Quinoa brings a Peruvian-Mexican culinary and cultural experience to Doylestown


by June Portnoy

Jack Egoavil and his family were born and raised in Peru, moving to this country in 1992. Today they bring a taste of Peruvian food to Doylestown at their family-owned and operated restaurant, Quinoa, located at 762 N. Easton Road. While Jack’s mother, Carmen Egoavil, cooks the Peruvian food, his brother-in-law, Said Anguiano, born in Mexico, is the Mexican chef. 

Although the majority of food served here is Peruvian, there are numerous meals that combine the best of both these worlds, plus many Mexican lunch items on the menu. According to Jack, there is no other Peruvian restaurant in the area.

“We encourage our customers to try something completely new because eating here offers a unique dining and cultural experience,” says Jack. “This is what I ate my whole life in my native country, and I want to share that culinary experience with my customers.”

According to Jack, traditional staples of Peruvian food include corn, potatoes and chili peppers. He describes quinoa as a protein packed grain from the Andes. “To me quinoa represents Peruvian food,” says Jack, explaining the origin of his restaurant’s name. 

Try quinoa for yourself by ordering the quinoa and vegetable soup, taboule quinoa or quinoa flan, just to name a few of the many dishes consisting of this Peruvian grain. The Peruvian sampler is a great way to taste a variety of Peruvian creations.

Jack also recommends the Ceviche, a hugely popular dish in South America.  “Ceviche is actually a style of cooking raw fish marinated with lime juice and Peruvian peppers,” describes Jack. “The fish is cooked by the acidity of lime juice.”

There are several Ceviche entrees on the dinner menu from which to select. Jack characterizes Peruvian food as having lots of flavor. It is made with healthy ingredients and offers many options for vegetarians. As an added benefit, most Peruvian food is gluten-free.

If you’re interested in a fusion of Peruvian and Mexican cuisines, try the Tacu Tacu de Falda de Res en Rahas, one of Quinoa’s many specialties. Traditional Mexican food served here includes choices like the taco salad and guacamole de casa.

Whatever you order, you can be sure it’s made fresh on the premises with only the highest quality ingredients. Weekly specials are available, so you’ll always discover something new to order, or return to Quinoa to enjoy one of your favorites from the menu.

All waiters are familiar with everything served at Quinoa and are happy to explain each dish and offer recommendations.

This restaurant offers a warm, welcoming ambience where you can come to relax while enjoying an authentic Peruvian or Mexican meal.

“We carefully designed our decor with ornaments and antiques that we brought with us from Peru in order to inspire questions from our customers about our culture,” says Jack.   

Quinoa is owned and operated by the same family that owns El Tule Mexican & Peruvian Restaurant in Lambertville, NJ. However, Jack comments that their original restaurant serves primarily Mexican food, as opposed to the large selection of Peruvian food available at Quinoa.

Quinoa, a BYOB, serves traditional Peruvian and Mexican non-alcoholic beverages. On Saturdays, enjoy live music with a jazz guitarist or Flamenco music. Reservations are suggested on weekends. For more information about Quinoa, call 215-348-2826 or visit www.quinoarestaurantbyo.com.

PHOTO CAP: Peruvian Chef Carmen Egoavil (left), Mexican Chef Said Anguiano, and inset, a Peruvian sampler food dish.


Doylestown Hospital: Dedicated to improving quality of life for 90 years


by June Portnoy

Doylestown Hospital is proud to celebrate 90 years of excellence, serving this community with high-quality, cost-effective care. This regional healthcare leader provides 238 beds with over 420 physicians in more than 40 specialty areas.

In 2012 Thomson Reuters named Doylestown Hospital one of the top 100 hospitals in the country. From its inception the hospital’s goal has been to meet the healthcare needs and improve the quality of life of the community.

It was founded by the VIA (Village Improvement Association), a Doylestown-based women’s civic group who had community health as its mission. The VIA continues to own and oversee the hospital today.

