At last, a natural, organic market opens in this community!


by June Portnoy

Organnons Natural Market in Wrightstown carries all the same foods and products you’ll find at any grocery store, with one big exception – everything sold here is organic and/or non-GMO (genetically modified organisms).

“The whole point of shopping here is that you can feel confident that whatever you buy is healthy for you and your family,” says Jim Gannon, Organnons’ owner.

He likens his 6,800-square-foot store to a “mini Whole Foods.”

“When I opened this store a few months ago, I made a commitment to potentially change the way area residents select their food with the hope that they will ultimately eat healthier and feel better.”

He encourages consumers to read the ingredients of their favorite foods. According to Jim, these foods most likely contain long lists of unfamiliar ingredients, which typically mean they contain unhealthy ingredients. In contrast, the products at Organnons have short lists of recognizable ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

Even if you buy lots of produce believing that you’re making a wise, healthy purchase, it’s very likely these fruits and vegetables were sprayed with synthetic pesticides if not labeled organic.

“The people who spray these chemicals wear protective suits and masks, and yet we’re feeding this contaminated food to our children,” warns Jim. 

Organnons has an entire section of beautiful produce, all organically grown fresh on farms without GMOs, so you’re not ingesting any harmful chemicals or genetically modified organisms. Plus, it tastes a lot better!

 “There are so many benefits of eating organic and/or non-GMO foods,” explains Jim. “It can potentially prevent and eliminate illnesses ranging from the common cold to high cholesterol, autoimmune disorders and even cancer.

“People have literally reversed diseases by changing their diets to nothing but organic, non-GMO foods.”

Organnons is well organized by food category within multiple aisles of shelving space, in addition to a refrigerated and frozen section. Half of its foods are gluten free, and all these products are clearly labeled, enabling you to easily locate them.

In addition to food, Organnons sells pure juices; soy and almond milk; organic coffee; biodegradable paper goods; and cleaning products, containing natural active ingredients, as opposed to harsh chemicals often found in cleaners.

Organnons also has a health and beauty section, including items like shampoos and body lotions, most of which contain no paraben, aluminum or neurotoxins. You’ll also find vegan cosmetics with organic ingredients, and an entire line of organic skincare products.

This market also has an organic/non-GMO vitamin and supplement section. “You’d be surprised how many vitamins contain GMOs,” says Jim.

Jim is a hands-on owner who can routinely be seen interacting with customers, discussing the benefits of eating foods sold at Organnons. He practices what he preaches by only eating organic and/or non-GMO foods with his family at home.

“Even though we sell vitamins and supplements, the best way to get your essential vitamins is from the food you’ll find here,” says Jim. “There really is no replacement for healthy food.”

Come see for yourself all that Organnons has to offer! From now through the end of December, Organnons will welcome Santa Claus every Saturday and Sunday, along with local vendors demonstrating their healthy, delicious goodies. Call the store at 267-491-5591 to inquire about timing.

Store hours are Mondays through Fridays from 9:00am until 7:00pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00am until 6:00pm. Organnons Natural Market is located at 591 Durham Road, on Route 413 at Carousel Village, next to oWowCow Creamery.

For more information visit Also follow Organnons on Facebook for new products and upcoming events.

PHOTO CAP: Danielle and Jim Gannon


Innovative program improves communication skills for children with Asperger’s Syndrome

by June Portnoy

Gorman John Ruggiero, a Communications Skills Therapist, has developed the interpersonal Communications Skills Process (CSP), a successful 12-week program that teaches children with Asperger’s Syndrome how to improve their communication skills, and ultimately, their relationship skills. His program is appropriate for children from age five to 18.

According to Gorman, in order to teach communication skills you have to go to the experts in the field, and he believes these experts are in the Expressive Arts. He has combined psychology and brain function research with expressive arts techniques for the effective socialization of children with Asperger’s.

Gorman, a graduate from the Conservatory of Acting at State University of New York at Purchase, has spent the past 35 years teaching children the necessary elements of good communication. Although he began his career teaching acting classes, he gradually modified his techniques for the children in his class who had Asperger’s Syndrome, which eventually led to his CSP Program. “I break down my techniques to the fundamentals, and once these kids practice communication skills in small units, they respond automatically,” explains Gorman. “We start with observation skills and then build on those.”

