Officials Of The Playwicki Farm Foundation Will Join With Members Of The Dames Of Rockville Questers In Special Dedication Ceremonies Unveiling A New Display For Showcasiing Antiques And Artifacts For Public Viewing At The Historic 110-Acre Farm

Officials of the Playwicki Farm Foundation will join with members of the Dames of Rockville Questers in special dedication ceremonies unveiling a new display for showcasing antiques and artifacts for public viewing at the historic 110-acre farm. The antiques and artifacts all relate to the history of the farm.

            The new display was funded from a $1,500 bequest from the estate of the late Marie Kalberer, a charter member of the Dames of Rockville Questers. A memorial plaque in Marie’s memory will be placed on the display as part of the ceremonies. Over the years, the Dames of Rockville Questers have received matching state grants to refurbish the fireplaces in the farmhouse and to establish a wildflower garden on the bucolic farm along Bridgetown Pike. June Olson, a member of the farm foundation board and the area Questers chapter is chairing the event.

            The mission of the Questers is to educate by research and the study of antiques to preserve the past for the future, promote education in the fields of historical preservation and restoration and award grants for the preservation of historical artifacts, existing memorials, historical buildings and landmarks. For additional information about the Questers visit them on the web at

            The Playwicki Farm is celebrating its 25th anniversary year since the Lower Southampton Township Board of Supervisors purchased it for the public to enjoy. The Playwicki Farm Foundation was created in September of 1996 as an independent tax exempt corporation to raise money for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. The funds are used for the repair, maintenance, replacement and preservation of the Playwicki Farm and the development of educational programs.

The farm was purchased from the estate of Elizabeth Snodgrass on May 18, 1994. It features open space, old growth forest, wetlands, agricultural land, a wildlife habitat, defunct quarry plus a paved walking and jogging path and children’s play area, a refurbished barn for events and a commercial kitchen. The property also contains a variety of prehistoric and archeological sites dating from 7000/6500 BC. Playwicki means a place where turkeys run.  The foundation can be reached at 215-357-7300, extension 340 or by emailing