In 1923 the VIA was instrumental in opening the Doylestown Emergency Hospital, consisting of eight beds located inside a Doylestown home. Over the years Doylestown Hospital has evolved to become a state-of-the art facility providing innovative equipment and procedures.

In 2010 it opened a new emergency department, expanding from 16 treatment areas to 39 private treatment rooms. It recently debuted the VIA Maternity Center, a completely redecorated and refurbished unit with 22 private post-partum rooms, plus two newly expanded C-section suites. 

In addition to a well-baby nursery, the VIA Maternity Center also has a Level II neonatal intensive care nursery to handle both normal and high-risk deliveries.

Doylestown Hospital also offers the most advanced diagnostic imaging technology with its recently purchased 3T MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) with Ambient Experience.

“This MRI provides us with the highest quality images with increased clarity and resolution,” says Hospital COO Eleanor Wilson. “And, with double the magnet strength, most patients can spend significantly less time in the MRI, a major relief for people who suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety.”

Ambient Experience allows patients to choose special lighting, animations and music. Last year, “Becker’s Hospital Review” named Doylestown Hospital’s Cardiac Program one of the top 100 in the nation.

“We now offer Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR), a minimally invasive procedure,” describes Eleanor. “It’s ideal for patients needing valve replacement who cannot have open-heart surgery.”

As an accredited Chest Pain Center, Doylestown Hospital excels in treating heart attacks.

“We are able to accomplish this because of how quickly we get our patients from the ER to the cath lab,” explains Eleanor. “The faster you open up the artery, the less muscle damage a heart attack victim will have.”

The hospital will debut a patient portal, myHealthDoylestown, in the spring, allowing patients to securely view their medical records online.

The hospital has over 1,000 volunteers, “which is unheard of,” adds Eleanor. “We create a culture where volunteers feel welcome and appreciated by staff and peers.”

Although much has changed since the opening of its Emergency Hospital, Doylestown continues to meet the healthcare needs of the community 90 years later, and is looking forward to the future.

“We’re always looking for new ways to provide or improve service,” says James Brexler, president and CEO. “We are ready and excited for change, unlike some who are nervous about what lies ahead. This is a place that is comfortable taking things in a new direction, as it has over its 90 years of existence.”

For more information about Doylestown Hospital, located at 595 W. State Street in Doylestown, call 215-345-2200 or visit www.dh.org.

PHOTO CAP: Doylestown Hospital, then and now


Blue Flame Gas Service: A family business offering premier customer service


by June Portnoy

In 1964, Eugene “Chuck” Charlton worked as a truck driver delivering coal. He worked his way up and throughout the years bought several area fuel companies specializing in home heating oil delivery and service, as well as diesel and gasoline delivery. Ultimately he added propane to his list of specialty services when purchasing Blue Flame Gas Service in 1988.

Today, he owns and operates this business with his sons, Chuck Jr. and Mike.

“Our family has been in the energy business our entire lives,” says Chuck Jr. “Unlike natural gas companies, in which you’re dealing with a large conglomerate, we are a small family business.”

As opposed to servicing 25,000-plus customers that are treated like just another number, Blue Flame makes a point of getting to know each customer by name. It has very loyal, long-term customers, many of whom have been with them since Chuck Sr. bought the business.

Blue Flame Gas is truly a business of local family owners, all of whom live in Bucks County. “We live in the area we service,” adds Chuck Jr. “You’ll see us in the grocery store and at your local bank. We are not living in some distant, remote location; we are your neighbors.”

Customer service is, and has always been, the cornerstone of the Charlton’s business. “That’s what we’re all about,” explains Chuck Jr. “We are here for our customers.”

Blue Flame is a full service propane gas company providing propane delivery, service, and installation. It offers continued automatic delivery, meaning its drivers will come to your house when it’s time to replenish your propane, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Service technicians are available 24/7, every day of the year for emergency needs, such as a disruption to your heat or hot water service. Many of Blue Flame’s employees have worked there for 15- to 20-plus years, developing a comfortable rapport with their customers.