Gorman initially teaches his class of eight to 10 students to closely observe objects in their surroundings. This leads to a discussion of the object’s color, shape and texture. They must use different descriptions, other than their obvious choice.  For example, they must describe “blue” without using that word. “As a result, children are communicating in a way they don’t normally communicate,” says Gorman.

After using real objects, students are asked to create imaginary objects and to create movements to explain their objects without words.

Students observing the movements discuss them with each other, and that discussion becomes key because it leads to intense social interaction. When discussing observations, children are encouraged to speak out rather than raise their hand. This process leads to organized discussions and “gradually, speaking on top of each other is reduced through practice,” Gorman explains.

CSP develops into more intricate scenarios that focus on physical and emotional content. Gorman typically asks children to create a short scene within which is a problem and a solution. Some kids work together in teams, while the others observe and comment on what they believe is taking place during the scene.

“By observing peers and discussing minute physical activities and emotional content, interactions are guaranteed,” says Gorman, who explains that his techniques are developed from three knowledge bases: brain function, child development and expertise in expressive arts.

Performing students get the opportunity to explore scenarios while peers observe them. This helps children understand what it’s like to be the ones participating in a scene, helping them develop empathy.

“I invite parents to attend every session, so they can reproduce what we do in class,” says Gorman. “My most successful students are the ones who apply what they learn in their everyday lives.”

Students in this program learn to make friends by accurately reading people’s gestures, voice tones and cues. This, in turn, helps them develop more satisfying relationships with their peers and family members.

According to Gorman, “If you can teach children how to interpret others correctly, social skills will come as a benefit of good communication skills.”

Gorman’s next program begins November 6th and another begins February 2014. To register your child, call 215-598-3727 or email Also, visit for more information about his upcoming lectures and classes.

PHOTO CAP: Gorman John Ruggiero


Newtown Allstate Insurance Agency provides clients with outstanding customer service

by June Portnoy

Kramer Kirsh Insurance, an Allstate Insurance Agency located at 15 Cambridge Lane in Newtown, offers you exceptional service while ensuring you receive the coverage you need to protect your most treasured possessions.

“We provide state-of-the-art technology with a traditional, old-fashioned approach of doing business,” says Greg Kramer, agency owner for 11 years. “Our agency brings back the type of personalized attention from the past that’s unique today. We’re here to hold your hand every step of the way to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the coverage you select and the service you receive.”

This agency’s philosophy has earned it the prestigious designation of being a premier Allstate service and financial agency. Out of all the insurance agencies from which to choose, Kramer opened an Allstate office because he felt confident that, “they truly care about their customers and put them at the forefront of everything they do.” 

The Kramer Kirsh Allstate Agency is a fully staffed office that employs six licensed agents, plus Greg. It handles both personal and commercial insurance policies, as well as life insurance and financial planning.

Two of its agents are dedicated exclusively to its service department. “We want you to feel free to call this department anytime with any questions,” says Greg. “It is important you feel comfortable and you are able to build a relationship with the each and every staff member here.”

This Allstate agency also has a separate financial planning and life insurance staff, including Greg and one other agent. By having two dedicated agents to address these specific issues, you’re dealing with experts in this field who specialize in these areas.

He also has two full time sales agents that specialize on commercial and personal lines insurance; they offer a free policy review, so you understand all aspects of your policy to ensure you’re getting the correct coverage. They will also conduct a full price comparison for everyone.  “Most people save money with us because we bundle all insurance policies together and then discount the total price,” says Greg.

Another advantage of the Kramer Kirsh Insurance Allstate Agency is that it has an auto claims department right inside its office. 

“If your car is drivable, simply drive it in and we’ll walk you through the entire claims process,” says Greg.

Plus, if you’re not 100% satisfied with the way your auto claim is handled, you’ll receive a full refund on your insurance premium.  Visit Allstate’s website at for details on this guarantee.

Greg, who has 17 years of experience in the insurance and financial industry, is on Allstate’s State team, as well as its Regional and National Advisory Boards. Only 50 agents across the country are nominated by their peers to be on the National Advisory Board.

