Pennsbury Scholarship Foundation awards $150,000 to 87 students

The Pennsbury Scholarship Foundation recently held its 19th Annual Recipient Reception to recognize its 2019 award winners.

During the ceremony, the PSF congratulated the 87 Pennsbury graduates who were awarded a total of $150,000 for the 2019-20 school year.

The awards, which are one-half grant and one-half zero interest loans, are based on four equally weighted criteria: academic record, financial need, character and leadership.

Three Endowed Namesake Scholarships are being awarded for the first time this year including Mark Chebra Memorial Scholarship, Dolores Carlen Memorial Scholarship and Judy Henke Memorial Scholarship.

The 2019 Endowed Namesake Scholarship recipients are as follows:

  • Mark Chebra Memorial Scholarship – Kathryn Howarth;
  • Dolores Carlen Memorial Scholarship – Alaniza Peralta;
  • Judy Henke Memorial Scholarship – Julia Maurer;
  • Rick & Chris Block Memorial Scholarship – Kyle Anderson;
  • Dorothy O. Breen Memorial Scholarship – Devon Austin;
  • F. Glenn Breen Memorial Scholarship – Taya McMillan;
  • Claire Connell Memorial Scholarship – Christian McKernan;
  • Nate DeTample Memorial Scholarship – Jake Tosh, Dawson Grimm and Jordan Newton-House;
  • Peter Dierks Memorial Scholarship – Evan Wadley;
  • Michael E. Dolnick Memorial Scholarship – Jamie Dreisbach;
  • Dr. Joseph Farese Memorial Scholarship – Amanda Palmer;
  • Joan Falconi Farrell Memorial Scholarship – Jessica Umbro;
  • Warren H. Gift Memorial Scholarship – Katia Barricklow;
  • Scott Noel Gitomer Memorial Scholarship – Katharina Golder;
  • Bill Godshalk “Aleese Hartmann & Friends” Memorial Scholarship – Evan Mayer;
  • Bill Godshalk “Bond and Grace Maureen Godshalk Family & Friends” Memorial Scholarship – Zeran Zhang;
  • Bill Godshalk “Philadelphia 76ers” Memorial Scholarship – Sierra Pringle;
  • E. Paul Hartsfield Memorial Scholarship – Nicole Dunn;
  • Matthew Henke Memorial Scholarship – Mackenzie Gain;
  • Dr. Patricia Johnston Memorial Scholarship – Catherine Young;
  • Hank Keller Memorial Scholarship – Zachary Kaczor;
  • Keller Family Memorial Scholarship – Alyssa McGurrin;
  • Vincent J. Magyar, Sr. Scholarship – Kelli Hunter;
  • Mears Family Memorial Scholarship – Kelly Heyduk;
  • Clayton W. Mills Memorial Scholarship – Rebecca Oss;
  • Garrett Montgomery Memorial Scholarship – Mollie Nellist;
  • Anne Ehrenhardt Nolting Memorial Scholarship – Emma Davis;
  • Rich Quake Memorial Scholarship – Ryan O’Melia;
  • Dr. Cynthia Schaffer Memorial Scholarship – Catherine Diamond and Dean Wadley;
  • Joan L. Sibner Memorial Scholarship – Sophia Parrish;
  • Sean Denis Sibner Memorial Scholarship – Lance Steiner;
  • Susan Cintani Slack Memorial Scholarship – Josephine Golder;
  • Chad Stein Memorial Scholarship – Shivani Patel;
  • Brenda Carlen Zellner Memorial Scholarship – Ella Palmieri.

The Medill Bair Donor Circle Scholarship recipients are Christine Cataldo-Smith who received the Harold and Wanda Long Scholarship and Taylor Ferry who received the Yardley Harvest Day Scholarship.

The William H. and Anna C. Hayes Memorial Scholarship recipients are: William Bednarz, Nathan Carr, Phillip Chrzanowski, Jonathan Goulazian, Savanna Lattanzi, Jonathan Levin, Gina Maiorino, Ryan Susko, Delaney Weed and Margaret Westphal.

Community Scholarship recipients are Diana Atar, Rida Ayub, Henry Bluestein, Kevin Cryan, Riley Davis, Nicole Decker, Dimitrios Dogias, Brandon Ferraro, Kameryn Furiness, Gregory Glatzer, Jakub Gocal, Sarah Hermann, Elliot Hodge, Daria Jelic, Amjot Kaur, Steven Kearns, Rebecca Kimock, Nicholas Kreutzer, James Lattanzi, Nolan Lombardo, Olivia Maratea, Olivia Mauro, Ryan Nacker, Eliza Nassivera, Julia Olivant, Daniel Rosenthal, Kevin Stern, Naiya Stimmel, Nicholas Sutton, Jacob Troiano, Sana Vora, Robert Walton, Julia Westphal, Anthony Witoshkin, Julia Witoshkin, Georgia Young and Riley Young.

Congratulations to all the recipients of these renowned scholarships!

The Pennsbury Scholarship Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

For more info, visit, e-mail or call 215-428-4145.