Service technicians and drivers arrive in uniform, clean and professional, and are trained to answer any of your questions. 

“We have no hidden costs or gimmicks,” says Chuck Jr. “We are kind, courteous professionals. What you see is what you get, and most importantly, we are a local business that stands by our work.”

Blue Flame Gas Service meets your propane needs throughout Bucks County and in portions of Montgomery County. In addition to residential service, the Blue Flame staff are experts in all uses of propane, including forklift cylinders, gas grill exchanges, bottle and bulk deliveries, and service for commercial and agricultural needs as well, servicing many local retail stores, restaurants, and small businesses you probably frequent. Lastly, through its sister companies, the Charltons can handle your heating oil, diesel, and gasoline needs, as well.

If you’re looking for a quality company to handle your propane needs, contact Blue Flame Gas Service, a local family business located right in your own community.

Call 215-249-3575 or visit www.blueflamegasservice.com.

PHOTO CAP: The folks at Blue Flame Gas Service, from left, Josh Knepper, Loren Byelich, Dave Patton, Ben Cheshire, Nate Knepper, Debbie Mayes, Chuck Charlton, Jr., Donna Snider-Sitler, and Chris Fulk.


Bucks County Furniture Restoration Company, LLC preserves memories


by June Portnoy

If a piece of furniture has sentimental value to you, Bucks County Furniture Restoration Company, LLC in Doylestown can help you hold on to those special memories by returning that piece to its original form.

“Most of my customers bring me furniture they grew up with or something that was handed down to them by a family member to which they have a nostalgic attachment,” says storeowner Jim Serafine.

Bucks County Furniture Restoration is a full-service furniture and antique restoration company that repairs, restores and refinishes all types of old and antique furniture. Its exclusive, patented “Flow Over System,” is a waterless, cool stripping system that safely strips all wood, veneer, inlay and laminate items.

Bucks County Furniture Restoration specializes in color matching, piece replacement, re-gluing and repair. In addition, it can also polish and renew brass, copper and steel antiques to their original pristine condition.

Jim brings 30 years of restoration experience to his store, which he recently purchased. The previous store in this location, Chem-Clean, was also a restoration business, but since buying it, Jim has completely restored its exterior.

“I wanted the outside of my store to be more attractive and inviting to my neighbors in this community,” says Jim, who is currently renovating the store’s interior as well.

Jim’s goal for his 3,000 square foot store is to provide the best restoration service in the area. He prides himself in offering the finest quality workmanship and materials in order to exceed his customers’ expectations, and he guarantees all of his work.

Jim is a hands-on owner who does a majority of the work himself.  Any jobs he doesn’t personally work on must pass his approval before they go out the door.

Although a new business, Bucks County Furniture Restoration is already receiving rave reviews for its very fast turnaround time on completing quality, finished products. Why buy new furniture when the furniture you already love can be restored to look like you just bought it?

Plus, most older and antique furniture is most likely made from better materials, such as real wood or wood veneers, as opposed to what is generally available in furniture today.

“I’m always honest with my customers,” states Jim. “If I don’t think the furniture customers bring me is worth refinishing I will tell them. However, in most cases, I can bring it back to life, so that they too can pass it down to future generations.”

Thanks to Bucks County Furniture Restoration, your valued antiques and timeworn possessions can now be transformed back to look the way they appeared when they were first purchased. This store offers free estimates, as well as pick-up and delivery service for large items that you are unable to transport in your vehicle.

To contact Bucks County Furniture Restoration, located at 246 West Ashland Street, call 215-345-0892. To find out about monthly specials, visit Bucks County Furniture Restoration on Facebook or at www.buckscountyfurniturerestoration.com. This store services both residential and commercial clients.