In addition, Greg is no stranger to this community. He was raised in Holland where he still lives today with his wife and two children. By growing up here, he has gained insight of the people living in this area, enabling him to better serve his local clients.

Greg strives to help his neighbors by giving back to the community in which he works and lives. He is a coach at Council Rock High School South and volunteers for the Council Rock Coalition for Healthy Youth and the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.

To schedule an appointment at Allstate’s Newtown office, call 215-579-0700 or visit

PHOTO CAP: Greg Kramer, owner of Kramer Kirsh Insurance, an Allstate Insurance Agency


Ward Robertson Associates: Striving to make your insurance purchase a positive experience

by June Portnoy

Ward Roberson Associates is a small, independent insurance agency in Newtown that treats each client as an individual, as opposed to a number.

“This agency is about quality, not quantity,” says president Gail Ward.  “I prefer to remain small in size, so I can give each person as much time as they need to feel secure in the coverage that they select.”

Gail brings 15 years of insurance experience to her agency, which specializes in both personal and business insurance. It also offers a high level of personalized service that most large insurance agencies just don’t have the time to provide.

“When I gain a new client, I look at that moment as an opportunity to establish a new long-term relationship with that person,” says Gail. “I want to grow with my clients as their family grows and matures.”

While today Gail might be helping a client choice a homeowner’s policy, in the future she might be helping that same person select a new auto policy that covers her teenage children. Gail attempts to learn about every new client by sitting down and talking to them. She realizes that describing insurance policies can often sound complicated and overwhelming, so she educates her clients about the pros and cons of their different coverage options in terms they can understand.

One of her clients writes, “Gail goes that extra mile to make you feel comfortable and understand everything about your insurance and your needs.”

Being an independent agency means that Ward Roberson Associates is not required to sell its own products. Instead, this agency has appointments with 30 different carriers.

“Because we have so many choices, we can customize your insurance policy to your individual needs and budget,” adds Gail.

Gail realizes how busy people are today, and therefore is happy to schedule appointments afterhours to accommodate her clients’ schedules. Her clients know that when they call Gail, they can expect to receive a return call from her personally that same day.

“I make myself accessible to my clients by responding to their e-mails days, evenings and on weekends” says Gail, who includes her cell phone number on her business cards. 

She encourages her clients to call her immediately if they have a hint of a claim, so she can explain to them what they need to do. In the two years that Gail has owned this business, she has had 100% renewals of her personal lines, which she attributes to the high level of service she offers.

Gail offers this same personalized service to her business and corporate clients. She keeps a consistent presence in their offices by stopping by at least four times a year with donuts, lunches or other treats.

“Business people are often so busy that they forget to call me for extra coverage of something new they added to their workplace,” says Gail. “By routinely stopping by, I’ll often see these additions for myself, so I can offer the coverage necessary before it’s too late.”

Gail adds, “My overall goal is to make buying insurance a positive experience, as opposed to a mundane, complex transaction.”

To schedule an appointment with Gail Ward Robertson Associates, now located at One South State Street, call 215-579-4840.  Also visit

PHOTO CAP: Gail Ward


A. Marrazzo’s North River Landscape & Hardscape: Bring it outdoors!


by June Portnoy

Anthony Marrazzo grew up in Bucks County, born into a hard-working Yardley family business where he worked first as a floral designer and later as a landscaper. In 2009, he and his wife, Diane, proudly established A. Marrazzo’s North River Landscape, Hardscape & Rainwater Harvesting, Inc.

Anthony brings over 35 years of hardscaping and landscaping experience to his business, while Diane applies her interior design degree to their projects. Just recently, their oldest son enthusiastically joined their family business. Together, they combine their talents and expertise to create artistic outdoor environments. These are truly, one-of-a kind masterpieces!

Anthony Sr. visits each initial appointment seeking an understanding of your vision for your property; thus beginning the inspiration behind the development of your new yard. He and Diane brainstorm to create a plan that will transform your property. “We treat each project as if it were our own as we help your vision unfold,” says Diane. “We are excited, with the hope of meeting and exceeding your expectations.”

A. Marrazzo’s North River does it all, from a blue stone patio, to a grand front entry portico landing and walkway, to a water feature. Plus, it installs boulder walls and EP Henry products of all kinds.   

