Five more reasons to send your children to camp

submitted by Jeremiah Thomas, Camp Curiosity

1) Diversity – Summer camps tend to draw from a wider community area than school districts do and effectively bring together many different cultures and backgrounds that may have otherwise never engaged one another. The level of world experience and knowledge that comes from cultural exchange cannot be overstated in its value to the community as a whole.

2) Leadership – Because of the inherent challenges and the adventures campers will inevitably have they will undoubtedly find themselves in an instance where they must lead. Whether it’s an activity, a sport, or just by contributing to their team as a member, the moment attention shifts to them is the moment your child becomes a leader for others.

3) The Faucet Theory – A faucet has two settings; on and off. So, too, does your child’s education with relation to the school year and the summer. Children often keep their minds running during the school year but shut them off in the summer when there aren’t grades to be earned. At summer camp, however, children remain actively engaged and while they aren’t studying for a test they are actively applying everything they’ve gathered from their textbooks through the winter.

4) The Outdoors – What more needs to be said about the fresh air, sunshine, and open spaces? It’s healthy, fun, and leads to a better attitude. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

5) Memories – Every experience, relationship, adventure, and lesson will find a place in your child’s memory that helps define them as they grow into adolescence and adulthood. The memories they forge at camp will carry with them for the rest of their lives and it’s worth noting that children who attend camp are more likely to send their own children when they become parents themselves.


Villa Joseph Marie offering summer opportunities

Laura Lasky, Admissions Director of Villa Joseph Marie High School, has announced the program offerings for the summer of 2013.

Girls entering grades 5-9 are invited to participate in a number of camps for students interested in art, drama, leadership skills, test preparation, music, and athletics.

Boys are also welcome to register for the drama camp. 

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Five reasons to send your children to camp

submitted by Jeremiah Thomas, Camp Curiosity

1) Relationships – Social interaction with their peers plays a crucial role in the development of children and adolescents. By simply interacting with others they learn valuable skills like communication and empathy. Even a shy camper will walk away from a summer camp better equipped than a child who stayed at home.

2) Confidence – Summer camps present children with a myriad of challenges from the very beginning and a good counselor will know how to aid them in succeeding. From meeting new people and making friends to swimming to the other side of the pool; When a child has the opportunity to succeed it is inevitable that they will feel better about themselves.

3) Independence – Independence is a necessary trait of a confident person. When a person feels secure in themselves and carries a positive sense of identity they are much less likely to be swayed by peer pressure. Many parents have also noted a change in behavior at home, which includes a more active involvement in the household.

4) Physical Activity – Recess is being cut, homework is being piled on, and every day of school seems to be preparation for yet another test. It’s no wonder that the physical and mental health of American children is such a hot topic for discussion. Camps alleviate the trudge toward adulthood and responsibility by allowing children to simply be children. Who knew exercise could be fun and healthy?

5) Adventure – Adventure, by definition, suggests the exploration of what is yet unknown or unexplored. Summer camps revolve around the new, exciting, and unusual which grants campers the opportunity to explore and grow in a safe environment where mistakes rarely mean anything more than a chance to try again.


Summer at Doane Academy

Summer should be a time for growth, exploration and fun! Doane Academy teachers and instructors have put together a series of programs that drive students to gain confidence and new skills, so that they return to school in September stronger in character and bolder in their studies.

Building upon the success of last year’s Camp Doane, Outdoor Adventure and Spartan Engineering Trips, the summer of 2013 is full of exciting camp options for students of all ages.  

Students in grades K-6 can enjoy Camp Doane, a weekly camp with field trips, guest presenters, gardening, Zumba, “Keep ‘em Fresh” educational program, and more.

Students in grades 6-12 have more than 20 weekly options in the Doane Leadership Program including Art in the Streets, International Culinary Camp, River Connections, Green Roof Design, Outdoor Adventure, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Soccer camps and more.

“I had a character-filled summer,” said camper Katie Martin ’22. “Camp Doane is an awesome place to learn and play.”

All camps are open to all students in the Burlington NJ area!

Registration is open now. Registration fee is waived through May 1st. Learn more at

Contact Director of Communications, Katie Sereduk, at or 609. 386.3500 x68.