Scenes from the Senior Citizen Ball

Last month senior citizens attended a free prom in the Neshaminy High School gymnasium, which was decorated for the occasion by NHS students, who hosted the event.

  1. Larry and Jean Burkins, of Trevose, show the young ‘uns how it’s done!
  1. “Everybody on the dance floor!”
  1. Pauline Biedka and Frank Fricke had a grand old time!
  1. Mary Valeri and Harold Ruent were named King and Queen of the 2016 Senior Ball.

Scenes from the STEAM Expo

  1. Cecelia Claudio holds a sculpture created on a 3D printer.
  1. Andrew Boyle (left) discusses learning about programming robots to follow a line path with Jack and Shawn Marion.
  1. Kathryn Leonard (right) shows Dawson Ford how to screen print on t-shirts.
  1. Peyton Watson with her lava lamp experiment.

Scenes from Neshaminy High School’s Gym Night

  1. Preparing for battle are, in top row, Stephen Caldwell, Tom Collins, and Mike Chieroff; bottom row, Samantha Ruppert, Rebeka Seymour, and Katie Lentz.
  1. The tire pull always puts a strain on the upper extremities.
  1. The “Aladdin” dance exhibit involved some intense concentration.

Scenes from the Lower Southampton Elementary Talent Show

  1. Hugh Kavitsky, Jackson Ambuster, Frank Antony, Christopher Lewandowski portrayed Olympic synchronized swimmers.
  1. “The 3 Maybes,” Julia Messina, Molly Ambrosius, and Brooklyn Coughlin, performed a routine to “Call Me Maybe.”
  1. Teachers and staff danced to “Freeze Frame.”
  1. Zara Patel sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

Scenes from the Elf Fund Dinner

  1. Chris Johnson (center), serves up beverages to Abigail and Sara Faust-Strang.
  1. Maria Dempsey, Mary Cwiklinski, and Denise Ianni enjoyed the festivities.
  1. Diane Geiger and Mary McGinley do some catching up over pasta.