“We are right on target in capturing what our clients want,” say Diane.  “They love the details of our hand-drawn sketches that we provide; images that a computer cannot always achieve. We will guide you, like a compass, in the right direction.”

“We often marry EP Henry Pavers and wall stone with natural stone steppers, flats and boulders, combining the best of both worlds,” says Anthony. “When designed to blend naturally the outcome can be quite beautiful.”

Whether you want a routine property spring clean-up, a high-end, low-volt landscape lighting install, or an elaborate outdoor kitchen and waterfall project, A. Marrazzo’s North River provides exceptional communication and execution on all work.

Anthony sets up every job, and frequents the projects in progress. His hardscape crews are ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) Certified, EP Henry Preferred Professional Installers and Seal ’n’ Lock Certified.

“Through years of experience and professional training, our professional crews have acquired meticulous expertise and knowledge of their projects,” says Diane. “They take great pride in each of their installations. We are very proud of our reputation in the local tri-county region.”

As a result, A. Marrazzo’s North River stands behind their work, offering a five-year-warranty on its hardscape installations. Just as unique is their one-time/one year replacement warranty on all professional landscape installations, provided that proper watering and care instructions were followed. 

A. Marrazzo’s North River can enhance the appearance of your home, while creatively extending your living space into the great outdoors. Through Anthony’s extensive experience, he has a complete understanding of specimen growth for your specific conditions. 

If you’re looking for seasonal changes in your landscape, while keeping your landscape vibrant with evergreen plantings throughout the winter season, see Anthony Marrazzo! A. Marrazzo’s North River crews are also experienced in dealing with drainage issues; large tree removals and installations; lawn care and irrigation; snow removal; and professional de-icing service contracts.

A. Marrazzo’s North River strives to develop on-going relationships with their customers.

“Much of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals from our satisfied customers,” says Anthony. “Our goal is to earn our clients’ trust and loyalty. People truly appreciate our quality of craftsmanship, warranty and personal service.”

A. Marrazzo’s North River will enhance your home gardens, creating beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces that you will enjoy with family and friends for many seasons to come.

Contact A. Marrazzo’s North River today at 215-598-1412, email them at, or visit

PHOTO CAP: Anthony and Diane Marrazzo


My Handyman of Lower Bucks County: Professional contractors offering quality service

by June Portnoy

There’s no shortage of handyman contractors in the area, but chances are the majority of them won’t offer you their addresses on their business cards. And if that’s the case, how can you be sure you’ll ever find them again if a problem arises after they complete their job?

Many independent contractors in PA don’t carry Workers Compensation because they aren’t required to do so. Therefore, aren’t you worried that if the handyman you hire gets hurt in your house, you could potentially be liable to cover his injuries?

For these reasons and so many more, you want to hire an established, experienced contractor you can trust, like My Handyman of Lower Bucks County. 

Unlike the many individual handyman contractors, this is a professional handyman company. In fact, it’s the only professional handyman company in the area with in-house contractors.

My Handyman has an accessible office located at 211 N. Sycamore Street right in the heart of Newtown. This company is fully insured with Workers Compensation and General Liability insurance. Since opening in 2004, My Handyman has completed over 10,000 jobs and worked for over 7,000 customers in Bucks County.

It does all types of carpentry, minor electric and plumbing work, small paint jobs and an endless volume of odd jobs. 

Need a bathroom or kitchen facelift?  My Handyman does bathroom remodels from tile work to plumbing. 

My Handyman is considered a professional home repair and maintenance company that also does some office and commercial work. It offers van-based service throughout Central and Lower Bucks County.

“We do any job from one-hour repairs to multi-day projects and everything in between,” says Dave Provost, owner of My Handyman. “People call us because they have problems and we are problem solvers.”

Being that Dave has lived in Lower Makefield for over 20 years, My Handyman is a locally owned and operated business. It uses no sub-contractors, only hiring professional contractors required to have a minimum of 12 to 15 years of experience. These contractors must have the skills and experience to complete the large variety of jobs that My Handyman performs.

