THS 2013 Flower Show is Aug. 23rd & 24th

In celebration of the Trevose Horticultural Society’s 90th year, the Society will stage their annual standard flower show, “Pirates of the Caribbean,”on Friday, August 23rd from 4:00 to 8:00pm, and Saturday, August 24th from 10:00am to 5:00pm, at the Wood River Village Auditorium, 3200 Bensalem Boulevard, Bensalem.

The public is cordially invited; admission is free. Non-members are welcome to enter. However, advanced registration is required for competitive design entries. Contact the Advance Registration Chair at 215-357-4088 prior to August 3rd.

The nautical theme is artistically expressed throughout the Artistic Design Division. Recently introduced National Garden Club creative designs are imaginatively expressed in “Walk the Plank,” a stretch design, and “Crow’s Nest,” featuring an armature staged on a pedestal. “Castaways” requires the entrant to include recycled and/or repurposed components.

Flamboyant color is emphasized in “Parrots of the Caribbean.” A Capsule Functional Table design “Pirates’ Cove” challenges the entrant to choose a destination for a dining rendezvous.

Glitz is suggested in the eight-inch small design “Booty Bling,” using fresh plant material; however, only dried is permitted in the three-inch miniature “Tie the Knot.”

In the artistic craft class, “Sand Dunes,” a shadow box provides the frame for a pressed and dried design of all natural plant material.

Pre-registration is required by August 3rd. Contact 215-357-4088.

The horticultural schedule offers a variety of competitive classes for area green thumbs, including annuals, perennials, bulbs, roses, evergreen and flowering branches and a collection of cut specimens. The “Annual Introductions” classes must include recently marketed varieties of flowers and vegetables offered in 2013.

“Treasure Chest” is the theme of the special seed-grown challenge classes that include Pinetree’s ‘Golden Gem’ marigold, a potted plant of ‘Blue Jade’ corn and ‘Gold Crop’ beans. Children are encouraged to enter their seed-grown specimens of ‘Burpee’s Golden Zucchini’ in the “Captain Kidd” category. Entrants may also compete in sections for foliage and flowering container-grown plants, including porch box and windowsill classes, as well as herbs, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Children aged 14 and under may compete in the Junior Division, which includes cut specimen classes in horticulture for vegetables, flowers, and herbs. A creative design class, “Shark Tales” inspires the younger generation to create their own version of a critter composed of all natural plant materials. Several informative displays focus on broadening the public’s environmental awareness.

In celebration of THS’ 90th birthday this year, Society member Karen Wychock of Warrington will coordinate a display highlighting the history of the organization from its beginning and how it has changed with each successive decade.

An environmental display “Can You Dig It?” will be presented by the Wellness Council and student health ambassadors of the Tohickon Middle School, one of five middle schools in the Central Bucks School District in Doylestown.

Students oversee, plant and maintain their organic garden and act as onsite “garden experts,” providing an opportunity to learn about the life-long hobby of gardening. The harvest from this project will also supplement both their food and nutrition curriculum and provide fresh produce to a local soup kitchen.

“Sailor Valentines,” coordinated by Susan Bunkin and Lois Long of Pipersville, is an educational exhibit that describes a form of shell craft made by using large numbers of small seashells.

Originally made between 1830 and 1890 they were designed to be a sailor’s end-of-voyage gift to loved ones. Sailor valentines are typically octagonal, glass-fronted, hinged wooden boxes, displaying intricate floral and symmetrical designs composed entirely of small colorful shells glued onto a backing.

Patterns often feature a centerpiece such as a compass rose or a heart design, hence the name; and in some cases the small shells spelled out a sentimental message. Examples will be on display. For further information or copies of the show schedule, contact the Show Chairperson at 215-491-4545.