Finkles: One-of-kind, third generation family store serving all your hardware needs

by June Portnoy

In 1917, Finkles opened its doors in Lambertville establishing a unique winning formula that has enabled it to continuously thrive for nearly a century.

“We provide a depth and breadth of hardware products unmatched by practically any competitor in the area,” says Rachel Finkle, third generation owner whose grandfather, Joseph Finkle, founded the business.

Inside you’ll discover a world of hardware, consisting of virtually everything you’ll need to renovate or update your home or commercial building.

“We have developed a double identity of both retail customers and contractors because we can satisfy each group’s hardware needs,” adds Rachel.

Finkles’ diversity of products range from decorative and industrial hardware to electrical, lighting, heating and plumbing supplies, as well as steel.

Over the years, Abe Finkle, Rachel’s father, expanded the store’s variety and extensive supply of merchandise by adding three buildings, now occupying 30,000 square feet, all in walking distance along the same block. Directly across the street from its main hardware store is its lighting showcase and warehouse. Next door is a building consisting of miscellaneous merchandise such as electric heaters, toilets and canning jars.

And finally, its fourth warehouse is filled with large, bulky items like gutters, pipes, steel and pallets of concrete and mortar.

Even though Finkles is a family owned, single branched store, its prices remain competitive for its quality merchandise.

Another component of Finkles’ winning formula is its knowledgeable salespeople.

“Unlike many of the large chain hardware stores whose sales staff operates like a revolving door, the majority of our salespeople have been with us for an average of 20 years,” says Rachel. “We even have one salesperson who has worked here for 45 years.”

As a result, you won’t get that typical blind stare you receive from novice salespeople at many hardware stores or home centers.  Every salesperson here has their own area of expertise and can confidently answer your questions. In addition, they will spend as much time with you as necessary to help you with your order.

When you come to Finkles, it’s unlikely that you won’t find what you’re looking for, but on the rare occasion when that happens, a salesperson is always happy to special order what you need. After all these years, Finkles continues to be run like a traditional Mom and Pop store with Rachel and her husband, Sven Helmer, working as hands-on owners.

In addition, their son, Jonah, 14, is currently working here this summer, becoming the fourth generation to work at Finkles. Likewise, the store has loyal customers, many of whom reminisce about shopping here with their grandfather or father, and are now bringing their children to Finkles.

“It’s very unusual for a store today to serve third and fourth generation customers,” says Rachel, but she believes it all comes back to offering a winning formula of providing a breadth and depth of merchandise by experienced staff who go that extra mile to assist their customers.

For more information about Finkles, located at 7 Coryell Street, call 609-397-0415 or visit

Store hours are Fridays from 7:00am until 5:00pm and Saturdays from 8:00am until 3:00pm.

PHOTO CAP: Rachel Finkle and Sven Helmer


Gerenser’s Exotic Ice Cream needs your help to remain open


by June Portnoy

For the past 70 years, Gerenser’s Exotic Ice Cream has become a historic icon in New Hope. It is the oldest family-owned ice cream parlor in this community, as well as the oldest continuously run business in the area.        

But what truly makes Gerenser’s unique is its unusual and international flavors of quality homemade ice cream that can’t be found elsewhere. After all, where else would you order Caribbean Spicy Tree Bark ice cream?

Sadly, Gerenser’s is in danger of being closed.

“I have encountered a predator lender who is threatening to foreclose my property,” explains Captain Bob Gerenser, second-generation owner, along with his girlfriend, Justine Walters. “I’m asking for investors to help me raise $480,000 to save Gerenser’s or by the end of September, it will be shut down.”

Captain Bob describes the creation of Gerenser’s as a love story between founders (his parents) Stephen J. Gerenser and his wartime sweetheart, Julia Pelikan. Stephen, a history professor working in Washington DC, met Julia who lived and worked in New York. Their halfway meeting point was New Hope.

They became enchanted by this quaint, charming town and decided to marry and reside here. The newlyweds initially bought a restaurant, one of their favorite meeting spots when they were dating.

Their establishment began to thrive when Stephen discovered a small ice cream machine hidden in one of the rooms in the back of the restaurant. Up until this point, they had been serving commercial ice cream, but Stephen was unhappy with its quality.

