Hormonal Wellness Solutions: Natural restoration of hormonal imbalance for men and women


by June Portnoy

Dr. Paul Kosmorsky, a Bucks County family practitioner for 22 years, recently established Hormonal Wellness Solutions in Yardley. This practice uses BioTE®, hormone replacement pellet therapy to help patients restore their hormonal balance, improving their quality of life as they age. According to Dr. Kosmorsky, BioTE® has been a revelation to the way he treats patients.

“For the longest time, patients would come to me with symptoms such as depression, fatigue and insomnia, and I couldn’t always identify why they felt the way they did. I felt ineffective because I couldn’t help everyone who came to me for help.”

However, when Dr. Kosmorsky discovered BioTE® he realized that a lot of symptoms described by both his female and male patients were actually hormonal. Therefore at Hormonal Wellness Solutions, instead of simply treating patients’ symptoms, he treats the cause if he determines that these patients have low estrogen or testosterone levels.

Dr. Kosmorsky, along with Angela Chen, a certified nurse practitioner also trained to administer BioTE®, will initially take your blood work to measure your hormonal levels. Based on those levels, in addition to one’s weight, physical activity, clinical history and symptoms, they will create a custom pellet dose for each patient.

“The tiny pellets are implanted under the skin in the fatty tissue of the lower lumbar area,” describes Chad Frable, Physician Liaison for BioTE®.  “The actual procedure takes less than five minutes with minimal discomfort.”

BioTE is a safe, effective way to restore your hormone balance, relieving a variety of symptoms. Both men and women may experience greater mental clarity, increased libido, decreased body fat, increased muscle tone and mass, enhanced energy, less fatigue, as well as decreased depression, irritability and mood swings.

A significant advantage of pellet therapy is that it uses plant based, bio-identical, all natural estrogen and testosterone without the side effects of synthetic drugs.

“By using bio-identical hormones, we are replacing hormones that are normally produced by the body with hormones that are biologically identical in chemical structure and function,” explains Dr. Kosmorsky. “Only hormones that exactly match those produced by the body will have the same effects.”

Pellets provide a constant supply of hormones that your body recognizes as its own, which significantly reduces the chance of adverse side effects. As opposed to oral hormone replacement therapy that is absorbed in the liver and often associated with liver toxicity, these pellets are absorbed directly into the circulatory system. This enables your body to use the right amount of hormone from the pellet based on your level of activity.

Pellet therapy delivers a consistent level of hormones for months at a time, outperforming oral, patch and cream prescriptions. This therapy has been used successfully in this country since 1939, and continues to be the preferred method of hormone replacement therapy in Australia and England. 

You can start feeling the positive effects as early as a week, and on average, in about two weeks.

Mary, 56, from Lower Makefield, felt sluggish and fatigued all the time despite exercising routinely.

“I felt like a haggard old lady,” says Mary. “A week after receiving this hormone replacement pellet therapy, I had more energy and felt like doing more. I felt better about myself as a result.”

Dr. Kosmorsky offers his own testimonial of BioTE®, as he has received it himself.

“Within 10 days of receiving this pellet implant, I felt more energetic. Now I’m a 53-year-old who has the energy of a 20-year- old.”

Today Dr. Kosmorsky feels “rejuvenated,” knowing he can help so many of his patients feel better.  “It truly will change your life.”

Dr. Kosmorsky will hold a patient education seminar on hormone replacement pellet therapy on March 12th at 7:00pm at Hormonal Wellness Solutions, located at 303 Floral Vale Boulevard, Lower Level, in Yardley.

Limited space is available so call today to reserve a spot at 215-860-3626. Also call this number for more information on BioTE® or visit www.biotemedical.com.

PHOTO CAP: Angela Chen (left) and Dr. Paul Kosmorsky


Optimal Health Center: A full service wellness center designed to improve your overall health


by June Portnoy

If you’re like most people, you want to live a healthier life, but are too busy to run from location to location to workout, get a massage and receive a chiropractic adjustment, all of which are important to your well-being.

As a result, Dr. Kathleen K. Petrucci established Optimal Health Center in Yardley, where you’ll find everything under one roof to meet your wellness objectives.

“People today are sicker than ever before, primarily due to their lifestyle choices,” says Dr. Petrucci. “So many people of all ages are relying on multiple prescription medications.

“My goal is to bring health back to people’s lives by educating them that their health all comes down to their choices. Your choices in life can lead you toward or away from good health.”

Optimal Health provides preventative wellness approaches to help you live a longer, healthier life by teaching you how to move better, think better and eat better.

Dr. Petrucci, a licensed chiropractor for 18 years, practices what she preaches. At the young age of six, she had her first chiropractic adjustment after falling off a swing. 

“I had back spasms that took my breath away, but that chiropractor helped reduce my pain,” recalls Dr. Petrucci. “After that first visit, I knew I wanted to become a chiropractor and I never changed my mind. From that point forward, I believed in the power of healing naturally.”

She opened Optimal Health Center in 1999, and after expanding several times, this wellness center is now nearly 6,000 square feet. Today, it combines the skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum.

It offers the 8 Weeks to Wellness program of Yardley, which incorporates everything necessary to improve your lifestyle. This program helps you move better by offering chiropractic adjustments and exercise; helps you think better by offering meditation and massages; and helps you eat better by offering nutritional counseling.

“I create my own mixture of many techniques by conducting a wellness exam to get a baseline on each person,” says Dr. Petrucci.  “In addition, I take into consideration every member’s lifestyle habits and food journals. We have learned to listen to one’s body, so that every person receives an individualized program that works best for them.” 

New to Optimal Health Center is CrossFit Mix. “We believe in mixing it up, so unlike traditional gyms, we offer CrossFit Mix with a variety of options like Pilates, kickboxing boot camp, yoga, zumba and barre,” says Dr. Petrucci.

According to Dr. Petrucci, these fitness choices give you ways to get stronger no matter what your current level of fitness is. Also unique to CrossFit Mix is its small group classes of no more than four to eight people receiving personalized coaching from several trainers with various certifications.

“At most gyms, you might push yourself, often unsure of what you are doing. Then you go home feeling sore, but if you’re hurting here you won’t go unnoticed with the high level of attention you receive,” says Dr. Petrucci.

“We have all the therapies, tools and knowledge to keep you moving and pain-free.”

This is a family oriented wellness center that caters to its members’ fitness and health goals.

To achieve your optimal health, call Optimal Health Center, located at 301 Oxford Valley Road, #1405 in Yardley, at 215-493-4463 for more information. Also, visit www.myohcenter.com and www.crossfitmix.com. For any questions, email staff@myohcenter.com. For your convenience, appointments can be made online.

PHOTO CAP: Dr. Kathleen K. Petrucci, owner of Optimal Health Center


Capital Health Primary Care opens its doors to Bucks County

by June Portnoy

Capital Health recently opened Capital Health Primary Care – Lower Makefield in the Lower Makefield Corporate Office at 1050 Stony Hill Road in Yardley. Its primary care specialists include Dr. Robert Remstein, Dr. Stephen Aiello and Dr. Jennifer Kitchen, all seasoned, board certified physicians, along with nurse practitioner, Julie Whittemore. 

They offer preventative medicine, women’s medicine, adult medicine, minor surgery and access to the finest specialists, virtually everything necessary to meet your primary medical needs.

“Our goal is to establish this high-quality primary care presence in Bucks County in order to reintroduce our Capital Health brand to this community,” says Dr. Remstein, director of this primary care practice.

“We’re also hoping this office will link our patients to our Trenton and Hopewell, NJ medical centers, which for many local residents are no farther and in some cases closer, than the hospitals located in this county.”

Capital Health Primary Care – Lower Makefield is built around patient-centered care. It serves as a focal point for all medical services because this practice can coordinate all your healthcare needs.

Unique to this practice is a patient navigator on staff whose sole job is to schedule your appointments, follow up to ensure you get your tests done and contact you with your test results.

“About one-third of people who are given prescriptions for tests never have them administered,” says Dr. Remstein. “We have the best intention for our patients to keep those appointments.”

Since this practice is affiliated with Capital Health’s medical centers, the patient navigator has a special status to make appointments through the Capital Health system, giving you easy access to its hospital’s services.

“With the exception of open heart surgery, our high-end specialty Hopewell campus provides all the same services available at Bucks County hospitals,” says Dr. Remstein.

This primary care practice offers advanced access scheduling, meaning that slots are deliberately left open every day with your regular doctor, provided he/she is working that day. As a result, you can typically see the doctor with whom you are most familiar. 

If your doctor is not available on a day you are ill, you can always be seen by a different provider. All doctors utilize shared unified electronic health records, so any of them can access your records anytime.

“We believe in a team approach, so that everyone in this practice has the opportunity get to know each patient,” says Dr. Remstein. “This includes our nurses and nurse practitioner who are working to the top of their license.”

The physicians have developed standard protocols for a variety of procedures that these nurses follow, enabling them to take on additional responsibilities. This means a nurse can jump in and help in specific roles if a doctor isn’t available, like following up with a diabetic patient who has just had a treatment adjustment.

“By establishing these protocols for our nursing staff, our patients receive faster access to healthcare providers,” adds Dr. Remstein.

Capital Health Primary Care – Lower Makefield will soon be offering a free patient education series during select evenings, open to the community.

For additional information, visit its website at www.capitalhealth.org/lowermakefield. To schedule an appointment at Capital Health Primary Care – Lower Makefield, call 215-504-1761. Virtually all insurances are accepted.

PHOTO CAP: Pictured from left are Nurse Practitioner Julie Whittemore; Dr. Robert Remstein, Capital Health CEO Al Maghazehe; Dr. Stephen Aiello; and Dr. Jennifer Kitchen.


Yardley Speech and Language facilitates communication


Watching a little one grow, learn to mimic sounds and begin to form words is an exciting time for parents. But some children, for a variety of reasons, require help to produce clear and understandable speech.

Luckily, Bucks County has Jennifer Niemeyer, M.S., CCC-SLP, to guide and support their development. Working from a spacious and inviting office attached to her Yardley home, Jennifer created a calm and supportive atmosphere that encourages clients to relax and become receptive to her playful mix of therapies.

“With children, work takes the form of play, because that’s how they learn best,” she said with a ready smile.

Certified through ASHA (American Speech Language and Hearing Association) and licensed in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Jennifer is experienced in PROMPT (PROMPTs for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets) therapy and works with a range of techniques to address a multitude of patient diagnoses that affect communication.

“Whether working with a child who experiences Childhood Apraxia of Speech, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), autism spectrum disorder, stuttering, or who requires support in central auditory processing, I have found that little changes in a child’s environment can allow for large improvements in his or her skills and ability to successfully interact with the world,” Jennifer explained.

This is one reason that parents and other family members are welcome to participate in therapy sessions, so that techniques and helpful tips can be continued at home. Jennifer considers families part of the team supporting the client’s goal of successful communication.

To that end, she also educates families on ways that schools, daycare or other participants in the patient’s daily life might enact small adjustments that can advance speech and language sills.

Jennifer uses games, art, cooking projects and other engaging play to mirror natural situations, bridging the gap between office therapy and real life, and allowing skills and techniques to be readily transferred to other settings.

A parent of one of her clients is so happy with his therapy that she considers engaging Jennifer as “The best decision I ever made!” and offered these comments:

“My son, who has a diagnosis of verbal and oral apraxia, as well as autism, was non-verbal (with very few sounds) at four-and-a-half, when we first started working with Jennifer. Jennifer’s therapy is direct and fun for my son and she was able to wake up his mouth. After only a month he has begun making more sounds and has started the beginning of word approximations. I look forward to our sessions every week, and words cannot express my excitement when I watch him work with Jennifer and think about his future. I feel very lucky to find someone so qualified in her field.”

Despite her impressive credentials, years of clinical and private experience and a wealth of knowledge in treating a wide range of speech and language-based disorders, perhaps one of the most important assets of Jennifer’s practice is her caring, patient and positive attitude and obvious joy in guiding her patients’ success.

“Communication is how we move through life; without it we’re on our own,” stated Jennifer.

While many of Jennifer’s clients are doctor referrals, she encourages parents who are worried about their child’s speech, listening or reading skills to contact her.

“I have many conversational calls with parents, and while I can’t diagnose over the phone, I can either calm fears or aid in the search for help,” Jennifer explained with empathy.

Jennifer may be contacted at her practice, Yardley Speech and Language, 103 Eton Road, Yardley, by calling 215-428-2777.

PHOTO CAP: Jennifer Niemeyer, M.S., CCC-SLP


Capt’n Chucky’s Crab Cake Company: Selling the best crab cakes around


by June Portnoy

Jim Rogers of Yardley never had any interest in eating crab cakes because every time he tried them they consisted of more fillers than crabmeat. That changed while dining with friends who served crab cakes from Capt’n Chucky’s Crab Cake Company.

“These crab cakes consist of all crabmeat without any fillers,” says Jim. “You can instantly taste and see the difference.”

Jim was so impressed with the quality of these crab cakes that he and his wife, Gail Rogers, recently opened the first Capt’n Chucky’s in Bucks County. It’s located at 25 S. Main Street in Yardley, just minutes from their home.

Capt’n Chucky’s is a specialty retail seafood store centered around the crab cake. It sells five different types of crab cakes, including its original signature crab cake made fresh daily.

This “Best of the Chesapeake” crab cake uses only jumbo lump crabmeat seasoned perfectly with Capt’n Chucky’s blend of spices.

The store’s specialty is its Smith Island Crab Cake, also made fresh daily, consisting of super tender colossal jumbo lump crabmeat spiced to perfection with a mild cream sauce.

In addition to its crab cakes, this store carries two seafood cakes, one with shrimp and one with lobster. Plus, it offers a variety of fish.

All food items sold at Capt’n Chucky’s are quality products with few preservatives, so you’re guaranteed a tasty, healthy meal. Plus, it offers gluten-free options.

Another unique feature of Capt’n Chucky’s is that it’s a Take-n-Bake store, meaning everything sold here is fully cooked and prepared, a great convenience to the community.

“Simply buy it here, take it home and warm it up,” says Jim. “It’s that simple.”

All crab cakes and seafood cakes are cooked at 400 degrees for just 15 minutes, and your entree is ready.

For a fully balanced meal, Capt’n Chucky’s also sells prepared appetizers, side dishes, salads and soup, most of which can be warmed within 15 to 20 minutes. Its custom soups include red snapper, Maryland crab, cream of crab, lobster bisque, Manhattan clam chowder, and New England clam chowder

“Our shrimp cocktail is phenomenal,” adds Jim. “They are wild caught from the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.”

The fully prepared shrimp are cooked, deveined and ready to eat.

Capt’n Chucky’s unique Take-n-Bake feature is ideal for busy moms and dads who want to serve their family something healthy for dinner, but are too busy shuttling their kids around after school to cook anything that takes too long. Busy business professionals also enjoy picking up their fully cooked dinner that they can enjoy eating shortly after returning home after a long day.

“My hope is to fill a void in this community in terms of offering quality crab cakes and seafood in a unique fashion,” says Jim. “I’m happy to bring something different to Yardley and the surrounding areas.”

Stop by for a pleasant shopping experience and see all that Capt’n Chucky’s has to offer, or call ahead to pre-order, so your food will be ready to Take-N-Bake when you arrive home.

Store hours are Mondays through Fridays from 10:00am until 6:30pm, Saturdays from 9:00am until 4:00pm. Sundays…Gone Crabbin’!

For more information or to place your order, call 215-321-3939. Also visit www.captnchuckysyardley.com.

PHOTO CAP: The Rogers family at Capt’n Chucky’s Crab Cake Company, from left, Emily, Kate, Gail, Jim and James.


Dr. Halper returns to his dental practice to give you a bright, healthy smile


by June Portnoy

If you’re a patient of Dr. Phillip Halper’s who has missed his compassion, warmth, friendly disposition and competent dental care, you’ll be pleased to know that he has returned to his private dental practice.

“After being ill for five years, I am eager to get back to work and catch up with my patients who I consider my friends and extended family,” says Dr. Halper. “My staff and I truly care about our patients and take the time to get to know each one of them. As a family dentist, I treat all members of the family, and have enjoyed watching my younger patients grow up before my eyes.”

Dr. Halper, who has practiced general dentistry for 25 years, has always strived to make one’s dental appointment a positive experience, and he plans to continue to ease any anxiety patients have about dentists. 

“You’ll hear lots of laughter when you come to my office,” says Dr. Halper.

Because he is so skillful at administering needles, going to Dr. Halper truly is a painless experience. He’ll make sure your mouth is completely numb before beginning any dental work, so you rarely feel any discomfort.

Dr. Halper also evaluates your total health, as opposed to focusing exclusively on your mouth and teeth. 

In addition, he will review your medical history and will discuss the impact of good oral care on your general health, especially the link between gum disease and heart disease. He also spends time educating his patients about how different medications can affect your oral health.

If you’re missing teeth, Dr. Halper will help restore your smile with dentures or partials. By placing a crown or bridge in your mouth, he will give your tooth a new lease in life.

If you need root canal, Dr. Halper’s office makes it easy to have this procedure done without the apprehension of going to a different office. 

Dr. Glenn Schrieber, a general dentist with practice limited to endodontics, comes to this practice on a regular basis to perform any necessary root canal.

From subtle changes to major repairs, Dr. Halper also offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry options to improve your smile. He is currently offering a Spring Smile Special of Zoom, a professional-strength tooth whitener, for just $399, regularly $599. Remember, your smile is the way you greet the world, so why not do so with a more beautiful smile?

“I chose Zoom for my patients because it is highly respected in the dental industry,” says Dr. Halper.

And if you have a dental problem, Dr. Halper is virtually always available for same-day emergencies during business hours.

“Our entire experienced staff, from our receptionist and office manager to our hygienists and dental assistants, offer quality dentistry,” says Dr. Halper.

Dr. Halper’s office is located at 170 S. Main Street in Yardley, inside the historic ice barn. Although its exterior is old, its interior is modern with all state-of-the-art equipment.

Be sure to stop by and welcome Dr. Halper back, or schedule your next appointment with him by calling 215-493-6531. For additional information, visit www.yardleyfamilydental.com.

Dr. Halper’s office offers financing and accepts most major insurances and most major credit cards.

PHOTO CAP: From left Sue (dental assistant), Hillary (dental hygienist), Ginny (dental assistant), Katie (front desk receptionist), Kelli (front desk receptionist), Dr. Halper, Jean (dental hygienist), Sharron (office manager), and Maureen (EFDA).


AMICA Camp helps kids and teens master social skills


by June Portnoy

If you have a child with high functioning autism, Asperger’s Syndrome or PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified), it’s very likely they have trouble socializing with their peers. If so, camp is the perfect opportunity for them to practice and reinforce these skills every day, all day long.

AMICA makes this possible by offering an eight-week summer camp program for kids struggling with social issues at Cherokee Day Camp in Bensalem. AMICA’s kids camp is targeted to children six- to 12-years-old, and its teen camp caters to teens 13- to 18-years-old.

“AMICA means friend in Latin, and we want our campers to establish friendships,” says Stephanie DeSouza, owner of AMICA, in partnership with Meghann Hernandez.

Stephanie has a master’s degree in clinical social work (MSW), and Meghann, a special education teacher, has a master’s degree in education.

“We provide our campers with opportunities to learn and practice appropriate social skills in the natural setting of camp,” adds Stephanie. “That way, they can focus solely on peer interactions with kids their own age, such as turn taking, conversational skills, and winning versus losing.”

All AMICA campers engage in typical camp activities like, swimming, yoga, zip lining, boating and fishing, under the supervision of the their own counselors, while frequently being integrated with campers at Cherokee.

Counselors are either special education teachers or college students studying in the field. AMICA’s staff facilitates pro-social skills throughout the day to help campers navigate social situations.

There is a four-to-one ratio of campers to counselor. In addition, teen volunteers act as mentors for these campers, and model various social skills.

“We really focus on the integration of our campers with the Cherokee campers,” says Stephanie. “They don’t get the chance to spend this much time socializing with other kids at school, where the emphasis is mostly on academics.”

Before camp begins and throughout the day, AMICA campers have group meetings at which time counselors offer feedback on how they have socialized with their peers, and provide instruction for new social encounters.

The teen camp follows a similar format to the kid’s camp three days a week, but for two days these older campers take field trips where they learn how to communicate with and relate to people in the community. Field trips range from restaurants and movies to malls and historic locations.

Teen campers are responsible for planning their field trips and speaking with community members in order to get to their destinations. They also learn how to handle money in social settings.

“Our overall goal is for our campers to generalize the social skills they learn at camp to all situations of their lives,” says Stephanie.

AMICA holds activities for its campers all-year-round, so kids can maintain the friendships they have forged at camp. In addition, AMICA runs six- to eight-week social skills groups throughout the school year in order to provide ongoing skill development beyond camp. Groups are open to all children and teens.

Also, AMICA now offers on-site support to peer groups that need help facilitating pro-social experiences in real-world settings.

Its highly experienced professional staff will come to your location and work with your child and peers to help promote meaningful social interactions.

AMICA is currently accepting applications for its summer camp, which will run from June 24th through August 16th, 9:00am to 3:30pm.

If you’re interested in enrolling, or in learning more about AMICA’s other programs, call 267-258-3974, email amica4autism@gmail.com, or visit www.amica4autism.com.

PHOTO CAP: Stephanie DeSouza (left) and Meghann Hernandez


Worthington Insurance: Experienced insurance agents you can trust

by June Portnoy 

Worthington Insurance, Inc. is one of few companies that has been in existence for over a century, offering over 146 years of insurance experience to its valued clients. 

Since 1984, this independent insurance agency has been a part of your community, located in historic Yardley Borough. 

Not only is Worthington your neighbor; its staff is as well. Its co-owners Michael Wilson and his sister, Deborah West, grew up in Yardley and continue to reside nearby. In addition, everyone on staff also lives in Bucks County.

“We know this area because we’re from this area,” says Michael.

Throughout its history, Worthington has been a family owned and operated company, and that tradition continues with Michael and Deborah. They bought this business from their father, Ed Wilson, who successfully ran it for 40 years. Together, they have combined experience of almost 50 years in the insurance industry.

Worthington believes in providing its clients with the personal attention they would offer their own family members. Their licensed agents are always happy to meet you in person to discuss your coverage, explain your different claim options and answer any of your questions.

“We believe in a hands-on approach to insurance and are there for our clients every step of the way,” says Michael. “If a loss occurs, we’ll stand with you until the claim is settled.  That’s just part of the comprehensive service we provide to our clients.”

When you call Worthington, you will always speak to a live person, as opposed to an automated answering machine, during business hours.

Because this agency handles homeowners, renters, car and commercial insurance, it can handle all your insurance needs under one roof. Why go to multiple insurance agents when you can go to one who handles it all!

Plus, you’ll always deal with the same agent every time you call or visit the office.

As an independent insurance agency, Worthington can choose from many different insurance carriers, creating and customizing an insurance package that works best for you. The agency calls this its “goldilocks approach,” offering flexible insurance that fits you just right. It’s the right type of coverage and just the right size for your budget.

All companies they represent are A-rated by A.M. Best, the industry’s authoritative rating company.

Worthington also offers the Hartford AARP Program, discounted auto insurance for qualified drivers who are 50 or older.

Because you’re dealing with a reputable, stabile insurance agency that is well respected in your community, you can feel confident that Worthington will provide you with honest, fair prices.

Sure, you could go to any insurance agency listed in the phone book or get your insurance over the Internet, but wouldn’t you prefer dealing with a company that has an office right in your own neighborhood that’s been doing business for over 100 years?

Because Worthington emphasizes core values, such as loyalty, honesty and commitment, you’ll receive peace of mind trusting your relationship with Worthington Insurance.

“We’ll be there for you when you need us the most,” says Michael.

For more information about Worthington Insurance, located at 34 E. Afton Avenue, call 215-493-4170.

Also visit www.worthingtoninsurancequotes.com.

PHOTO CAP: Worthington Insurance co-owners, Michael Wilson and Deborah West


Start your summer out right at Doc’s Pool & Spa


by June Portnoy

Doc’s Pool & Spa, Inc. will soon become your number one destination for superior pool and spa equipment. Opening April 1st, this new store will sell everything you need to keep your pool and spa running smoothly, ranging from pool liners, safety covers, filters and pumps to pool chemicals and pool toys, all in one location.

It will sell only top brand above ground pools and spas, featuring Sunrise Spas.

Get a jumpstart on summer by stopping by any weekend in April to receive 20% to 40% off select pools and spas. Also enjoy free hot dogs and refreshments while you shop.

From April 1st through May 15th, the first 150 people who spend $250 on anything in the store will be entered into a drawing to receive a free Dreammaker five-person hot tub, a retail value of $7,000! Weekly specials will be offered year-round.

“What will truly stand out about Doc’s Pool & Spa is the caliber of our salespeople,” says store owner, Doc Flesch, who established Doc’s Pool & Spa Service, Inc. six years ago. “I will only have professional, well-trained salespeople on staff who are knowledgeable about all the merchandise we sell.”

In addition, Doc plans to be a hands-on store owner, who will be readily available to answer all of your questions. Customer service will be key at Doc’s Pool & Spa.

Don’t wait a month for a part you need now for your pool. Instead, go to Doc’s who will order it so you receive it within 24 to 48 hours. And if you’re too busy to make a trip to the store, no worries because Doc’s offers same day or next day delivery of any pool or spa equipment sold here.

The store will also deliver and install hot tubs.

Having been in the pool industry for so many years, Doc’s can refer you to many reputable companies who can install your pool. As an added bonus to the community, Doc’s will offer free classes to educate people about caring for their pools. 

“These classes will be particularly helpful to people who have moved into homes with existing pools that these new homeowners have no idea how to maintain,” says Doc.

While Doc manages the new store, his son, Domenic, will continue overseeing their service business. Both father and son are certified in every type of pool service available. In fact, they are the only certified chemical experts in the area.

“We run our business the way all businesses should be run,” says Doc. “We provide clean, professional service at fair prices, and show up within 15 minutes of the time we give you. Plus, all of our workers are our employees. We don’t subcontract out any of our work.”

Doc’s Pool and Spa Service offers various services depending on your unique requests. They can solely come out the beginning and end of each season to open and close your pool or spa, or they can care for them all summer long.

Doc’s services all pool and spa models, and is available afterhours for emergency calls. When it comes to pools and spas, Doc’s truly is the expert you can count on.

Doc’s Pool & Spa will be located at 332 West Trenton Avenue (in the Burger King Shopping Center) in Morrisville. 

For more information about the store or Doc’s Pool & Spa Service, call 215-295-1555 or visit www.docspool.com.

PHOTO CAP: Domenic (left) and Doc run a tight ship at Doc’s Pool & Spa, Inc.