Scenes from Chandler Hall’s Culinary Classics

  1. Volunteer workers for the silent auction, from left, Rebecca Knapp, Marjorie Buttiglieri, David Heller, and Win Gregg.
  1. Volunteers at the reception table, from left, Tim Murphy, Patricia Curry, Barb Heverly, Jennifer Ashley, and Jessica Wilkinson.
  1. Chandler Hall Executive Chef, Trudy Bandman, offers up a Classic Ceviche – Chillian sea bass with shrimp, salmon, and lime and spicy chili.

More scenes from the Grange Fair

  1. David Russell, of Doylestown, takes a pony ride.
  1. Maya Sudol, Ruby Laurin, and Alexis Minniti with a bovine friend.
  1. Kaitlyn DeLeo with Jackson, the prize-winning mule.
  1. Loretta Rush, Nancy Stephenson, Erin Whitney, and Amanda Musselman at the 4-H Bucks County Penn State Extension table.

Scenes from the NBA Antique & Classic Auto Show

  1. Harlie Smale III, of Richboro, with his 1955 Olds hardtop.
  1. Bill Ortlieb in a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible.
  1. This 1966 Ford Mustang, owned by Tom McQuiggan of Richboro, sports a bony driver.
  1. Lexi Lablanc, of Churchville, and Alexa Stewart, of Holland, check out Jack Bergen’s 1973 Harley Davidson service car.