Having grown up and worked on his family’s dairy farm, he knew how to make ice cream and decided to make the best ice cream anyone had ever tasted.

The Gerensers combined their background and skills to create the most unique flavors imaginable. Julia had at one time been a pastry chef and still owned an old family Hungarian cookbook.

Stephen had a vast knowledge of world history from his teaching profession.

“The key to my parent’s success was basing their flavors on popular ethnicity,” says Captain Bob. “They identified popular fruit liquors or dessert pastries from a particular world location to create authentic flavors from around the world.”

“The results were explosive,” continues Captain Bob. “By 1965, the lines waiting to come in for this ice cream literally went around the corner.” 

The restaurant evolved into an ice cream parlor and for 15 years Gerenser’s operated 10 franchises along the East Coast. Although Stephen and Julia have both passed away, their legacy lives on at Gerenser’s,

“We continue my father’s dedication to creating new, exotic flavors, using all-natural ingredients,” says Captain Bob.

Some of today’s favorites include Quetzalcoati’s Elixir, Magyar Apricot Brandy and African Violet.

Although Gerenser’s is always adding new flavors, many of its original, signature flavors remain on the menu.

Captain Bob and Justine have also brought back a sit-down restaurant, The New Hope Grille, that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. This bistro is a pleasant surprise inside the ice cream parlor where ice cream remains king.

Captain Bob also offers boat rides along the river behind Gerenser’s. 

“I’m fighting to save Gerenser’s, a New Hope tradition that both residents and visitors have come to love during the past seven decades,” says Captain Bob.

To help Captain Bob save Gerenser’s, visit Learn how you can invest in his kick-start program of “putting ice cream in your mailbox” by shipping Gerenser’s unusual ice cream anywhere in the country. 

For more information about Gerenser’s, located at 22 South Main Street, call 215-862-2050.

PHOTO CAP: Captain Bob Gerenser and Justine Walters


Blue Lotus Salon: Experience creative and positive energy


by June Portnoy

When Judy Todd began her hair styling career in Bucks County over 13 years ago, her dream was to ultimately open her own hair salon. In July 2007, her dream became a reality when she established the Blue Lotus Salon in Washington Crossing.

“My vision for my salon was simple,” says Judy. “It consisted of satisfied clients leaving my salon with a terrific new hairdo that they loved after enjoying their time at my fun, lively and stylish salon.”

Now, almost seven years later, Judy is proud to say she has achieved her goal. The Blue Lotus Salon has a core group of experienced stylists, many of whom have been with Judy since she first opened her salon. In addition, the salon has recently undergone some changes by hiring several new, young, talented stylists.

Although each stylist has their unique expertise and training, they all work together as team, creating a positive, energetic atmosphere. Together, they also provide a friendly, inviting environment that is typically not associated with an upscale, high-end salon like the Blue Lotus.

Each hair stylist has the expertise to help you accomplish any specific look or style you want.

“Whether you’re going to a black-tie affair or are taking your kids to soccer practice, we strive to create the perfect style for you,” says Judy.

And if you have short hair, but want it long, the Blue Lotus is now offering hair treats hair extensions. A consultation is required before your extension.

The Blue Lotus also offers private in-salon and on-location bridal services for you and your bridal party to look your best on your special day. Lotus on Location is available for any special event for which you might want your hair professionally styled at a location outside the salon. All hair stylists are experienced in doing updos for formal occasions.

“We also provide a variety of color options,” says Judy, who adds, “We’re not your average cookie cutter hair coloring salon. We offer a lot of creative coloring techniques to give you a one-of-kind appearance.”

Continuing education is very important to Judy, who makes a point of taking several classes a year, along with her staff, to remain on the cutting edge of new hairstyles and future trends.

“It’s important that we constantly stay aware of the next trend in color, texture and formal styling,” says Judy.

The salon’s hair stylists recently took a barbering class to gain the expertise in styling men’s hair, as opposed to giving them the traditional buzz cut they can get at any barber shop. Plus, hair stylists just completed their fourth in-salon class with Anthony Cole, lead platform artist and top educator for Sebastian, who offered tips on the newest collection of women’s styles from Sebastian.

The Blue Lotus also offers some unique programs. For example, if you want to learn how to blow-dry your hair like a professional stylist, register for the salon’s Blow-dry Boot Camp, held every other Wednesday night from 7:00 until 8:00pm. This program is by appointment only.

