Helping displaced workers find next-level employment

by Tianna Grosch

In previous issues, we explored the decline of next-level positions and openings for people who are seeking executive employment. In an effort to help fill this gap, Denny Surovec, MBA, works as an Executive Outplacement Counselor/Analyst at PA’s CareerLink® Bucks County in a little-known position designed as a resource for professional or executive-level jobseekers and employers.

Denny’s job is two-fold, working one-on-one with jobseekers and also working with employers to make them aware of the services CareerLink® offers.

“Most of the displaced workers I help are funneled through CareerLink® and have been out of work for a significant time,” said Denny. “Many have been in the same position or company for a number of years and have limited experience of searching for a job.”

Denny will work with jobseekers to “brand” or rebrand themselves on paper (their resume), on the web (their LinkedIn profiles), and within their professional network.

“Helping displaced workers get back into the workforce,” Denny said.

Denny will work with mid-level managers all the way to vice presidents.

“There are so many qualified workers who have trouble finding a position,” he said.

Often those in mid-level positions are let go when companies make cuts. Since last July, Denny said he and the team at CareerLink® have helped 40 jobseekers gain executive-level positions.

“These jobs average about $71,000 a year,” Denny said.

If Denny could offer any tips to jobseekers, it’s to match your credentials with what employers are looking for.

“Too many jobseekers have a single resume that they send everywhere,” he said. “It can really make a difference if you tailor your resume to each specific position you’re applying for.”

Creating customized resumes for each job you apply for will help you stand out and avoid a generic list of skillsets. Another useful tip is to use your network – don’t be afraid to use the people you know, both professionally and personally, and also grow your network.

There are many local networking groups who meet together in the community for just this purpose. The two most common groups that many of Denny’s clients attend are helpful resources.

Newtown Career Networking Group meets every other Tuesday at Newtown Presbyterian Church. Professional Service Group (PSG) of Mercer County meets every Friday and is geared specifically toward professionals.

“There’s a synergy that jobseekers develop in many networking groups,” Denny said. “They share resources and offer the opportunity to make valuable new connections.”

One of the main goals of Denny’s work is to help jobseekers properly package themselves, pulling out transferable skills that they may not even think to put on a resume to show new employers and helping them figure out where to go, where to network, how to write a proper cover letter and conduct a successful interview.

If you or someone you know may be interested in these services offered at CareerLink®, be sure to check them out today at their Bristol location, 1260 Veteran Highway, call them at 215-781-1073 or visit

You can reach Denny at extension 2211.