Peruzzi Auto Group: Providing expert auto service on all makes and models


by June Portnoy

A misconception car owners often have is that dealerships are only capable of servicing vehicles from the manufacturers that they sell, and in many cases this is true, but not so with Peruzzi Auto Group.

“No matter where you bought your car and what make or model it is, our technicians are highly qualified to service all manufactured cars and trucks,” says Ed Moffett, Peruzzi’s Buick/GMC Service Manager.  “This includes old and new cars, as well as foreign and domestic.”

Peruzzi’s technicians have the training, knowledge, experience and ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification’s to handle both minor and major repairs on all manufactured vehicles, using state-of-the-art computer diagnostic equipment and automotive technology.

“We also have the specific tools needed for every manufactured vehicle, giving us a technical advantage,” adds Ed. “We set high standards for our service department, so our customers can leave feeling confident that their vehicle has been fixed correctly the first time.”

The staff at Peruzzi’s service department understands that times are tough in this economy, and therefore will meet or match any competitor’s price, so you’ll always know you’re receiving the best price possible here. Also, if you bought one vehicle here, but purchased other vehicles elsewhere, bring them all in at the same time to get serviced and receive a special savings package discount.

Why go to multiple service stations when you get all your vehicles repaired at one location for a lower price?

Peruzzi also offers Bonus Bucks coupons based on the cost of your vehicle’s current service repair bill that will give you a percentage discount off your service visit. And if you’re a senior or in the military, you’ll receive a mid-week special 20 percent service discount on and repairs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, as opposed to all other days of the week when this discount is 10%.

Peruzzi’s service department also offers PA auto emissions and inspections on all manufactured vehicles. Get your inspection done soon for a special discounted price of $29.95 though the fall, regularly priced at $34.95.

For your convenience, Peruzzi offers shuttle service up to five miles away Mondays through Fridays.  Rental cars are also available when necessary.

Peruzzi Auto Group is a family owned and run dealership that has been part of your community since 1984. For nearly 30 years with honor and integrity, it has earned the trust of your neighbors who continue to return year after year to have their vehicles serviced here.

Peruzzi also has a full service body shop, and like its service department, repairs all makes and models of vehicles.

“Our body shop has state of the art equipment and fully trained technicians, and will use factory parts from all manufacturers, so no need for you to take your vehicle out to another shop,” says Ed. “Our state of the art body shop will repair your vehicle quickly and have you back on the road in no time.”

As an added plus, Peruzzi’s body shop works with all insurance companies and will handle everything for you. If you’re looking to buy a car, now is a great time with today’s low interest rates. 

Peruzzi has recently welcomed Mazda to its automotive family. It has a tremendous selection of new and used Buick, GMC, Nissan, Mitsubishi and new arrival Mazda vehicles at its various dealerships located within a block of each other in Fairless Hills.

Peruzzi’s upcoming sale this month on its 2013 vehicles will provide tremendous rebates. Plus, Peruzzi is beginning to stock all the newest 2014 vehicles at its dealerships.

For more information about Peruzzi Auto Group, located at 156 Lincoln Highway in Fairless Hills, call 215-943-6000 or visit

Look for discounts for Peruzzi’s service department in this paper. And remember Peruzzi Automotive where OUR BUSINESS IS YOU!!!!

PHOTO CAP: The 22nd Annual Peruzzi Charity Golf Outing generated donations of $21,000 to the American Cancer Society and $11,000 to St. Mary’s Hospital. Golf Committee members pictured from left are John Peruzzi, Rob Shabe, Mike Rossidivito, Doug Kieslich (Chairman), Tom Sapudar, Tony Scrocca and Rob Shoemaker. Over the last 22 years the Peruzzi Charity Golf Outing has donated over $280,000 to various charities.


Montessori Cottage encourages preschoolers to learn at their own pace


by June Portnoy

Most traditional preschools require students to learn particular concepts based on their age, regardless of whether or not they are cognitively and emotionally ready to grasp these new concepts or if they have already mastered them.

“In contrast, Montessori Cottage gets away from this factory mentality where students are categorized by age where they must achieve the same goals at the same time,” says Erin Conway, Director of Admissions. “We don’t expect our kids to learn a certain letter or color just because they are at a certain age.

“Instead we apply the Montessori philosophy, allowing learning to unfold naturally at a child’s own pace. This approach creates an environment that meets each student’s individual developmental needs.”

Dr. Maria Montessori, the first female physician in Italy, developed the Montessori philosophy around the turn of the 20th century. She used her scientific and biological background to educate children with special needs who were isolated in hospitals because they were considered “un-teachable.”

Dr. Montessori proved that most of these children were capable of learning by developing her own method of teaching that involved looking at the whole child. Her philosophy stated that each child innately knows what they are ready to learn, when they are ready to learn it and if given the appropriate setting, children are driven to activities for which they are ready.

“Utilizing the Montessori philosophy, our school promotes self-direction and independent learning,” says Erin. “Our teachers observe our students and look for signs of readiness.”

Montessori Cottage offers multi-age classrooms with children 13 months to three-years-old placed together and students from three- to six-years-old assigned to another classroom. By mixing the age groups within this three-year range, children can work quickly or slowly depending on what they can handle.

Consequently, this preschool creates a foundation where learning comes from within since every child learns differently.

“We offer a span of materials to stimulate every age in the classroom,” says Erin, “because children innately know their limits and also understand what will challenge them.”

Older children in these classrooms help teach the younger kids, reinforcing what they have already learned. This preschool prides itself in offering a nurturing atmosphere, teaching older kids to be compassionate and empathetic toward their younger classmates. As a result, children work collaboratively, establishing their own community.

This type of learning setting encourages divergent thinking. Children are advised to problem solve any way they want to get an answer, as opposed to requiring them to solve problems a specific way.

“In addition, we don’t teach with the expectation that our students must simply regurgitate facts,” says Erin. “We teach the senses; then intellect.”

As children learn by seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting, these sensations are processed intellectually, helping them gain a deeper understanding of key concepts.

“When children leave our school, they are well prepared to transition into their next phase of life,” says Erin. “In fact, most of them end up going much farther than traditional kindergarteners because they were allowed to learn at their own pace.

“Most importantly, the majority of our students leave here with a love of learning.”

Registration is currently open for Montessori Cottage’s fall session. You are welcome to call for a free tour of this preschool, located at 9 Old Locust Street in Fallsington. 

For more information, call 215-295-3125, email or visit

PHOTO CAP: “Free a child’s potential and you will transform him into the world” - Maria Montessori 


Abo and Company, LLC: An accounting firm offering a fresh approach to your business and taxes


by June Portnoy

Abo and Company, LLC, established over 20 years ago in South Jersey, has become a successful accounting firm in Morrisville since 2005 when entering the eastern PA market. This firm not only offers traditional accounting and tax preparation services, but also provides niche expertise in estate planning, tax negotiations, business valuations, forensic accounting and matrimonial litigation support.

The Morrisville office grew by 30% during its first year, and this quality growth has continued over the past eight years.

“The response has been sensational,” says Patrick Sharkey, CPA, MST, and the tax partner/principal of the Morrisville office. “The initial core client base and swell of new businesses have taken advantage of the array of services and level of expertise that we offer.”

Martin Abo, CPA/ABV/CVA/CFF, and the managing partner of the firm, loved the demographics of Lower Bucks County.

“The expanding small business market in this area presented an exciting opportunity for us,” says Martin. “Our collective professional backgrounds have turned out to be a great fit.”

Said Randy Rodeffer, another key partner in the Morrisville office, “Here, we all work hard to provide our clients with results, enhancing our position as a premier provider of expertise in the following practice areas:

  • A complete range of accounting and review services;
  • Individual and business tax consulting and return preparation;
  • Tax, financial and estate planning for companies and their principals;
  • Dispute resolution, valuation and other forensic accounting/litigation support services;
  • Business plans and financing consulting.

Abo and Company tries to take a fresh look at your business and tax situation instead of automatically fitting it into a particular category. Instead of applying a standardized answer, Abo and Company embraces the prospect of developing a plan that is as unique as your business or individual needs.

Abo and Company, LLC is an innovative, problem-solving CPA firm, which has earned a national reputation for being:

  • Pro-active, not reactive;
  • Action oriented, not report oriented;
  • Innovative, not tradition bound.

Says Abo, “In our professional and personal lives, the most important thoughts are often the most difficult to communicate. 

“Keeping this in mind, we try to take moments out of our busy schedule to let everyone know that we appreciate our clients and our friends. 

“We realize that the key to our continued growth is referrals from satisfied clients and colleagues.”

If you know of businesses and individuals that would like to grow with Abo and Company, please let them know. They will extend to them the same personalized services their clients enjoy, and would be happy to pass along the e-mail alerts, newsletters and other insightful materials published by their firm.

Be sure to check out Abo and Company’s website where they are offering valuable publications and information at Also, visit their website to learn more about Abo and Company, or call them at 215-736-3156.

PHOTO CAP: From left, Martin Abo, Patrick Sharkey, and Randy Rodeffer


Start your summer out right at Doc’s Pool & Spa


by June Portnoy

Doc’s Pool & Spa, Inc. will soon become your number one destination for superior pool and spa equipment. This new store sells everything you need to keep your pool and spa running smoothly, ranging from pool liners, safety covers, filters and pumps to pool chemicals and pool toys, all in one location.

It will sell only top brand above ground pools and spas, featuring Sunrise Spas.

Weekly specials will be offered year-round.

“What will truly stand out about Doc’s Pool & Spa is the caliber of our salespeople,” says store owner, Doc Flesch, who established Doc’s Pool & Spa Service, Inc. six years ago. “I will only have professional, well-trained salespeople on staff who are knowledgeable about all the merchandise we sell.”

In addition, Doc plans to be a hands-on store owner, who will be readily available to answer all of your questions. Customer service will be key at Doc’s Pool & Spa.

Don’t wait a month for a part you need now for your pool. Instead, go to Doc’s who will order it so you receive it within 24 to 48 hours.

And if you’re too busy to make a trip to the store, no worries because Doc’s offers same day or next day delivery of any pool or spa equipment sold here. The store will also deliver and install hot tubs.

Having been in the pool industry for so many years, Doc’s can refer you to many reputable companies who can install your pool. As an added bonus to the community, Doc’s will offer free classes to educate people about caring for their pools. 

“These classes will be particularly helpful to people who have moved into homes with existing pools that these new homeowners have no idea how to maintain,” says Doc.

While Doc manages the new store, his son, Domenic, will continue overseeing their service business.  Both father and son are certified in every type of pool service available. In fact, they are the only certified chemical experts in the area.

“We run our business the way all businesses should be run,” says Doc.  “We provide clean, professional service at fair prices, and show up within 15 minutes of the time we give you. Plus, all of our workers are our employees. We don’t subcontract out any of our work.”

Doc’s Pool and Spa Service offers various services depending on your unique requests. They can solely come out the beginning and end of each season to open and close your pool or spa, or they can care for them all summer long.

Doc’s services all pool and spa models, and is available afterhours for emergency calls.

When it comes to pools and spas, Doc’s truly is the expert you can count on. Doc’s Pool & Spa will be located at 332 West Trenton Avenue (in the Burger King Shopping Center) in Morrisville. 

For more information about the store or Doc’s Pool & Spa Service, call 215-295-1555 or visit

PHOTO CAP: Domenic (left) and Doc run a tight ship at Doc’s Pool & Spa, Inc.


AMICA Camp helps kids and teens master social skills


by June Portnoy

If you have a child with high functioning autism, Asperger’s Syndrome or PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified), it’s very likely they have trouble socializing with their peers. If so, camp is the perfect opportunity for them to practice and reinforce these skills every day, all day long.

AMICA makes this possible by offering an eight-week summer camp program for kids struggling with social issues at Cherokee Day Camp in Bensalem. AMICA’s kids camp is targeted to children six- to 12-years-old, and its teen camp caters to teens 13- to 18-years-old.

“AMICA means friend in Latin, and we want our campers to establish friendships,” says Stephanie DeSouza, owner of AMICA, in partnership with Meghann Hernandez.

Stephanie has a master’s degree in clinical social work (MSW), and Meghann, a special education teacher, has a master’s degree in education.

“We provide our campers with opportunities to learn and practice appropriate social skills in the natural setting of camp,” adds Stephanie. “That way, they can focus solely on peer interactions with kids their own age, such as turn taking, conversational skills, and winning versus losing.”

All AMICA campers engage in typical camp activities like, swimming, yoga, zip lining, boating and fishing, under the supervision of the their own counselors, while frequently being integrated with campers at Cherokee.

Counselors are either special education teachers or college students studying in the field. AMICA’s staff facilitates pro-social skills throughout the day to help campers navigate social situations.

There is a four-to-one ratio of campers to counselor. In addition, teen volunteers act as mentors for these campers, and model various social skills.

“We really focus on the integration of our campers with the Cherokee campers,” says Stephanie. “They don’t get the chance to spend this much time socializing with other kids at school, where the emphasis is mostly on academics.”

Before camp begins and throughout the day, AMICA campers have group meetings at which time counselors offer feedback on how they have socialized with their peers, and provide instruction for new social encounters.

The teen camp follows a similar format to the kid’s camp three days a week, but for two days these older campers take field trips where they learn how to communicate with and relate to people in the community. Field trips range from restaurants and movies to malls and historic locations.

Teen campers are responsible for planning their field trips and speaking with community members in order to get to their destinations. They also learn how to handle money in social settings.

“Our overall goal is for our campers to generalize the social skills they learn at camp to all situations of their lives,” says Stephanie.

AMICA holds activities for its campers all-year-round, so kids can maintain the friendships they have forged at camp. In addition, AMICA runs six- to eight-week social skills groups throughout the school year in order to provide ongoing skill development beyond camp. Groups are open to all children and teens.

Also, AMICA now offers on-site support to peer groups that need help facilitating pro-social experiences in real-world settings.

Its highly experienced professional staff will come to your location and work with your child and peers to help promote meaningful social interactions.

AMICA is currently accepting applications for its summer camp, which will run from June 24th through August 16th, 9:00am to 3:30pm.

If you’re interested in enrolling, or in learning more about AMICA’s other programs, call 267-258-3974, email, or visit

PHOTO CAP: Stephanie DeSouza (left) and Meghann Hernandez


Big Oak Pharmacy: Your neighborhood pharmacy offering the personal attention you deserve


by June Portnoy

Getting your prescriptions filled today can sometimes be an impersonal experience where you often have to wait in long lines, rarely ever meeting the pharmacist. When you return, sometimes you see different people working in the pharmacy, all rushing to fill the hundreds of prescriptions waiting for them.

If you don’t mind patronizing this type of pharmacy, you can find one on practically every block. However, if you’d prefer a pharmacy where the staff not only knows your name but knows you personally, you want to go to Big Oak Pharmacy.

On staff are pharmacist and store manager Katie Stahlman, and pharmacy technician Yom Chhoum, who work all day and evening, every day the store is open.

Since there is just one pharmacy and technician at Big Oak Pharmacy, these professionals develop on-going relationships with their customers. They are able to offer their customers fast, personal attention because they are not required to fill thousands of prescriptions per week, as compared to most pharmacy staffs working at large chain pharmacies. 

As a result, Katie and Yom can provide their customers with one-on-one attention.

“Every customer who enters the door will receive a personal greeting from one of us,” says Katie. “Also, if a customer regularly uses a medication that we don’t typically stock, we will order it for them and then keep in on our shelves, so it is readily available for them. We custom tailor our pharmacy to our customers.”

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