Welcome to Tyrol Insurance Agency

by John Tyrol, owner

Our humble start in 1958 was the team of Frank and wife, Julia Tyrol, working out of their basement in Feasterville while chasing after four little kids. 

Dad was a former Allstate agent who parted ways with them after they took some large rate increases. At the time he had no other carriers to help his customers defend themselves against these large rate increases. 

That’s when he decided to become an Independent Agent so rate increases couldn’t hurt his customers. Over 60 years later and three generations in the business, we now represent over 80 carriers for both Personal and Commercial coverage. 

We now have about double the amount of carriers that most agencies represent and this only helps our customers get access to great products. 

Carriers like Chubb, Travelers, Hartford, Nationwide, CNA, Safeco, Liberty Mutual, Cincinnati and many other “A” rated carriers are put to work for you. 

Would you use a financial planner that only has one investment option, then why would you use an insurance agent that only has one carrier to offer? 

We have had many customers for decades now and over that time period we might have placed them with multiple carriers each time helping them improve.

Our people end up placing Personal Lines coverage for about six out of every 10 people we quote. This extremely high 60% Hit Ratio on Home and Auto coverage is due to a long-time staff that has the most advanced comparative rating tool in the industry. 

This rater is packed with multiple Home and Auto quality carriers that all compete for your business at one time. We will instantly know what carrier is best for your account so you don’t have to spend hours on the phone or online just to find out what we’ll know in a few minutes. 

On the Personal side we write Homes, Autos, Life, Boats, Motorcycles, ATVs, Motorhomes, Life, Disability and many more.

For Commercial insurance we are hard to stump, we have seen it all before. For many decades now we have written contractors, machine shops, landscapers, restaurants, metal workers, marinas, advertising agencies, accountants, lawyers and petty much any type of risk that come our way. 

We have great markets for Workers Compensation, Liability, Property, Autos, Professional Liability, Bonds and many other lines of business. 

Our Commercial accounts don’t have to bother to shop their coverage since we make all the carriers compete for their business each year for them.

Speed in doing quotes is nothing if you don’t have the knowledge and experience on what coverage items are very important and what are just window dressing, we’ll be your guide through the coverage maze.

We have Certified Insurance Councilors on staff which requires us taking advanced insurance courses on a yearly basis to better serve your customers. 

This allows us to help educate our customers on all their various coverage options in a more comprehensive way. 

After our coverage reviews with potential clients a statement we hear often is “I wasn’t aware that coverage even existed.” 

My father always said, “You don’t always buy the cheapest pair of shoes do you”? 

He always instilled in us quote your customer’s policies the same way you would want your own coverage written. We still do this today.

Our office is located in Newtown across the street from a well know restaurant called the Green Parrot. 

We are licensed in both PA and NJ as well as 37 other states around the country. Feel free to call us on any insurance related questions, we can help.

Have a great summer!

PHOTO CAP: Who said insurance can’t be fun? The Tyrol Insurance staff show their love for fun. They are, seated from left, Rose Kirn, John Tyrol, and Sue Roberts; in back from left, Michelle Englehardt, Lacey Neff, Mike Pearson, JoAnn Smith (directly in front of Mike), Leah Yeager, Erica Bradeis, Sarah Toothman, and Jessica Elwell.