The Donahue Funeral Home: A caring alternative to the rising costs of funeral services

by June Portnoy

When a death in your family takes place, you’re often faced with the responsibility of making arrangements for your loved ones, while also managing your personal loss.

“The purpose of a funeral should never cause a financial burden on the family or those left behind,” says Philip Donahue, fourth generation funeral director of The Donahue Funeral Home, a family owned and operated business since the early 1900s.

He repeats this quote from his grandfather and has taken it to heart during these difficult economic times, using it as his business’ mission statement.

“Families are now bridging the gap between traditions of the past with more personalized funeral services in settings other than funeral homes,” says Philip.

The staff at The Donahue Funeral Home are specialists in helping families create a meaningful and personalized tribute to their loved ones. The key to bonding with families is listening carefully and compassionately to the wishes of each family member to collectively convey the type of funeral service that reflects the life journey of their loved one.

The funeral professionals at The Donahue Funeral Home position themselves to move with these difficult and changing economic times, offering many options to traditional funerals, cremations and memorial services. “Therefore the choice of a funeral home should not be based on the location of the funeral home,” says Philip.

The Donahue Funeral Home offers unique structured pricing that does not include a funeral home viewing. “This pricing structure allows the family to not make their service choices (traditional funeral, cremation) based on cost alone,” says Philip.

The Donahue Funeral Home makes its pricing structure public on its website and inside its brochure, providing detailed information about their professional services and the various funeral costs.

According to Philip, families are becoming more proactive in making their own funeral arrangements, and he encourages people to plan ahead. He offers a free funeral planning guide to help with this process.

“When someone close to you dies, your main priority is managing your feelings and sense of loss, which is why it’s a sensible reason to plan your funeral in advance when you or your family members are emotionally capable of making sound decisions,” adds Philip.

The Donahue Funeral Home also specializes in arranging Veteran benefits at no additional cost to the family. Through their statewide network affiliation, they are specialists in handling out-of-state transfers and interments at other cemeteries.

For more information about The Donahue Funeral Home, contact them at PO Box 1556 in Doylestown, 1218-20 Bethlehem Pike in Flourtown, call them at 215-429-4964, or review their advertisement in this publication.

Also visit their website for additional information and for funeral costs at