish dance, comes to Yardley on March 7th

‘Darrah Carr Dance,’ an acclaimed New York City-based dance company, offers their show, ‘ModERIN,’ a playful combination of the words modern (dance) and ERIN (an Irish American reference to Ireland), to an enthusiastic audience in Yardley.

Bucks County Performing Arts Center (BCPAC) brings this show to the Yardley Community Centre, 64 S. Main Street, Yardley, on March 7th, at 7:30pm.

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Bring on holiday cheer with the Trenton Brass Quintet Plus One

The Bucks County Performing Arts Center (BCPAC) has a decades-long reputation of presenting top-notch, festive performances to usher in the winter holiday season. On December 6th, 7:30pm, at the Yardley Community Centre, 64 S. Main Street, Yardley, BCPAC brings the ‘Trenton Brass Quintet Plus One’ for just this joyous purpose.

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Ahoy, Matey! Pirate School’s in session in Yardley

Arrrrrgh! You heard that right! On November 8th, 3:00pm, at the Yardley Community Centre, 64 S. Main St., Yardley, the Bucks County Performing Arts Center (BCPAC) brings you David Engel’s ‘Pirate School!’ Touring theaters and family festivals nationwide, Pirate School! delights its audience with eye-popping puppetry, slapstick antics, adept magic tricks, cartoon-like sound effects, eccentric props, and active, full-audience participation.

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BCPAC opens its 37th concert season with a rock trio

On October 11th, the Bucks County Performing Arts Center (BCPAC) brings Philadelphia-based rock trio ‘Mo Lowda and The Humble’ to the Yardley Community Centre, 64 S. Main Street, Yardley. Doors open at 7:00pm and the show starts at 7:30. This young-but-talented-beyond-their-years group has a huge local following, so get your tickets early. And, all ages are welcome as their sound and energy is universal in its appeal.

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Sousa comes to Yardley

The walls of the Yardley Community Centre, located at 64 S. Main Street, Yardley, will soon be resonating with the strains of John Philip Sousa’s marches as the Centre hosts its 16th Annual July Fourth Concert. The stage will be filled with the 55-piece Blawenburg Band, one of the nation’s oldest continuously operating community bands. The band has long specialized in the works of Sousa, who is also known as “The March King.” Among the more than 100 marches are such favorites as “Stars and Stripes Forever,” “Semper Fideles,” and “The Washington Post March.”

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The Library by Afton is buzzing with activity

The Old Library by Lake Afton is going to be abuzz with activity this year.

In February the interior of the building was spruced up. Cracks in the plaster walls were repaired, and the walls and trim work were repainted. This is no small undertaking given that the Library’s ceilings are so high. In the fall, it is hoped that the exterior of the building is repainted, a process that will involve removing many layers of paint on the old wood siding.

As you can imagine, these are expensive projects – approximately $32,500 in all, but the Yardley Historical Association is committed to doing the work properly. The Old Library is Yardley’s landmark and worth it. Consider investing in the Library’s future and make a generous contribution for building maintenance in addition to your membership donation this year.  

The spring and summer calendar is full of outstanding and varied events, and rounding out the use of the Old Library building is an increasing number of rentals. It’s become a popular place to meet and have parties, particularly wedding and baby showers. 

Mark your calendars for these upcoming April events and encourage your friends and neighbors to come out, too.

  • Sunday, April 6th, 3:00pm  – “New Evidence on the Case that Never Dies: The Lindbergh Kidnapping”

In 2004, Lloyd Gardner, a professor emeritus of history at Rutgers University, published a book about the 1932 kidnapping of the toddler son of the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh. The kidnapping/murder, which took place near Hopewell, NJ, is reputed to be the most publicized crime of the 20th century. Professor Gardner’s book was the first by a historian who worked with the voluminous files at the New Jersey State Police archives and previously untouched FBI files. It quickly became recognized as the standard work on the crime. Professor Gardner has continued his research and his updated his book with a new ending that proposes a dramatic theory about the reasons for the crime.  Come to this program presented by Professor Gardner, and find out all the details about this case that never dies. Co-sponsored by the Lower Makefield Historical Society, at the Yardley Community Centre, 64 South Main Street. Free of charge. 

  • Saturday, April 12th, 10:00am-noon – Meet the Bunny!

Hippity-hop on over to the Old Library after the Yardley Egg Hunt and play with the Bunny. Free photos, Easter treats, and fun!


Family fun from BCPAC in ‘Hatched’: A seedling drama


For all of you little chicks, fresh flower buds, and new seedlings, Bucks County Performing Arts Center (BCPAC) brings you “Hatched,” at the Yardley Community Centre, 64 S. Main Street, Yardley, at 3:00pm on Saturday, April 5th. “Hatched” is a kid-friendly introduction to theater, where you’ll follow the story of a newborn chick emerging from her shell at sunrise to a strange and busy world. 

An interactive production targeted for children from birth through pre-school age, “Hatched” is performed through movement, handcrafted puppets, and music, with very little human dialogue. While the target audience is clearly for young kids, one recent audience member said she “found the performance wildly entertaining, and I didn’t have a child!”

Set on an American family farm, the chick is met by a feisty old rooster, a wobbly calf learning to walk, a gaggle of dancing chicks, a lamb, and a noisy nest of baby birds. Audience members interact and play with the characters on stage as they all explore their worlds. 

This approximately 45-minute performance is presented by “Treehouse Shakers,” with Mara McEwin as its creator and director. Musical composition is by Anthony Rizzo, puppets and costumes are by Patti Gilstrap, and set design is by Lauren Rockman. 

General admission is $10 and tickets can be purchased at their offices at 1140 Edgewood Road, by sending your check with a sell-addressed, stamped envelope, online through PayPal, or at the door prior to the performance. Get your tickets early as children’s performances fill up quickly.

BCPAC also reminds you that additional parking has recently been made available close to the Centre. If you wish to join BCPAC’s mailing list or find out more about BCPAC you can call 215-493-3010, or online at their website, www.bcpac.org.

PHOTO CAP: The Treehouse Shakers