Sure, My Handyman does simple things like hanging pictures and curtains, but its contractors also install faucets, GFI (ground fault interrupter) outlets and crown molding; hang ceiling fans; repair decks; replace siding and capping; and retile showers.  

“Our philosophy is that we’re not looking for a one-time job,” says Dave. “We’re looking to develop a long-term customer relationship and become the contractors you rely on over time.”

 My Handyman also offers some specialty products. 

“With last year’s storms, we have received lots of calls for water powered back-up sump pumps,” says Dave. “Once we install them, there is no need for batteries or electricity, just city water and no more flooded basement.”

My Handyman offers a one-year guarantee on its workmanship. Customer service is paramount to My Handyman, and customers like being able to speak to a live person 24/7 when you call.

Offering high quality results from initial contact to project execution to follow-up after the job is the standard practice at My Handyman. 

How successful are they at it?  The reviews speak for themselves.

My Handyman has earned a AAA rating from the Better Business Bureau, 55 Five Star ratings with Service Magic customers, a Five Star rating on and an A rating on Angie’s List for Quality and Professionalism.

To contact My Handyman call 215-497-1040. Also visit


Defining Finishes goes extra mile to give you professional, quality paint job


by June Portnoy

Having your house painted is a quick and easy way to refresh, update and enhance your home. However, if you’re not used to painting, consider hiring a professional painter. Just a small mistake will often detract from the overall finished look of the job.

Proper surface preparation is the most important part of the paint job, which is why you want a highly skilled painter who does quality work.

Defining Finishes is that painting company, bringing over 20 years of experience in both interior and exterior painting to your home.

Owner, Anthony Bearden, has been painting for as long as he can remember, first painting for his father at age 12, who had his own painting business at the time.

“I go that extra step in prepping each job that many other painters or handyman contractors do not,” says Anthony.

What truly makes Defining Finishes unique is that Anthony sands in between every coat, including the doors, windows, ceilings and walls.

“Sanding between each coat helps the paint better adhere to the surface,” says Anthony, “which helps bring out the brilliance of the paint color and increase how long the paint lasts.

“Even if your walls have imperfections or flaws, this technique will give them a smooth, brand new appearance.”

Anthony, who is at every job site painting alongside his in-house painters, offers high quality workmanship, providing both custom and faux finishes. Decorative finishes include leather, strias, vertical and horizontal stripes, pearl glazes and metallic glazes, just to name a few.

In addition, Defining Finishes will paint anything outside your home with the exception of siding, which can include windows, doors, stucco and decks.

It also offers some commercial work, painting office buildings and high-end garage doors.

Being a hands-on owner, Anthony himself meets with every potential client to access your individual preferences and budget constraints. He brings his camera to take photos of your home, so he’ll know where everything is located in your rooms. As a result, he and his staff know exactly where to return all your furniture after the job is done.

Anthony also brings his MacBook to download these photos so he can virtually paint the room. That way, you can see for yourself how the colors you choose will look before they are actually painted.

If the price of your job exceeds $3,000 and you need additional guidance selecting paint colors, Defining Finishes employs an interior designer who will help you make these decisions. It offers a free estimate within 24 hours after you call the office.

“I take photos and measurements during my consultation with you, so that my estimates are accurate and you’re faced with no surprises once we begin painting,” says Anthony. “My estimates include both the cost and the amount of time it will take to complete the job.”

Once at a job, you’ll discover that Anthony is very personable.

“If you have a big job and I’m at your home for a while, I often end up becoming friends with my clients,” says Anthony.

What truly stands out about Defining Finishes is the amount of effort Anthony puts into each job.

“My customers tell me that once I’ve painted their home, they won’t trust anyone else to paint it,” adds Anthony.

To schedule your free painting estimate, call Defining Finishes at 267-324-3393 or 215-779-4741 or email Anthony at

For more information, visit

PHOTO CAP: Anthony Bearden, owner of Defining Finishes


Fingeret Dental combines care with charm


by G.B. Black

Every dental practice’s primary goal is to improve your smile. What sets Fingeret Dental in Newtown apart is the similar emphasis put on giving you a reason to smile.

