Registration for Morrisville Little Bulldogs has begun

Since its inception, the Morrisville Little Bulldogs (MLB) organization has attempted to educate and guide local youth. These children have the opportunity to learn the sport of football, utilize their knowledge of good sportsmanship and work together to achieve a common goal.

Each team of hardworking football players has an equally hardworking team of cheerleaders rooting their team to victory.

Each year approximately 120 boys and 75 girls from the Morrisville, Yardley and Levittown areas which comprise five weight classes of teams that are fielded.

MLB strives to teach these children from different schools and towns to work together as a team. They offer a way for these children to utilize their spare time in a constructive way.

The organization is a member of the Pennsylvania Elite American Youth Football (PEAYF) and Little Guys Football Conferences. Playing with these conferences presents the challenges and experience of playing other teams in the Lower Bucks County and Northeast Philadelphia areas.

However, the primary goal remains for all participants to have fun!

In-person registration has begun on Saturdays (except May 25th) from 11:00am to noon. Also, 2013 online registration is now open at

All zip codes and school districts are welcome. The first 20 five-year-olds to register in person (in person only) will have free registration. No spots will be held for any reason by e-mail or phone call. 

The fee for five-year-olds will be only $100, but the child must be five as of September 1st, 2013.  No four-year-olds will be allowed to register.