PHOTO CAP: Jim Serafine with a restored piece of furniture


Laundry Room of Doylestown: Setting new high standards for Laundromats


by June Portnoy

If you have several kids or work long hours, the last thing you probably want to do is laundry.  Plus, you might not have a washing machine big enough to clean large, bulky items, like comforters. A logical option is to take your clothes to a Laundromat, but many people perceive Laundromats as dirty, undesirable places that are unsupervised by staff or owners.

Kevin E. Roberts, owner of The Laundry Room of Doylestown, understands why people have this negative stereotype of Laundromats.

Says Kevin, “Sixty years ago, Laundromats were so popular because few homeowners owned washers and dryers, so they had to go to Laundromats to clean their clothes. Therefore, Laundromat owners didn’t have to do anything to maintain their stores in order to draw in customers.”

According to Kevin, nowadays, the majority of existing Laundromats are run down, and in such poor condition because owners are still conducting themselves as they have in the past.

“There has been zero standardization in the industry, but my goal is to normalize the model of Laundromats, and set a very high standard,” says Kevin. 

For the past three years, Kevin has refreshed and restored three previously owned Laundromats, including the Laundromat of Doylestown, effectively “reinventing” them.

“I have improved the aesthetics of these stores, so they now appear bright and cheerful, essentially an extension of a customer’s own laundry room at home,” adds Kevin. “Every store is cleaned several times a day, so customers can tell there is a presence here.”

Kevin is a hands-on owner who makes a point of visiting each of his stores practically every day. The Laundromat of Doylestown, formerly Dutch Maid Coin-Op, was originally the oldest Laundromat in Doylestown, having been established 40 years ago. However, Kevin recently completed the total renovation of this store so that this Laundromat is now brand new. As a result, it currently has all new top-of-the-line, American-made Dexter Express washers and dryers.

This Laundromat has four different sized washers (20, 30, 50 and 60 pound machines), which spin your laundry at over 200Gs (gravitational force) per minute on the spin cycle, saving you time and money by extracting more water from your laundry, which in turn saves you dry-times.

Located in Doylestown borough at 191 South Clinton Street, next to Annie’s Water Ice and down the street from the train station, the Laundromat of Doylestown provides the same high level of standard and quality as Kevin’s Laundromats in Warminster and Lambertville.

All three locations offer the same amenities, such as free Internet, cable TV, a change machine, an ATM machine, as well as snack and soda vending machines. For your convenience, each store is open 6:00am until 11:00pm every day. You can feel secure any hour of the day knowing a surveillance system is on-site for your protection.

Let the Laundry Room of Doylestown focus on all your laundry needs by utilizing its Wash and Fold Delivery Service. Simply drop off your dirty, disheveled laundry and within 24 hours, the staff will wash, fold and package it for you, so you can pick up clean, neatly folded clothes. The Laundry Room of Doylestown will also deliver your clean clothes to your home or office within up to a 10-mile radius of its store.

Now that’s service!

“Customers tell me this is the nicest Laundromat they’ve ever been to,” says Kevin. 

Come see for yourself by doing your next load of laundry at The Laundry Room of Doylestown. For more information, call them at 267-718-5070 (the same number for all three locations), email them at doylestownlaundry@gmail.com, or visit www.doylestownlaundry.com.

PHOTO CAP: Kevin Roberts, owner of The Laundry Room of Doylestown


Murphy Hearing Services: Offering accurate diagnosis and treatment in a personalized setting

by June Portnoy

Patrick Murphy, owner of Murphy Hearing Services, has suffered from hearing loss his entire life after being misdiagnosed as having “normal” hearing while growing up. As a result, he wasn’t entitled to a college scholarship for his disability, and instead had to work three jobs to put himself through college while exerting more effort in school than most students to compensate for his hearing loss.

It wasn’t until he was 26-years-old and in graduate school that Patrick was accurately diagnosed as having mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Today, he wears completely-in-the-canal digital hearing aids.

“Being diagnosed and treated properly for my hearing loss significantly improved my quality of life,” says Patrick. 

Patrick’s diagnosis also had life-changing consequences as it helped him select his career path.

“I decided to become an audiologist because I didn’t want other people with hearing losses to fall through the cracks like I had,” says Patrick.

Patrick holds a Masters of Education degree from the University of Virginia. Following a one-year internship, he attained his Board Certification in Audiology. From there, he secured his license as an audiologist and hearing aid dealer’s registration. Twenty-seven years ago, he established Murphy Hearing Services in Bucks County, his private practice that continues to serve the community today.

“My patients rely on my professional experience as an audiologist and my personal experience of living with a hearing loss to accurately diagnose and treat them,” says Mr. Murphy.

He conducts a complete case history and comprehensive audiological evaluation of each patient. His patients appreciate the fact that he takes his time with them, always happy to answer their questions, explain their test results and describe their treatment options. According to Mr. Murphy, 95% of patients with hearing loss are hearing aid candidates.

“My main focus is diagnosing and informing my patients about their hearing loss, so they at least know what their problem is,” says Mr. Murphy.

He adds that patients must be motivated to use their hearing devises every day in order to achieve the best results.

“If they’re not prepared to do so, I encourage them to wait to purchase a hearing aid,” he says. “I won’t sell my patients a product they are not ready to use just to make a sale.”        

For those patients ready to use a hearing device, Mr. Murphy offers all makes, models, and styles. He also provides aural rehabilitation services to help patients adjust to their hearing loss and teach them how to use their new hearing devices. Dr. Murphy also offers a charity-based program for each individual patient.

“If patients keep their hearing devices beyond their 30-day evaluation period without returning them, I will issue a $100 check to a charity of their choice (with the exception of political-related charities) for each hearing aid they purchase,” explains Mr. Murphy. “With this program, I’m helping my patients and the community at the same time.”

He has not had a hearing device returned in over two years, which he attributes to the quality service and customized care he provides.

Mr. Murphy recently began participating in the industrial hearing conservation program, helping to keep factories in compliance with OSHA (Occupation Safety Health Administration) standards for hearing protection. 

You can “like” Dr. Patrick Murphy on Facebook for more information about his involvement with this program. To schedule an appointment with Mr. Murphy at Murphy Hearing Services, located at 330 North Main Street in Doylestown, call 215-230-9000.

In addition visit www.murphyhearingservices.com. Murphy Hearing Services accepts most insurance plans and offers a payment plan for medical devices.

PHOTO CAP: Dr. Patrick Murphy


Doylestown Veterinary Hospital: Offering an exceptional level of pet care and wellness services


by June Portnoy 

Doylestown Veterinary Hospital recently raised its exemplary pet care to a higher level. This primary care veterinary hospital, established in 1972, earned the highest level of veterinary excellence with accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

Known within the veterinary industry for its leadership in setting high standards for veterinary practices and pet health care, AAHA is the only organization in North America to accredit veterinary hospitals.

“Without this accreditation, veterinary hospitals are not inspected,” said Dr. Laura Weis, veterinarian and co-owner of the practice with her husband and staff veterinarian, Dr. Ransome Weis.

Only 15% of veterinary hospitals in North America achieve this accreditation, and to date Doylestown Veterinary Hospital is the only primary care veterinary hospital in Bucks County to receive this prestigious designation.

In order to become accredited from AAHA, Doylestown Veterinary Hospital had to demonstrate an exceptional level of medical care and client service measured against the most rigorous standards set for the veterinary industry.

The hospital was evaluated on more than 900 standards, which directly correlated to the care their clients receive. Some areas of focus included patient care, pain management, exam facilities, surgery, dental care, pharmacy, laboratory, medical records, diagnostic imaging, anesthesiology, and continuing education.

“We were already doing a lot of what was required by the AAHA, but earning this accreditation forced us to look at every area of our hospital as a team and to formalize our procedures by writing protocols for each one,” added Dr. Weis. “We also implemented some new practices and ordered new equipment.

“This accreditation has helped us reach a level of accountability, which covers everything from how pet owners are greeted to how the medications are stored.”

Choosing an accredited veterinary hospital for your pet’s health means peace of mind knowing the medical team you’ve selected adheres to the highest standards in the field.

Another positive change at Doylestown Veterinary Hospital is shifting its mission to wellness.

“Today, we can prevent a lot of medical problems we saw decades ago, so our mission now goes beyond immunizations and treating diseases,” said Dr. Weis.

Beginning this month, this hospital will offer several levels of optimal wellness care packages.

“We have discounted the services included in these packages, and are offering pet owners the opportunity pay for them over 12 months,” said Dr. Weis.

She added, “This is not pet insurance; it is a health savings plan because you’re paying for services you’d already be purchasing for your pet, but these packages allow you to spread out the costs.”

Another benefit these wellness plans offer is the ability to budget for the wellness care your pet will receive in the coming year. You can choose a package that meets your pet’s individual needs based on breed, age and specific health.

Another hospital program is its free wellness lecture series on animal health care. Each month will focus on a different topic, such as nutrition, vaccinations, and dental care.

The October presentation is Pet First Aid on Tuesday, October 22nd from 7:00 until 8:00pm at The Health & Wellness Center on Easton Road in Warrington. Reservations are recommended by calling 215-345-6000.

Visit the hospital’s website for a listing of upcoming workshop topics, dates and locations at www.doylestownveterinaryhospital.com.

Doylestown Veterinary Hospital, located at 380 N. Shady Retreat Road in Doylestown, is a full-service, small animal practice dedicated to compassionate, state-of-the-art veterinary care in a comfortable setting.

For more information call 215-345-6000.

PHOTO CAP: The staff at Doylestown Veterinary Hospital, back row from left, Marina Vaerst, Nina Cohen, Dr. Lois Palin, Dr. Randy Weis, and Dr. Laura Weis; front row, Kathy Angarola, Holly Wiacek, Danielle Niccolo, Dr. Ashlea Erk, Caroline Wolff, and Julie Raymond. Not pictured: Dr. Christina Moore and Kathryn Petersen.


Sport Clips Haircuts scores a homerun with guys

by June Portnoy 

Guys, getting your hair cut no longer has to be a chore you dread. In fact, it can be a very pleasant, relaxing experience when you go to Sport Clips Haircuts in Doylestown.

“Our goal is to provide an Ultimate Championship Haircut in a sports theme environment for boys and men,” says owner Roee Tanay. “We have no competition from local barbershops or salons because we offer a completely different concept and product to this community.”

From the minute you walk in, you’ll experience the difference. With no chemical smell from perms or color treatment, you can relax and watch a sports event on a large screen TV in the lobby. Instead of a magazine rack filled with Oprah-style publications, you’ll have a selection of sports magazines from which to choose.

Sport Clips offers three levels of service, each at very reasonable prices:  its Varsity Haircut, a precision haircut for $17; its Triple Play Haircut, a precision haircut with a classic barbershop style hot-steamed towel treatment and scalp manipulation with Tea Tree shampoo for $19; and its MVP Haircut, its signature haircut, that offers all of the above plus a relaxing shoulder and neck massage and face manipulation for only $21.

“This is a real treat for guys who rarely, if ever, indulge in this kind of enjoyment,” says Roee.

Plus, you’ll receive a loyalty card in the shape of a baseball field during your first visit. Have it punched or stamped every time you get your hair done, and you’ll get a discount on every other haircut. This means you’ll only pay full price every other time.

For these very competitive prices, you’ll receive a quality haircut by stylists specializing in hair care for men and boys. These stylists are trained quarterly by hair care professionals to keep up with the latest styles and hair products for guys.

