The best deal in town

submitted by Tracey Reed, Warminster Library Director

I was talking with the people seated next to me at a concert the other day about my job.

They asked why they should come to the library, when the answers to things are at our fingertips and almost everything is available to be delivered either immediately or within a couple days.

Instant gratification is almost the norm.

My answer: “We’re the best deal in town.”

A library card is free. All you need is to be alive to reap the benefits. And the benefits are multitude.

I’ll start with the obvious, all the books you could ever read, including things you never knew existed.

We have them in many different formats from “regular” books to CDs, to downloadable audio and print copies.

We also have a great range of graphic formats (there are biographies in graphic format).

We also have DVDs and streaming movies and music.

All of this is available from Hoopla, Overdrive, and cloudLibrary – the three apps available for your devices.

Now you never have to be without a book – it’s on your phone!

Next up are the museum passes. Most of the libraries in Bucks County have passes to local museums and attractions for you to check out.

While the requirements vary, here in Warminster it’s $10 for the year (or free to Warminster and Ivyland residents) to be able to check out all of our passes up to three times each.

Places such as Elmwood Park Zoo, Grounds for Sculpture, the Mutter Museum, Woodmere Art Museum, and more are available.

We also offer one-on-one technology assistance – help on whatever device you need.

We’ll work with you on your e-mail account, setting up your phone or tablet, or other problems.

If your device is broken, there are libraries in Bucks County (Doylestown being one of them) that will fix certain problems.

And I spend many a column waxing poetic about the programs we offer here at Warminster Library, so I won’t do that this time.

Let me just say that we’ve a lot going on, and the best place to see what’s happening is at the link below.

I have a comment card that sits on my desk that starts, “some of my fondest memories are ones spent at the library.”

I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that – with a library card – there are memories to be made everywhere.

We truly are the best deal in town.

For more information about the museum passes, visit:

For a complete list of library programs, visit