The Blue Lotus also offers a Girls’ Night Out, a fun private party for you and six or more of your friends, complete with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and the salon’s expert stylists. To save money, inquire about the Blue Lotus’ blow-dry packages.

Although considered a high-end salon, the Blue Lotus offers competitive pricing. To schedule your hair appointment with a vivacious, yet professional and experienced hair stylist, contact the Blue Lotus, located at 1091 General Knox Road, at 215-493-0616. 

Also visit and “like” them on Facebook to check out their work and their specials.

PHOTO CAP: The staff at Blue Lotus Salon, top row, Jill Perrel, Maria Pascuillo, Judy Todd, Tara Liberatore, and Marcy Stockunas; bottom row, Gianna Ewart, Gina Fox, Jackie Allen, Andy Glickman, Kristina Cislak, and Christine DeSumma.


Washington Crossing Insurance Group, LLC: Experienced and accessible


by June Portnoy

Today, you have several choices regarding where to purchase insurance. You can get it online, deal with a national direct writer or choose an independent agent like Washington Crossing Insurance Group.

Why an independent agent? The independent agent doesn’t represent just one company and is not a company employee or exclusive contractor like the direct writers. The independent agent is a local business that owns their business and has to provide a product and service to keep you as a customer.

“In other words the independent agent has skin in the game, whereas most direct writers don’t,” explains Howard Nenner, owner of Washington Crossing Insurance Group. “Because the direct writer or captive agent has only one company they can represent, they are like a carpenter with one tool.”

In contrast, the independent agent can represent many different insurance companies, and therefore, they have the ability to shop the market and place you with the company that best fits your needs.

As for online insurance, Howard wonders why anyone would go that route.

He asks, “Why wouldn’t you want a relationship with a local agent who has a vested interest in your protection and in keeping you as a client? Who are you going to talk to at an Internet site? Certainly not the same person twice.”

Howard strives to be available to his clients and answer all of their questions. He and his staff are not just people downloading your insurance information from a computer or a mysterious voice on the other end of the phone; they are available live and in person to serve you.

He says, “Living and working in this community for over 15 years gives us a deep understanding of the people who live here and insight on how to construct good coverage to fit the individual needs of our clients.

“I make my home and run my business in this town, and I see my clients in the community and in my office day in and day out.

“Our claim to fame is our experience and the fact that we care about our clients, and we always strive to do what is best for our clients first and foremost.

“Our goal is never about making the sale first; it is all about doing what is in the best interest of the client. If we do that we will earn the sale and hopefully their respect and their business for years to come.”

Having over 25 years of experience in agency ownership and having held almost every job in this industry makes Howard a unique and valued source for advice to his customers. 

Washington Crossing Insurance handles all forms of insurance, including personal, commercial, and life and health. 

Howard says “If you’re ready for that personal touch and understand that insurance coverage is not a commodity and should never be bought only for the lowest price, and if you understand that insurance is a primary factor in preserving your assets and personal wealth, than you are our type of client, so please call me at 215-321-4990 for an appointment or email me at”

Washington Crossing Insurance Group LLC, is located at 1120 Taylorsville Road in Washington Crossing.

PHOTO CAP: The staff at Washington Crossing Insurance Group LLC, from left, Denise Nenner, Howard Nenner, Anisia Velasquez, and Kathleen Beringer.


Paxson Hill Farm: Specializing in hard-to-find, unique outdoor plants

by June Portnoy

In 1997, Bruce Gangawer, horticulturalist and landscaper, moved to 3265 Comfort Road in New Hope where he transformed 32 acres of flat, barren land into a beautiful greenscape. He spent two years growing plants in his nursery for his landscaping business, and before long he had a surplus of unusual plants that he made available to the general public.

Today, the extraordinary gardens that he designed inspire all who visit Paxson Hill Farm. Twenty acres of public gardens at this farm contain plants that can be purchased at the nursery.

“Instead of shopping at a store, all plants are displayed out in the open,” says Bruce. “It’s like shopping in a park.”

Bruce, who admits to getting easily bored with the typical plants you find at most local greenhouses, travels all over the country searching for rare plants.

“I look for unusual colors, fragrances and forms in the plants I buy, and also seek those that last longer,” adds Bruce.

You’ll always find something different every time you visit Paxson Hill Farm, so it’s always a unique experience. 

If you’re searching for a particular plant, call or stop by for a complete inventory of the farm’s inventory of its landscape size perennials. Its petite pots of unusual perennials are also available if you prefer testing smaller specimens in your garden.

Also, enjoy walking past Paxson Hill Farm’s various water gardens filled with an array of beautiful aquatic plants from which to choose.  They are essential for the health of ponds and act as water filters. In addition, water plants provide shade and shelter for those swimmingly beautiful fish.

Choices include water lilies, lotus, bog plants and floating plants.

Plus, these water gardens contain a diversity of domestic and imported fish, such as koi from Japan and Israel, fancy goldfish and shubunkin, ideal to fill your outdoor pond and control mosquitos. Ask a staff member to net your favorite fish to take home.

All ponds on display can be built to suit your landscape needs.

In addition, Bruce has crafted bridges and gazebos in his gardens that he can reproduce and sell you to enhance your landscape.

You are not required to make a purchase in order to enjoy walking through Paxson Hill Farm’s inspirational gardens. However, if you are interested in buying something, a knowledgeable staff member will help you find what you are searching for. 

Bruce, or nursery manager Lynn Windholz, is usually available to answer any of your horticulture questions.

There is always something unique in bloom at Paxson Hill Farm. Come by to see what will enhance the exterior of your home.

For more information about Paxson Hill Farm, call 215-297-1010 or visit

PHOTO CAP: Horticulturist Bruce Gangawer, owner of Paxson Hill Farm, in his bridge gardens, which are open to the public. Photo by Susan Sandor.


Puritie Spa: Treating the whole person, inside and out


by June Portnoy

New Hope’s Puritie Spa focuses on keeping its clients looking and feeling their best, offering services such as massages, facials, waxing, and workshops on wellness. The goal of Puritie Spa is to address the emotional and spiritual needs right along with the appearance of its valued patrons.

Owner Joyce D’Angelo had a vision of this holistic approach in mind when she recently renovated the spa’s interior to create an even more relaxing, serene environment.

Puritie’s certified massage therapists offer a variety of massage options, including the Ascension Massage, a client favorite that focuses on the neck and shoulders and includes deep tissue and Swedish movements, acupressure and reflexology with hot river stones

Muscle Release Therapy massage is ideal for chronic pain, helping to release tight muscles and increase circulation. In addition, the spa also offers Swedish, therapeutic/deep tissue, hot stone and prenatal massages.

Joyce has also added Reiki, an ancient Chinese spiritual practice that reestablishes the flow of energy throughout the body to help balance one’s Chi.

Puritie Spa offers an array of facials including oxygenation facials, microdermabrasion, triple oxygen facials, deep pore cleansing facials, European facials, oxygen blast facials, as well as a men’s facial, back facial and gel peel.

Renata Rosiak, who formerly worked for the famed Bliss Spa in Manhattan, continues her esteemed career at Puritie Spa by using the same techniques she used at Bliss for all of the services she currently offers. She uses hard wax to minimize redness and protect even the most sensitive skin.

Puritie Spa is excited to introduce its new boutique, offering jewelry, candles, skin care products, cosmetics and other accessories. The boutique’s inventory will continue to expand on a regular basis.

Puritie carries two coveted skin care lines that offer a true at-home spa experience and prolong the effects of the in-spa treatments. France-based Decleor is recognized worldwide as a luxurious, comprehensive, highly effective range of aromatherapy face and body treatments. SkinCeuticals offers high-performance skin care based on cutting-edge science.

Puritie Spa is just launching its expert-led wellness workshops. Look for interactive seminars on skin care, holistic and natural health, yoga, and much more. Keep an eye out for their upcoming Passion and Purpose workshop where participants reconnect with their core values and explore living within their passion.

Yet another new feature at Puritie Spa is its forthcoming Ladies’ Spa Night events, a time for friends to gather at the spa to enjoy an evening of pampering while relaxing and catching up.

“We want our clients to take time out of their busy schedules to make time for themselves,” says Joyce, who has lived in New Hope for most of her life.

As a result, she looks at the spa as a gateway to the community.

“I encourage feedback and suggestions from my clients and strive to accommodate their requests,” says Joyce. “It’s important to me that I am engaged in this community by giving back.”        