Sports Clips carries products with which virtually all males are familiar, such as Paul Mitchell and J. Crew. All staff and stylists are “guy smart” meaning they understand how to talk to guys. They realize that most guys don’t enjoy meaningless chatter, and that sometimes they like to talk about sports, while other times they prefer to remain quiet and just relax. And it’s easy for a guy to relax here being that every barbershop-style station has its own 32-inch flat screen TV, always turned on to sports.

All stylists are expected to follow the Five-Point Play to provide an organization and structure in which guys feel comfortable. This Five-Point Play begins with your stylist’s greeting who will give you a firm handshake while introducing himself.

Instead of talking to you through a mirror at your station, he will offer you a face-to-face hair consult before turning your chair toward the TV.

“We believe guys want to sit in clean chairs, so all hair is vacuumed up instead of piling up to be swept away with a broom,” adds Roee.

Stylists open up a clean kit package with brand new combs and a new towel for every client.

All appointments are walk-ins, evoking the feel of an old-time barbershop.

“Everything done here is done from a guys’ perspective,” says Roee.  “It’s almost like going to a gym.”

However, women are also welcome at Sport Clips.

Sport Clips Haircuts, located at 73 Old Dublin Pike in the Mercer Square Shopping Center (next to Panera Bread), is the only Sport Clips in Doylestown. 

For more information, call 267-454-7481 or visit http://haircutmendoylestownpa.com/about-sport-clips.html.

PHOTO CAP: Roee Tanay, owner of Sport Clips Haircuts


Good Stuff Thrift: Quality merchandise sold at exceptionally discounted prices


by June Portnoy

When you first step inside Good Stuff Thrift, recently opened in Doylestown, you’ll think you walked inside a high-end boutique.

“Most people don’t realize this is a thrift store when they first come in,” says founder Ed Hudson. “What initially stands out is our quality merchandise carefully displayed within separate areas of the store, each of which replicates a different room in one’s house.”

Because Good Stuff Thrift is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, it relies on donations to stock its store.    

“Bucks County residents have been very generous in what they have donated to us,” says Ed. “Some of the clothes we’ve received still have their original tags on them.”

The reason this store is called Good Stuff Thrift is because it sells only “good stuff.” Volunteers set aside the highest quality 5% to 10% of its donated merchandise to sell at the Doylestown store, so customers are truly getting the best of the best. The remaining pile of donated items is sent for processing to Good Stuff Thrift’s newly opened Fairless Hills store.

You can’t beat the prices for the quality merchandise sold at Good Stuff Thrift. For example, a nice pair of shoes costs $4 to $8, and women’s clothing is just $1.99 to $10.99. 

If the store has high-end merchandise for sale that would typically cost $300 to $400 in a retail store, you’ll find it here for $50 to $80.

Good Stuff Thrift carries seasonal merchandise, so it’s currently selling heavier clothing for fall temperatures. You’ll find a great selection of adult and children’s clothing, along with women’s accessories, like shoes, jewelry, belts, handbags and scarves. 

In addition to clothing and accessories, Good Stuff Thrift also sells a diverse selection of merchandise for all of your household needs. Step into the store’s dining room where you’ll find a nice display of china, crystal, wine glasses, and decorative pieces. The store’s kitchen showcases everyday dishes, utensils and small appliances.

The baby room exhibits infant clothing, shoes, baby lamps and figurines, and the toy room features items like stuffed animals, action figures, Barbie dolls, board games and early education electronics.

A varied selection of books, records and CDs are also available for sale.

“The store’s appearance changes every day as we sell current merchandise and receive new donations,” says Ed.

Although most sales items are displayed on furniture, donated furniture is sold exclusively at the Fairless Hills store.

When you shop at either Good Stuff Thrift location, not only are you purchasing quality merchandise at very low prices, you’re also supporting kids in need in your own community. That’s because all proceeds from Good Stuff Thrift is donated to local children’s non-profit organizations. Therefore, when you buy an item at Good Stuff Thrift today, you’re helping to change a child’s life forever.

