Scenes from Shad Fest

  1. Shad Queen Amy Cross was a colorful apparition.
  1. Chole, Caprice, and Sienna Giordano, all of Wrightstown, went fishing for prizes.
  1. Janet Coleman and Ellen Callahan, of New Hope, brought along canine companion Lily.
  1. Kylie Sturm (left), of Lambertville, got a henna tattoo courtesy of Catherine L.

Scenes from the New Hope Celebrates Pride Block Party


  1. From left, Holli Barber, Kate Farquhar, Melissa Cassidy, and Zoe Barber.
  1. Mark McPhillips and Gary Scibelli, both of New Hope, showed up with colorful headgear.
  1. Nora Burrows, Dan Clark, and Sadie Sub enjoy the festivities.
  1. Margaret Lane, Leslie Aharonian, Lily Lane-Aharonian, and Deborah Murphy, all of Richboro, paused for a portrait.