Spring lectures at the Old Barracks Museum

The Old Barracks Museum, located at 101 Barrack Street in Trenton, hosts lectures and discussions by leading historians ​and authors on a variety of subjects sponsored by the Society of Sons of the Revolution in the State of New Jersey.

Lectures are free to attend, and pre-orders for books are encouraged.

Thursday, April 23rd at 7:00pm, Eric Schnitzer will present a lecture on his book, “Don Troiani’s Campaign to Sarasota – 1777​: The Turning Point of the Revolutionary War in Paintings, Artifacts, and Historical Narrative.”

The Battles of Saratoga are cited as the turning point in the Revolutionary War.

Beginning when the armies prepared to face off in June 1777 through the surrender of the British Army in October, the battles of the Northern Campaign were significant to the outcome of the War and the fight for independence.

As a result of the Saratoga battles, the patriots gained confidence, the French entered the war, and the British plan to win the war quickly was put to an end.

Master historical painter Don Troiani and historian Eric Schnitzer combine their talents in this new book on Saratoga, the Revolutionary War campaign.

This illustrated history features many new artworks, previously unpublished eyewitness accounts, photographs of important artifacts, and a solid, detailed historical narrative including background on the campaigns leading up to Saratoga.

Tuesday, April 28th at 7:00pm, Catherine Kerrison will present a lecture on her book “Jefferson’s Daughters: Three Sisters, White and Black in a Young America.”

Thomas Jefferson is among the most famous of America’s Founding Fathers, but it is easy to forget that he was an actual father to three daughters: Martha and Maria, by his wife Martha Wayles Jefferson, and Harriet by his slave Sally Hemings.

This talk will explore the different life paths the eldest and youngest sisters chose, to see both the possibilities and the limitations for women and people of color as a result of the American Revolution.

Their stories help us to understand issues of race and gender in our own day, and to reflect on the personal and political legacy of one of our most fascinating Founders.

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