Just a few months ago, Dr. Andrew Fingeret bought the Sycamore Street office from Dr. Charles Wilson, who had practiced there for 35 years. Moving into the first office of his own after practicing in Yardley for the previous five years, Dr. Fingeret undertook a substantial renovation, updating and modernizing the space beautifully without sacrificing the old-time charm that was a Dr. Wilson hallmark.

He also brought along a hallmark of his own: a personal touch that has led many of his previous patients to follow him to his new office. One such patient was in the waiting room when the Newtown Gazette visited Fingeret Dental, and she remarked on how Dr. Fingeret spends more time with his patients than any other dentist she’d seen.

It’s not an all-business, “get ’em in and get ’em out” approach. There’s a real relationship that is built, and “Dr. Drew’s” patients respond by turning the old stereotype about dentist appointments being dreaded occasions on its head. At Fingeret Dental, the patients genuinely look forward to their check-ups.

Located adjacent to local treasure Goodnoe’s and just one block removed from State Street, Fingeret Dental is a perfect fit for “old Newtown.”

There’s a small-town sensibility to the way Dr. Fingeret and his staff help patients achieve optimum dental health.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than welcoming a whole family into the office and treating them,” explains Dr. Fingeret, whose wife is a dentist as well. “I’ve strived to create an atmosphere that’s kid-friendly and appropriate for adults at the same time, and my patients are really responding to that.”

Fingeret Dental offers a full menu of dental services, including comprehensive exams and cleanings, bonded/tooth-colored fillings, inlays and onlays, crowns, root canals, veneers, whitening, implant restorations, extractions, and the Invisalign alternative to braces.

Of course, even the most glowing endorsement is going to draw the line at claiming that Dr. Fingeret can make a root canal fun. “But if I absolutely had to get a root canal,” one patient in the waiting room said, “I’d want to do it here, with the staff playing the music of my choice while I’m sitting in the chair and with all of these friendly faces around to make the experience as pleasant as possible.”

Those friendly faces include Dr. Wilson, the former owner who continues to practice a couple of days a week; hygienist Beth Cusack; dental assistants Brianna McNally and Lynne Funkhouser; and office manager Robin Raskin.

Dr. Fingeret is a local boy, born and raised in Bucks County and educated at Neshaminy High School. He gets what makes this area special and what kind of service people are looking for.

His office offers all the bells and whistles of modern technology – as indicated by the progressive design of the practice’s website, which can be found at – but what stands out is the personal touch and relationship building that is increasingly hard to find in this texting and swiping age.

Until someone invents an app to clean your teeth for you, Fingeret Dental is your best bet for a sparkling smile.

PHOTO CAP: Dr. Andrew & The Fingerets


Schembri Pools: Offering one stop shopping for above ground pools


by June Portnoy

Purchasing an above ground pool can be a stressful, time-consuming experience especially as you go from store to store, not knowing exactly what you’re looking for or how a pool will look outside your home. And once you buy the pool, you’ll have to find a reputable contractor to install it, because virtually no retail store sells and installs above ground pools.

For all these reasons, you want to buy your pool from Schembri Pools, the company that sells, installs, and services your pool.

“We truly are your one-stop shop for above ground pools,” says owner Steve Schembri.

Schembri Pools, established in 1998 with over 20 years experience, offers the unique service of coming to your house with pool samples and brochures from a variety of its authorized dealers. So, instead of going to multiple pool stores, this company brings everything you’d see at these stores to you!

And unlike any store salesperson who more than likely will never see the layout of your home, Joe Weston, Schembri Pools’ Above Ground Specialist, will look at the size and shape of your backyard to help you select the best pool that meets your needs.

He can even mark the outline of the pool in different areas outside so you can visually see how it will look, helping you decide where you want it installed.

“Our in-home service provides you with a better product and service because there is no retailer involved,” says Joe. 

Plus, before Joe leaves, he will give you a free estimate of your entire job, from the cost of your pool to your installation, in the privacy of your home.

“We are an honest company, and will not sell you anything you don’t need,” says Steve.

The majority of pools sold by Schembri Pools are resin, the newest trend in pools, and some come with up to a 60-year warranty.

All Schembri Pool contractors are knowledgeable in-house employees who will arrive at your house with their own equipment and company truck. Crew leaders have a minimum of 18 years experience.

