Build confidence, build community

    The YesYouCan5K built both.

    When put together, three little words create something special: Yes You Can. This powerful message could be felt on race day in the Pennsbury School District.

    With nearly 550 people registered to run, the October 6th event was full of energy, enthusiasm and the YesYouCan attitude. This event was a unique one for the district.

    Hosted by Makefield Elementary Parent Teacher Organization, it benefitted all participating schools’ PTOs within Pennsbury School District.

    Twelve schools in the district participated.

    In addition, the YesYouCan5K raised money for Family Promise of Lower Bucks (an organization where families receive 24-hour-a-day support, a safe place to stay, three meals-a- day, and comprehensive support services, all free of charge).

    The event was sponsored by 25 local businesses who shared funds, supplies and talents to make the event happen.

    One sponsor was the Pennsbury Education Association. They sponsored the YesYouCan Carb-Up Pasta Dinner which was held on Friday evening in conjunction with the first round of bib pick-ups.

    The YYC committee checked in 295 runners that evening. The event attracted 542 registrants, 211 of whom were under 18.

    Kids bring an energy to an event that is unmatched. Their enthusiasm was strong right to the finish where the following was overheard:

    “Everyone who crosses the finish line is a winner,” realized second grade boy.

    “My mom was getting tired, but I told her, ‘YesYouCan!’ and she did,” shouted a third grade girl.

    “My friend wanted to walk, I said, ‘walking is still exercise, I’ll stick with you,’” a sixth grade girl reassured.

    “Our friend was having a hard time so we went back to run with him after we crossed the finish line,” a group of fourth grade boys stated with pride.

    “You crossed first, you got me, good job,” a high school boy conceded.
    The encouraging statements go on and on.

    Teachers were motivated by their students running with them. Parents challenged their kids and the kids challenged right back. Neighbors came out to cheer everyone on.

    Speaking of cheering, the entire Pennsbury High School cheerleading squad cheered everyone on through the first quarter-mile and again for the last stretch of the run.

    Parents said they felt famous running through the crowd of cheerleaders.

    The two-mile marker was at Makefield Elementary where Irrational Funktion, a Pennsbury Alumni band, played fun music to motivate the runners.

    One runner said that her goal was to run to Makefield and then walk the rest of the way, but the band was so motivational that she just kept on running.

    In addition to those groups volunteering, so did over 50 other volunteers who worked as marshalls and water station volunteers. These volunteers consisted of Pennsbury staff, parents, grandparents and National Honor Society members.

    They helped to keep the runners safe and hydrated.

    Lastly, the LMT Police and EMT were on site and YesYouCan runners were proud to have them. The YesYouCan motto is extending far beyond this day.

    Mrs. McCormick-Miller, Makefield’s principal, has posted the 5K logo on all the doors in the building.

    Students were given the opportunity to draw on the covered doors and list all of the things they CAN DO in addition to all of the goals they have for this school year: things they hope they CAN DO in the future.

    The YesYouCan5K had two goals in mind from the onset of planning and those goals were accomplished on October 6th.

    YesYouCan built confidence.

    YesYouCan built community.

    Next year, Pennsbury will once again say, YesYouCan!