The Peace Center to Host a Free Workshop on Bullying in the Workplace

Do you think bullying is something that exists only on a school playground or in a middle school locker room? This is not the case. Bullying is rampant in the adult workplace. In fact, it is an American epidemic. Statistics show 19% of Americans are bullied, and another 19% witness bullying, affecting over 60 million Americans! When bullying is present in a work environment, there is more absenteeism, low morale, staff turnover and loss of expertise – thus higher turnover costs, and poor productivity. Twenty-five states have introduced Healthy Workplace bills to address this problem.

At 7:00pm on Wed., May 29th, the Peace Center will host a free workshop to address the issues of workplace bullying in the historic Richardson House at 102 West Maple Ave. in Langhorne, PA. The workshop is appropriate for both employers and small business owners, as well as employees. Attendees will learn the difference between bullying and harassment, their rights and responsibilities, and how to respond, either by standing up for oneself, being an upstander for others, or as an employer, creating a healthy work environment.

The workshop is designed to help people in the workplace who either witness bullying or are targets themselves. Business owners will learn how to promote a positive workplace culture and will be given examples of respectful workplace policies that businesses of various sizes can incorporate into their workplace. Presenters will demonstrate the importance of sending a strong message that aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.

The workshop will be facilitated by Tayna Longino of HR Partners and Gayle Evans and Kathia Monard-Weissman of The Peace Center. RSVP in advance to or call 215-750-7220 ext. 13.

For nearly 40 years, The Peace Center has educated and empowered schools and families and enriched communities with proven conflict resolution and social justice programs. In 2018, the organization directly impacted over 4700 Bucks County residents and students with programs across the county ranging from bullying prevention and diversity/inclusion programs in schools to dialogues on race, town hall meetings, conflict coaching, educational forums and training, and much more. For more information, visit our website: