Scenes from the Grange Fair

  1. David Russell, of Doylestown, takes a pony ride.
  1. Maya Sudol, Ruby Laurin, and Alexis Minniti with a bovine friend.
  1. Kaitlyn DeLeo with Jackson, the prize-winning mule.
  1. Ben Plakyda, of Yardley, with a floppy-eared friend.

Scenes from the Pennsbury School District Art Show

  1. Anna Sheridan, a junior at Pennsbury High School, with her study of negative space.
  1. Brooke Weaver, a student at William Penn Middle School, with her mosaic still life made of paint swatch samples.
  1. Charles Boehm Middle School student, Celia Dolan, shows off her aluminum tooling project.
  1. Dom Panaia, from William Penn Middle School, with his Peter Max-style poster.

Scenes from the Quarry Hill Elementary Science Fair


Scenes from the Veterans Monument dedication

1. From left, Mark Goodman, Veterans Square Foundation member; Kevin Treiber, VSF President; Brian Mann, Omnia Architects, designer of the monument; Frank Fazzalore, VSF second Vice President; Kathy Kraeck, VSF first Vice President; and Ed Torres, VSF member.

2. Some members of Cub Scouts Pack 10 were in attendance, from left, Ethan Huegler, Max Donaghy, Andrew Thau, Alex Huegler, Christian Thau and Dean Cadic. Pack Leader Joe Huegler is in back.

3. William C. Bray surveys the names on the Wall of Honor.

4. Members of Newtown Masonic Lodge 427, from left, John Horn, Carl Swope, Joe Scolnick, Jim Umlauf, Peter Carter and Henry Mroz.


Scenes from the Hike Against Hunger

  1. Hikers get ready to go, from left, Joe Battaglia, Don Likens, Tom Evans, Gail Hunger, and Carol Carpenter.
  1. Lined up at the starting line, all hikers give the “thumbs up!”
  1. Robin Evans, kria Drake, and Rachel Truelove at the bake sale table.
  1. Jim “How would you like it” Gaston, of Yardley, cooks up hot sausage and kielbasa for the hikers.

Scenes from the Lower Makefield Senior Health Expo

  1. Beverly Carter (left) hands check to Dan Hoffman, EMT from Yardley Makefield Emergency Unit, making a generous donation to this organization.
  2. Eric Blackshire (left), Executive Chef at McCaffrey’s, hands Mary Ann Wolf a free sample of a healthy food item.
  3. Suzanne R. Filippone (left), Eldercare Specialist, gives brochure to Ellie Hammill about LIFE St. Mary, a program helping people live safely at home with the assistance from a team of compassionate healthcare experts.
  4. Jim Feyka (left) receives a free flu shot from pharmacist David Sacavage.
  5. Corrine Cohen (left) receives free blood pressure screening administered by LPN Kate Pietrowski.