Falls finalizes lighting, cameras for Quaker Penn Park

By the beginning of July Quaker Penn Park will have lights and a half- dozen cameras installed.

The Falls Supervisors on May 20th unanimously accepted bids for each of the projects.

Public Works Director Jason Lawson said the half-dozen cameras installed at the park’s entrance, as well as locations throughout the park could be finished first, with electrical work expected to finished by early July.

The Supervisors awarded the electrical portion of the project to Current Electrical Solutions in the amount of $29,800.

The board awarded the camera installation project to SMS Building Systems in the amount of $20,459.

The work had been planned for completion by spring but bundling the projects together for bidding purposes had posed problems.

The Supervisors opted to reject all bids earlier this year and rebid each project separately.

Doing so amounted to “substantial savings,” according to Jason.

Supervisor Jeff Boraski said that bidding each item individually saved the township approximately $18,000 as compared to previous bids.

“It really paid off for us,” he said.

Cameras will record the license plates of all outgoing cars, Jason said, adding that it will be helpful in finding culprits responsible for wrongdoing at the park.

Supervisor Chairman Bob Harvie noted that cameras will be able to be accessed remotely, meaning police could “pull up cameras just to see if anything is going on.”

The improvements are aimed at making the go-to place to launch a boat also a fun site for picnicking, parties under the pavilions, as well as fun on the playground.

The added security features will hopefully make guests feel safer – and prevent inappropriate park behavior, officials said.

Jason said the improvements coincide with the upgrades carried out at Quaker Penn last year, including riverfront cleanup, which involved the removal of dead trees to provide for a better view.

In addition, a new playground and swings were installed, as well as picnic tables placed closer to the river and three compost toilet facilities.

Public Works employees recently installed the underground electrical conduit and light pole bases.

A bonus is that the bulk of the park improvements are covered by a grant.

Seventy-five percent of the total project costs are funded by a Bucks County open space grant. Falls Township would pay 25% of the projected cost.