From now through May 30th, Puritie Spa is offering a Grand Opening Special of 25% off of all services. Puritie also offers gift cards, a wonderful gift idea, and will soon be offering various packages at special pricing.

For additional information about Puritie Spa, located at 6610 Lower York Road, call 215-862-2456 or visit them at or on Facebook.

PHOTO CAP: Pictured is the friendly staff at Puritie Spa, from left, Diane Jacob, Anita Kotter, Joyce D’Angelo, Renata Rosiak, and Jennifer Moscone.  


Baci Restaurant: Fresh Italian cuisine in a comfortable family setting


by June Portnoy 

Baci Restaurant in Buckingham is a family owned and operated establishment that offers a great selection of authentic Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner that will please every member of your family. Husband and wife, Dave and Ziz Husenaj, established Baci 15 years ago at its current location, which dates back to the early 1700s.

Dave, born in Siena, Italy and raised in France, trained Baci’s chef to cook many of his special creations, including a large variety of classic Northern Italian dishes with a French flair.

“Everything is made completely fresh no matter how busy we are,” says Sarand Husenaj, Baci’s manager and daughter of Dave and Ziz. “Our customers tell us you can actually taste the freshness in our food.”  

Baci will customize your order, so you can create your own meal.  “If we have the ingredients, we will prepare it for you,” says Sarand.

A signature item on the menu is the Costoletta Ripiena, a double cut veal chop stuffed with prosciutto and cheese in a wine sauce and mushrooms. Dave created and placed this recipe on his first menu, and it continues to be a favorite among today’s customers.

Enjoy live piano music Friday and Saturday nights, consisting of all types of tunes from classical and Broadway to popular music.

While Dave was busy upstairs overseeing Baci’s dining room, Ziz, born and raised in England, was downstairs, teaching her staff how to create classic English dishes. One of the many favorites at the pub is the English trifle.

Although Ziz recently passed away, her legacy lives on through her influence at The Heart of Oak Pub. Order from the dining room menu at the pub or from its own unique menu.

Sarand is in the process of revising the pub’s lunch menu, which will include such favorites as burgers, paninis and a variety of sandwiches. This new menu will soon be available.

Enjoy live music and bands at the pub Saturday nights from 7:00pm until midnight or later! Dave and Ziz’s son, Tony, now runs the pub, while his cousins wait on tables or bartend.

“Our family enjoy meeting and visiting with your family,” says Sarand, who compares the pub’s atmosphere to the popular former TV show, “Cheers,” where “everyone knows your name.”

“We strive to create a warm, welcoming family feeling where people want to continue coming back.”

The décor and authenticity of the building create a cozy atmosphere. Baci’s stone walls, spiral staircase, as well as its dining room’s original wood beam ceiling and fireplace are all original.

Baci offers on-site catering for all occasions. Its main dining room accommodates 50 to 80 people, and is ideal for banquets and intimate affairs.

In addition, it’s back room has been renovated to seat up to 50 people; a great venue for private parties.

Baci also offers off-site catering. Order a tray here for your next special event.

Baci is currently offering area businesses a 10% discount off of meals or catering.

Regardless of your reason for coming to Baci Restaurant, you’re sure to have a memorable experience in a comfortable atmosphere with good food and good company served by a personable staff.

For more information about Baci, located at 2559 Bogarts Tavern Road in Buckingham (minutes away from Doylestown and Peddler’s Village), or to make a reservation, call 215-794-7784. 

Visit for updated information on upcoming events, wine tastings, promotions, Happy Hours and lunch specials.

Hours are Mondays from 4:00pm until 2:00am, and Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11:30am until 2:00am at both the dining room and pub.

PHOTO CAP: Husband and wife, Dave and Ziz Husenaj, established Baci 15 years ago at its current location. Ziz recently passed away.


James Taylor Agency, Inc. – Providing personal service for all your insurance needs

by June Portnoy

Nobody wants to incur the cost of insurance, but you make this necessary purchase to protect your assets in case a problem occurs. What’s frustrating is when you buy your policy from a salesperson who you never see again after the transaction.

As a result, if and when you do have a claim, you’re often interacting with someone you have never met before.

