The Library as kitchen

submitted by Tracey Reed, Warminster Library Director

I haven’t talked about the grocery store recently. But I was thinking about it earlier this week as my family gathered for an early Thanksgiving celebration.

We go to the grocery store, purchase items, take them someplace else, and make something with them there. With luck, it tastes good and satisfies us until the next time we need to eat.

This works because most of us have the tools available to make meals out of the ingredients we purchase (be it a microwave, hotplate, or six-burner stove and convection oven).

The model of take and create has been the model for libraries for a long time. You check out items and do something with them elsewhere. And we’re still doing that.

But we’ve also added new services that tip this on its head: we’re becoming the kitchen as well as the grocery store.

We offer DIY programs that allow you to create gingerbread houses, homemade mints, candles, and jewelry (and so much more) and take them with you.

Kids and teens can build things, learn the basics of coding, create art. will teach you so many different things.

I’ll take the metaphor a bit further (some have said that this is pushing it… you tell me) and say that the connections you get with your community are also things that you make and take.

So it’s not just “stuff;” it’s personal.These are the things that make the library so much more than our collection.

You – and what you bring to the library – are what make the library so much more than the structure.

The Library is community. The Library is within and beyond our walls.

And in this season of thankfulness, I thank all of you for making our kitchen warm, vibrant, and alive with connection.

I’m so very grateful to work in such a wonderful place. We truly are Warminster’s Hidden Gem.

Upcoming Programs:

  • Adults – Hygge Series Dessert Swap – Tuesday 12/17 6:00pm: Love having a variety of sweets around but don’t have time to make multiple kinds of desserts? Stop in and have a blast with our first ever dessert swap! Bring in a batch or two or three of your favorite dessert to swap with others(registration required).
  • Youth – Family Fort Night – Friday, 12/20 4:00pm: Join us for an evening of stories, snacks and blanket forts! Please bring flat sheets, blankets, and pillows for your fort making. We’ll provide the snacks and stories. Children of all ages and their families are invited to join in the fun (registration required).

To register, and for a complete list of library programs, visit