Morrisville Senior Servicecenter hosts graduation for job-training courses

    Morrisville Senior Servicecenter hosted a graduation ceremony for their first-ever free job training program, offered in partnership with Bucks County Community College and designed for people ages 55 and over looking to get back into the workforce or advance job skills.

    Graduates completed six weeks of classes in computer skills, Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word.

    Career workshops included resume writing, using online tools like LinkedIn, interviewing, networking and more.

    Courses were designed and facilitated by BCCC career coaching and training professionals specializing in mid- to late-career transitions.

    These courses culminated with certificates of completion stating that the participants mastered a particular skill.

    The courses were offered free of charge and made possible through a grant received from the Department of Human Services by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    “This program was made possible by people like Representative Perry Warren,” said Clark Schuster, Center Manager. “A program of this magnitude requires help from many people.”

    It is a true community effort to see this program come to fruition.

    Perry and many others attended the graduation at Morrisville Senior Center on Friday, May 10th to honor the 27 graduates who received certificates of completion.

    “This course graduation is a culmination of a process we started months ago to bolster the senior center and the lives of seniors,” said Perry at the event. “We want to lift up Morrisville, and embrace these opportunities to expand training for 21st century jobs and the requirements that are constantly changing.”

    The ceremony included a luncheon and the awarding of certificates to those who completed the course.

    Dan Loeper from the Bucks County Community College awarded certificates to the 30 graduates.

    “It is part of the college’s mission where we seek to engage our community in education, and inspire personal and professional career growth,” said Dan. “Everybody in these classes are an example of how we are reaching into the community and outside the walls of the institution or even online and making a real difference in the lives of [these graduates].”

    Another set of courses began on May 20th, and there are hopes the courses will continue being offered as long as the grant money allows.

    The program is funded by a $145,000 state grant for job training and transportation needs.

    The grant money goes toward paying instructors and other necessities of the program.

    “We would like to sustain these courses in some way on a more permanent basis,” Clark said.

    It’s dependent on funds to keep these courses going.

    The graduates from this program included Esther Boykins, Sandra Burke, Nadia Croul, Kathryn Davey, Patricia Dost, Mildred Emore, Nancy Feyko, Charles Forker, Elizabeth Fritsch, Dennis Fuss, Maria Gonzalez, Miriam Gonzalex, Theodore Hope, Catherine Karnicky, Karahn Karol, Marylou Kaufman, Ken Lew, Deanna Mebs, Phillip Monahan, Myrna Morales, Kathryn Panzitta, Susa Parrey, Alfred Reddy, Elizabeth Ann Sabo-Roder, Kathryn Shiley, Anthony Smith, Nadja Trabulsi, Ken Vegotsky, Greg Whisted, and Leonard Whitmore.

    Graduate Karahn Karol who attened the ceremony said, “I am so proud of myself, I kept pushing myself and I took as many courses as possible. I learned so much and I couldn’t have done it without this program.”

    PHOTO CAP: The group of job-training graduates at the Morrisville Senior Servicecenter ceremony.