“I have a completely different business model from many other insurance brokers,” says James Taylor, principal agent of James Taylor Agency, Inc. “I sell and service my policies, so you’re dealing with me for all your insurance needs.”

James takes his time reviewing all your options to ensure you understand what is included and excluded from your policy. 

“This is not a numbers game to me and it’s not about sales,” says James. “I want my clients to select the best coverage.

“I’m not the biggest company around, but I’m not trying to be. I’d rather run a smaller business so I’m accessible to my clients.”

To James, the sale is just the beginning of his job, not the end. He has a higher retention rate than the industry average, and he strongly believes it’s because of how he conducts his business.

He is available to his clients via email and cell phone number on a daily basis to answer any questions.

“I feel strongly that if someone buys insurance from me, I should be there for them if they have a claim,” says James.

If you call James, he is the one you will talk to or return your call, so you are always dealing with the same person.

The James Taylor Agency offers auto, home, life, business and renters insurance policies. As an independent agent, he can sell policies from a variety of insurance companies. For example, he sells Progressive, Foremost (the market leader for mobile home insurance) and Fidelity (the industry’s largest provider of flood insurance through the independent agency system).

However, he primarily sells Erie Insurance, and considers himself a preferred Erie Insurance agent.

James had the unique experience of working at Erie for five years prior to establishing his agency. Therefore his background is in handling the multiline claims he sells today.

“I had firsthand experience working for this insurance agency, so I have inside knowledge about their products and what they cover. 

James chose to sell Erie Insurance because of how impressed he was with their products while working for them.

“Erie is highly rated financially and their best rates are virtually always better than other insurance companies,” he says.

According to James, Erie will give you the best rate in the industry if you have a clean driving rating, meaning no tickets or accidents in the past three years. Likewise, Erie offers the best homeowner’s rates if you have above average credit and few claims.

Erie specializes in insuring contractors with a few employees on staff, such as landscapers. It offers a package deal for liability and auto insurance plus workers’ compensation.

James offers free consultations. He has flexible hours to accommodate your busy schedule and can meet you in his office or at your home.

To schedule your appointment, call him at 215-862-2779, email him at, or visit for more information.

The James Taylor Agency is located at 5 Village Row, Logan Square in New Hope.

PHOTO CAP: James Taylor, principal agent of James Taylor Agency, Inc.


Tiny Tots Nursery School: Offering your child a nurturing, educational environment


by June Portnoy 

Tiny Tots Nursery School is designed to give children 16 months to six-years-old a positive, nurturing experience. With its experienced staff and child-friendly facility, you can feel secure that your child is well cared for. 

“We guarantee lots of love and attention to each and every child here,” says Sheila Risoldi, Tiny Tots’ Executive Director, a teacher who has been working with children for over 20 years. “Our privately owned nursery school becomes these children’s home away from home. Parents comment that they feel like they are dropping off their child with family members.”

Tiny Tots provides these kids with the individualized, personal attention they deserve.

“This school is all about quality; not quantity,” adds Sheila. “Our goal is to give every child the opportunity to succeed, as opposed to fitting as many children as we can into our school.”

Tiny Tots offers a small class size, so teachers have the opportunity to know every child and discover their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, they can cater the curriculum to each child’s unique learning styles, offering extra attention to those who need additional help and challenging those kids who excel.

No child here gets lost in the crowd.

Because the school is so small, every child knows each other. All children play together during lunch and recess, during which time older children nurture the younger ones and younger ones learn from the older ones.

“This creates a real family environment,” says Sheila.

The small school size also motivates these young people to play together, forming lasting friendships.

Although Tiny Tots emphasizes academics, this school ensures its students still have the chance to experience the joy of being kids. The core academic program for kindergarten meets and exceeds all the state guidelines, and follows the same curriculum used at Central Bucks schools.

The kindergarten program offers the same subjects you’d find at the public schools, plus some you won’t, such as Spanish.

Tiny Tots’ staff has numerous years of experience, with many having up to 15 years or more. In addition, the school has very little turnover of staff, so if you have several children coming here, chances are you’ll recognize the same faces year after year.

“When our kids leave here, they are socially and academically prepared to adapt well to their new schools,” says Sheila.

Perhaps this is the reason that so many local teachers and principals choose to enroll their children at Tiny Tots.

This school offers flexible scheduling. Choose half or full days for your child.

