Don’t ignore your teeth during the holidays

submitted by Dr. Michael Spadafora, D.D.S., Bucks County Dental Design

It seems like everyone kicks into a higher gear once the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone and December arrives.

With the holidays barreling towards everyone, sometimes it is hard to focus on the everyday issues.

A few of these issues, however, need to be considered.

If your college-age child is coming home for the holidays and needs his teeth cleaned, put down this paper and call your dentist now for an appointment.

If your dentist has recommended wisdom teeth removal, or any dental work, the holiday vacation is often a great time to do it.

Many people who need dental work have dental insurance.

While dental insurance almost always requires some patient participation, it is a great assist in paying for dental care.

Each plan has a yearly maximum, which resets on January 1st of the new year.

If you need dental work and have decided to put it off until the new year, please reconsider.

When the calendar kicks over to 2020, any unused 2019 money is gone.  With proper planning, you can utilize your 2019 benefits, and then have your 2020 benefits available for dental work next year.

Finally, the just right gift idea for a loved one could be the gift of a beautiful smile.

It is a gift that goes with everything, always fits, and subtracts years from your face.

Some options for a beautiful smile include cosmetic bonding, gum sculpting, and bleaching.

These ideas are moderate in price and can make a huge difference in the smile.

Another cosmetic option is the placement of porcelain veneers on the front teeth, often just the top teeth.

These veneers are thin shells, prepared in a dental laboratory, that are permanently affixed to the teeth and usually last many years.

Ask your dental health team about any of these “gift” options.

As you navigate the month of December, with its hustle and bustle and stress, know that this writer wishes you a beautiful holiday season and a happy and dentally healthy New Year!