AFC Fitness: Providing a complete selection of fitness activities and amenities

by June Portnoy

If you’re looking for a friendly, warm and inviting fitness center, look no farther than AFC Fitness, conveniently located right off of Street Road at 1040 Mill Creek Drive in Feasterville.

Since taking over this space from B&R Fitness Club in January 2014, AFC has spent over $1 million in renovations to update and modernize the facility. It now has new equipment, new luxury locker rooms for men and women, and a brand new spin room.

Despite all the recent changes, AFC in Feasterville continues to employ many of the staff members who worked here for years at B&R, so if you’re a long-standing member as so many members are, you’ll continue to see the same familiar faces.

If you’re a new member, you’ll be welcomed by existing staff and members.

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