Scenes from the Pride Parade

  1. Sara Flynn, Jenny Lee, Sara Gingras, Alexis McMenamin, Heather Yerkes, and Ally Marchisotto wore their colors proudly.
  1. Rob Marchisotto, Peter Prorok, and Ramon Robledo had a grand old time.
  1. Debra Kaplan Garvey was one of the escorts of the FACT Bucks County float.
  1. Carl Max, of New Hope, portrayed singer Whitney Houston.

Scenes from Shad Fest

  1. Cast members of “Pied Piper of Hamelin” from Roxey Ballet were in attendance.
  1. Nina Rutkowski, Carolyn Holdsworth, and Angela Hudak sold Shad Fest t-shirts.
  1. Sophia Farina and Talia Flavin assisted at the t-shirt printing booth.
  1. Jason and Travis Vredenberg at Lambertville Historical Society’s display.

‘Fiber, Fabric, and Fashion’ at New Hope Arts

  1. Model Riley Ramirez wearing a miniskirt by Illia Barger of Pantaluna.
  1. Model Tristan Powell in Ginnie Burke Collections.
  1. Joanne Eisenberg, accessory curator of show, wears a necklace of her own design.
  1. Model Allison Kuklinski in Ginnie Burke Collections.

Area students display their artwork at Youth Art Exhibit at Phillips’ Mill

Three area students recently had their artwork featured at the Phillips’ Mill Community Association’s Third Annual Youth Art Exhibition in New Hope.

Solebury School student, Michaela Riggio, won First Place in the Sculpture category for her piece entitled “Library.”

Another Solebury School student, Leah Hunt, had her piece entitled “Contrast Portrait,” displayed.

And New Hope-Solebury High School student Eddie Krejsa, contributed his “Self Portrait” work.

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Scenes from the Pet Masquerade

  1. Rhody Gares with her dogs Shea and Lily, winners of “Shyest in Parade” award.
  1. Erin Mecca with Cooper, MaryAnn Ranson with Rocky, all from Lambertville, won “Best in Show.” The dogs are in the Popemobile.
  1. The parade judges, Wendy Nichols, Lisa Nichols, and Beth Caruso.
  1. Jessica Boone and Snowball dressed as angels.