PennDOT ready for winter travel, motorists urged to prepare for season

PennDOT Secretary Barry J. Schoch calls on motorists to join the department in its efforts to keep roadways safe through the upcoming season. PennDOT has 5,400 operators and more than 2,250 trucks ready to maintain more than 40,000 miles of state-maintained roadway or 96,000 snow lane miles – enough miles to circle the globe nearly four times.

A snow-lane is calculated as the miles of road multiplied by the number of lanes; which mean a one-mile section of four-lane roadway would equal four snow-lane miles.

“With our roadways and roughly 25,000 bridges combined, PennDOT is responsible for 96,000 snow-lane miles. That is an enormous undertaking to keep the public safe regardless of what winter throws our way,” Schoch said. “Drivers too play a key role in making sure that we all get home safely, so preparing for winter driving is essential.”

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