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Donna AllenAbout Us – Times Publishing Newspapers, Inc. in Bucks County, PA, publishes 10 different community newspapers (the size of a magazine but on newsprint) 11 times per year. We are directly-mailed to 128,472 households and businesses for total market saturation in the areas on this updated map (click to view larger version – includes zip codes and mailed circulation totals).

Our publications, The Morrisville Times, Fairless Focus, Yardley Voice, Newtown Gazette, Northampton Herald, Langhorne Ledger, Southampton Spirit, New Hope News, Doylestown Observer and the Warwick Journal reach most of the population in the corridor between upper and lower Bucks County.

Our “hyper-local” news coverage of each community offers our 321,180 readers a unique blend of information they can’t find anywhere else in print or on the web.

We report on non-profit organizations, community events, and profile local businesses in each area.
We’ve been in business for 23 years, and every day we are growing stronger. Would you like to add your business or event to our list of advertisers and featured events?

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Donna Irene Allen
Editor & Publisher


2017 Entrepreneurial Spirit Champions of Commerce award!

Donna Allen is the publisher of 10 monthly newspapers (Times Publishing Newspapers, Inc.) that are mailed to 128,472 homes and businesses in Central and Lower Bucks County. With 321,180 readers in all, each publication is unique with it’s own set of news stories, press releases, columns, photographs, and advertisers. Each newspaper reflects the vibrant personalities of the individual communities they serve.

Donna started her first paper, the Morrisville Times, 22 years ago. She did it all herself – from covering events, writing stories, shooting photographs, selling ads, designing ads and designing the pages – to dealing with the printing process – to delivering the fledgling publication to the post office for mailing. She found success as a one-woman-show, right from the get-go.

Although she loved all aspects of publishing and was able to perform all duties with ease, it was too much. In order to provide longevity in her entrepreneurial efforts, she knew she had to grow her business so that she could hire people to help.


After she started her third publication, Donna hired her first editorial assistant and her first part-time sales assistant. She now has 12 employees and is preparing to roll out with new publications.

Looking to the future, the content that she publishes in print is also available online ( with many additional features. Together, the newspapers and website offer full market penetration and illuminate what community based journalism looks like.


Breaking News – October 2017

by Tianna Grosch

As a symbol of appreciation for all that Times Publishing Newspapers, Inc. does in the community, Soroptimist International of Indian Rock invited the publisher, Donna Allen, and editor, Mark Allen, to a dinner program as guest speakers on October 4th and presented them with the new “Community Partner of the Year” award.

Times Publishing is the first recipient of this award in recognition of their continual support within the growing community and their mission of publishing only the “good news” that’s fit to print.

“We want to promote groups and organizations that provide leadership through action,” said Donna.

Donna founded Times Publishing in April 1994 and built the indie publishing company with her own hands, one paper at a time.

When she began her career working as a stringer in the newspaper industry during the early 90s, she noticed the lack of positive “feel good” news being circulated to the communities.

“It’s not that negative news is bad,” Donna said, “but I wanted to create a sense of pride and fellowship in the community with inspirational stories.”

Donna began her business with one paper and slowly grew to three in which she handled every aspect – taking photographs, writing editorial and covering events, selling ads and designing each page by


Since then, Times Publishing has expanded to 10 papers distributed each month, reaching over 321,000 readers in Bucks County, and anticipates future expansion in rolling out new papers soon.

“I’m proud as an employer to offer a gainful work environment where my employees are happy and I’m proud as an individual for the hard work I’ve done to get where I am today.”

The journey has been one of gradual growth, but well worth the effort. 

“I love every aspect of my job,” Donna said. “I’ve gained so much insight over the years, and I believe newspapers like ours are here to stay.”

Patti Cullen, secretary of Soroptimist, expressed her gratitude for Times Publishing’s unwavering support.

“We are so excited to present our new ‘Community Partner of the Year’ award to Donna and Mark Allen, Times Publishing Newspapers, Inc., for their continued support in our efforts to raise awareness of important issues affecting families in Bucks County,” Patti said. “This award is to celebrate Donna and Mark’s outstanding successes as well as thank them for their extraordinary efforts to make a difference in our community.”

At the dinner, Donna and Mark discussed some of their relationships and experiences within the community, their roles at Times Publishing, and their visions for the paper.

“My philosophy is, it’s the people’s paper,” said Mark. “We support community organizations and groups that are often passed over by other local media outlets. If they’re involved in making the community a better place, they belong in our paper.”

Times Publishing Newspapers strives to provide the community with stories that will inspire, stories that will touch the hearts of the community and encourage all to “Love thy neighbor.”

“Journalism is important in our lives,” said Donna. “You can’t stop bad things from happening, but you can control how you respond to them. No other paper focuses on the good like we do.”