From June 19th through August 28th, enroll your child in Tiny Tots’ summer camp. Campers will continue to learn, but in a more fun, less structured atmosphere.

This camp offers a great first camp experience in a small, safe environment. For those children beginning Tiny Tots in the fall, camp helps provide a smooth transition to school.

Select half days, full days, or even certain weeks or days of the week that you wish to send your child here to camp.

Tiny Tots, located at 5908 Mechanicsville Road in Solebury, is currently accepting enrollment for its fall session and for summer camp.

Call 215-794-7001 for information and a tour. Also, visit


Foulkeways at Gwynedd


by Nancy Nolan, Director of Marketing & PR, Foulkeways at Gwynedd

Situated on 110 acres of beautiful, wooded countryside in Montgomery County, with walking trails and wildlife abounding, Foulkeways is home to more than 400 adults, 65 and older.

A Continuing Care Retirement Community or ‘CCRC’ as they are called, Foulkeways offers all the benefits of a 55-Plus community to its active, independent residents; a Fitness Center, a heated 25’ x 65’ indoor pool, a Performing Arts Center, a Health Center, an Art Room with on-going pottery and painting classes, a Green house, dining options that include both casual and outdoor dining, educational opportunities, an on-site pharmacy, beauty salon and bank, a library, weekly housekeeping, inside and outside maintenance, plus (and this is a BIG plus) an ‘invisible’ safety net that pops into place should you find yourself in need of medical care, long before you thought you were going to need it.  (Who among us hasn’t heard of the collapse of a colleague or friend, in their mid-60s – the victim of a health crisis that came “totally out of the blue”?) 

When the need for increased individual attention and support becomes necessary, a move to Foulkeways Personal Care suites in Abington House provides added support in a friendly, home-like environment.  Caring and conscientious staff is on hand to assist with the tasks of daily living such as dressing, bathing or assistance with medication management. Each of the one-bedroom suites has a private deck or patio and abundant, natural lighting.

Residents in Gwynedd House, Foulkeways on-site, 5-Star, Medicare Certified Long Term Care Facility, experience the difference that only resident-centered care can provide. Residents in Gwynedd House receive the full support of nursing, physical therapy, psychosocial and therapeutic recreational services under the direct supervision of our physicians and our nurse practitioners. In addition, our Medical Director, a fellowship-trained Geriatrician and Board Certified Internist, oversees all medical decisions. 

The vast majority of Foulkeways residents, however, are independent!  They are able-bodied, mentally alert, active, vigorous people who tired of the hassle of house maintenance, daily meal preparation and housekeeping chores. Incoming residents want to devote more of their time to making new friends, learning new skills, honing life-long hobbies, volunteering, redefining their careers or inventing new ones.

If grandkids are not close at hand, Foulkeways residents can take advantage of the “Grand Friends” Program, which pairs residents with children in the Foulkeways Child Care Center and Pre-School. Weekly ‘Grandfriends” spend time together, working on craft projects and other programs designed to keep them in contact with one another during the week.  

Foulkeways’ Independent Residents, intent on living their lives to the fullest, have no ‘activity director’ to encourage their community involvement; instead residents volunteer in one or more of Foulkeways 106 Special Interest and Service Committees. These committees are responsible for planning, coordinating and mentoring every activity that takes place in the community, such as Performing Arts, Computer and iPad group meetings, Educational Seminars, Day Trips, Support Groups and a plethora of others, too numerous to name.

There is a Pet Committee, a Cost-Savings Committee, a Recycling Committee and a Creative Writing Group. The Foulkeways Library is managed entirely by resident volunteers, and the Foulkeways Choral Group is made up of members of the community and folks on the Foulkeways Waiting List.      

A pioneer among retirement communities, Foulkeways at Gwynedd has been providing unwavering standards of excellence to residents since 1967. Foulkeways is dedicated to maintaining or improving the quality of life for community members, while providing a framework of friendship, caring and dignity.

One of the first Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Pennsylvania and the first Quaker CCRC in the United States, Foulkeways has excelled in creating a community of active adults involved in all aspects of community life. At Foulkeways they call it, “The Foulkeways Spirit!”

To experience Foulkeways firsthand, contact Lori Graff in the Residency Information Office at 215-283-7071 to arrange for a personal tour. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes.