Scenes from the STEM Expo at Neshaminy High School

  1. Phoebe and Rachel Lamb, of Langhorne, make slime with Mad Science.
  1. Justin Harnishfeger built this robot in robotics class.
  1. Jules Zamorano (left), of Feasterville, shows Anna Cieri, of Langhorne, how to control the robot she built in her honors robotics class.
  1. Virginia James, of Levittown, practices computer animation on a tablet.

Scenes from the Herbert Hoover Elementary School Science Fair


  1. Samuel Hewish with his “Gross Toilet” experiment. What’s in it?!
  1. Henry Flynn and Cole Roba’s project asked the question, “What’s In Your Soap?”
  1. Antonia Opoku with her “M & M Survival Challenge.”
  1. Luke Lindsey explains his “Volcano” project.
  1. Erin D’Alicandro’s project discussed the dynamics of the “Tsunami.”
  1. Isabel Vega’s project explored “Our Solar System.”

Scenes from Neshaminy High School Gym Night

  1. The senior girls obstacle course kept them hopping!
  1. As part of the 11th grade exhibition, “Hawaii,” these young ladies were dressed as…wait for it…pineapples. From left, Emily Curran, Mirando Foster, Julia Andreozzi, and Morgan Goldenbaum.
  1. Energy levels were high!
  1. Blue Team Senior Captains, Dan Dogba and Melissa Carson