If you have an old pool you’re getting rid of, these contractors will take it off your property and discard if for you before replacing it with your new pool.

“We stand behind our work and offer a warranty on our labor,” says Steve. “If you have any problem with your pool after it’s installed, we will come back to fix it. We want to earn your trust in order to build a long-term business relationship with you.”

In the future, Schembri Pools can provide you with such important services as opening and closing your pool, installing filters, repairing leaks and being available for after-hour emergencies.

Underground plumbing on above ground pools is also one of its specialties.

In addition, Schembri Pools features in ground and above ground vinyl liner installations and replacements.

“Over the years, we have become experts in vinyl liner installations,” says Joe.

Steve and Joe both have 23 years of experience in this industry. So if you want an experienced pool company that does it all, call Schembri Pools today at 215-943-3441.

For information about the additional services it provides, along with references, visit


PHOTO CAP: From left, Robert Taylor, Joe Weston, Bradley Cooper, Luciano Schembri, and Steve Schembri.


Stop losing sleep by visiting the Sleep Center of Bucks County


by June Portnoy

Occasionally everyone has problems sleeping, but if you regularly can’t get a good night’s sleep or your snoring is disrupting the sleep of a loved one, you might suffer from a sleep disorder. A sleep disorder can adversely affect your daily performance, and ultimately your health, so if you are having trouble sleeping, seek professional help.

Fortunately, you live near the Sleep Center of Bucks County in Newtown, the only physician-owned sleep center in this county. All other local sleep centers are hospital-owned, meaning these hospitals only conduct sleep testing, requiring you to see multiple practitioners at various offices to evaluate your sleep disturbance. 

“In contrast, we offer a sleep facility that integrates all of your care in one location,” says Ginger Solomon, Sleep Center Director. “We will handle your entire treatment including your initial physician consultation, sleep testing if necessary, and any follow-up consultations.

“Plus, if you’re diagnosed with sleep apnea we’ll help you obtain the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) equipment you need to help keep your airway open when you sleep.”

The physicians at this sleep center have been trained to diagnose and treat the full array of sleep disorders.

Yusuf Khan, MD, FCCP, FASSM, is the medical director and board certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine. He is also a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Ben Solomon, MD, is board certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

The Sleep Center of Bucks County is pleased to welcome its newest Sleep Medicine physician, Jennifer Roszkowski, DO. She completed medical school at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2008, and then completed her internship and residency in Internal Medicine at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia.

Dr. Roszkowski then joined the prestigious Department of Sleep Medicine, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Temple University Hospital where she trained in Sleep Medicine for a year and completed her fellowship in 2012. She is currently accepting new patients suffering from all types of sleep disorders.

In the past year, the Sleep Center of Bucks County has been re-accredited with the Joint Commission as an Ambulatory Sleep Center. It also maintains its accreditation with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), the gold standard for sleep centers. 

The Sleep Center offers state-of-the-art comprehensive sleep evaluations and treatment using the latest technology available, all in a comfortable homelike setting. Patients undergoing a sleep study will enjoy many of the comforts of home such as individual bathrooms and showers, a 26” flat screen, wall mounted TV/DVD in each room, and a continental breakfast the morning after your sleep study.

In addition, the Sleep Center is now accredited through the AASM to conduct Home Sleeping Testing (HST), a nice alternative for patients who qualify. Referrals for HST testing are welcome.

Having trouble with your CPAP machine or mask? This center now offers a free service for patients and non-patients to help them adjust to life with their CPAP equipment. Just walk in, any time, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday mornings. No appointment is necessary.

The Sleep Center of Bucks County is dedicated to helping sleep patients navigate the health care process and successfully treat their sleep-related breathing disorders. Don’t lose another night’s sleep! Call the Sleep Center of Bucks County today to schedule your appointment at 215-579-2197.

For more information, visit Most insurances, including Medicare, are accepted.

PHOTO CAP: Sleep Center of Bucks County staff, seated, Lyndsey Monchak (left) and Yesenia Diaz; back row from left, Christine Thurston, Benjamin Solomon, MD, Yusuf Khan, MD and Nusruth Unnisa. Not pictured are Ginger Solomon and Jennifer Roszkowski, DO.