CR South students’ summer experiences

by Haniyyah Sardar, junior, Council Rock High School South

Summer is a break from school that is welcomed with open arms; it is a time of relaxing and worry-free days. Most students go on vacation or have summer jobs to attend to; in addition, students stay active with extracurricular activities such as internships, volunteering, and various summer programs to continue learning beyond a regular school environment.

Although a number of high school students are involved with some type of summer activity, two students from Council Rock South in particular shared their own summer experiences.

May Wang, a sophomore at South, has been very busy over the summer. She has spent her summer doing scientific research through The Research and Education in Environmental Science internship, or TREES, at the University of Pennsylvania.

Through this internship, May was able to conduct an experiment of her choosing. She decided to filter Bisphenol A (BPA) from an activated charcoal. She worked in a real lab to conduct her research.

May says that taking part in this internship has been a great experience because not only has she learned new research and laboratory techniques, but has also gotten the chance to listen to professors at the university discuss their own environmental research.

Her learning experience did not stop there, however. She mentions that she also gained some insight into environmental policy and how the government deals with such issues. May also adds that participating in internships specifically is important because they make all the work one does in school worthwhile.

She explains, “When buried in the depths of teachers’ notes and worrying over upcoming tests, it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees, so to speak, and wonder what the point of all this work is. Actually going out and applying concepts learned abstractly during the school year makes it all seem worth it in the end.” May feels lucky to have been able to take part in this learning experience and has definitely taken a lot from it.

Emily Liu, an incoming junior at South, has also been very active this summer by volunteering at St. Mary`s Medical Center. This is her second summer volunteering there.

Emily spent her time at the hospital this summer helping others find their way around. She says that she learned how to communicate better with others through her volunteer assignment at the hospital; moreover, she adds that she has made new friends and feels as though she has become a better person. Emily also expresses that doing different things during summer is important because it helps a person grow and learn.

Both May and Emily gained much knowledge about the world around them and about themselves this summer. They both agree that being involved in something like they have is important for a student to grow and recommend it to all students.

PHOTO CAPS: 1. Emily Liu

2. May Wang


Penn State welcomes 4-H summer interns


Three interns join the Penn State Cooperative Extension-Bucks County team for the summer.

The interns are Naomi Gunkel (right) of Ivyland, a junior majoring in Asian Studies and Publishing at Hofstra University; Ann Liebenow (center) of Sellersville, a junior studying Conservation of Wildlife at Delaware Valley College; and Amanda Wismer (left) of Bedminster, a senior with focus on Pre-K to fourth grade and Special Education at Messiah College. The interns will be delivering Health Rocks! education to prevent high risk behaviors in youth at outreach camps in the county.

Three 4-H Friday day camps held at the Extension Office are also being delivered by the interns. For information on how to become a part of 4-H in Bucks County, call Penn State Cooperative Extension, 215-345-3283.