You can donate to either store during business hours, Mondays through Fridays from 10:00am through 7:00pm and Saturdays from 9:00am until 6:00pm.

The Doylestown location is at 3633 Old Easton Road, and the Fairless Hills store is at 543 Lincoln Highway (Business Route 1), formerly Langhorne Ski & Sport.

Another drop-off location for donations is the Covenant Church, 4000 Route 202 in Buckingham.

For more information about Good Stuff Thrift or to schedule a pickup of larger items, call 267-454-7951. All donations are tax-deductible. To volunteer, please contact Ed directly at 215-499-4775.

PHOTO CAP: Good Stuff Thrift founder, Ed Hudson


Doylestown Sports Medicine Center: Providing effective, high quality physical therapy services


by June Portnoy

Are you recovering from orthopedic surgery, unable to move the way you once did, or experiencing joint and muscle pain? Or maybe you’ve endured an athletic injury that is preventing you from participating in sports.

Whether you need help walking up the stairs or running a marathon, Doylestown Sports Medicine Center (DSMC) is here to help you. Since 1986, DSMC has specialized in providing out-patient physical therapy to a range of patients from young athletes to seniors and everyone in between.

“Our goal is to restore and enhance a person’s ability to move their body,” says Brian Cassel, DSMC owner and physical therapist. “We strive to balance your neuromusculoskeletal system so your body reaches its maximum movement potential.”

Brian has established a unique integrated manual therapy approach that removes any mechanical restrictions to the movement of your body. During your initial visit, a physical therapist will evaluate your neuromusculoskeletal system to identify any restrictions adversely affecting your movement. A physical therapist will then help build your system back up in a progressive fashion to restore your ability to move through life.

“The technique we apply strengthens, reinforces and then challenges your muscles, so that the right muscle is doing the right job,” adds Brian. “We not only help eliminate your pain, but also address the culprit causing your pain.”

DSMC is currently offering a Free Comprehensive Running Clinic to the community, using the same approach of movement that it utilizes to treat all of its patients. It is estimated that 65% to 85% of runners are injured each year, sidelining them from achieving their goals in health, wellness and competition.

“These runners often get injured because of the way they move or utilize the wrong movement patterns,” says Brian.

Therefore, DSMC works on the mechanics of running during this clinic with the objectives of assisting the novice runner in the initiation of a running program, assisting the novice to competitive runner in decreasing their incidence of injury, assisting the novice to competitive runner in improving their running efficiency, and assisting the injured runner in returning to their pre-injury running level. Clinics are offered on select Tuesday evenings. Class size is limited and pre-registration is required.

Regardless of whether you come to DSMC for orthopedic rehab, sports performance, or work hardening, the experienced physical therapists here will restore you to your healthy level of activity at home, at work, in sports, and on the move.

DSMC utilizes dynamic therapeutic methods to achieve optimal outcomes.

“The atmosphere here is warm and welcoming,” says Kim Kruchinski, DSMC Executive Administrator. “Our staff is like a big family and our patients feel like part of our extended family.”

DSMC accepts physician/insurance-referred and direct access patients. In addition, it accepts Medicare and Worker’s Compensation, as well as personal, auto and most major medical insurances. For more information about DSMC, located at 210 Farm Lane in Doylestown, visit www.dsportsmed.com. To register for a Free Running Form Clinic, call 215-348-0666.

PHOTO CAP: The staff at Doylestown Sports Medicine Center, sitting from left, Lesley Martin (front office administrator), Kimberlee Kruchinsky (executive administrator), Rolly the Dog, Brian Cassell (Owner, PT, ACT, CSCS), and standing, John Kerr, PTA, and Lisa Marturano (front office administrator). Not shown in the photo is Tim Tatkovsky, PTA.