Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce – An invaluable resource for local businesses

by Tianna G. Hansen

For local businesses who haven’t heard or taken advantage of all that membership offers with the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce (LBCCC), what are you waiting for?

Above all else, the LBCCC helps grow business relationships.

The LBCCC’s Director of Events and Membership is Jude Martin-Cianfano, of Pennington, NJ.

While Jude focuses on bringing in new members, she is also a driving force behind the dynamic networking events that provide businesses the opportunity to connect and grow results.

“You get to know people at our events and like people, and then you do business with them,” says Jude. “Those are one of the opportunities we create at the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce events.”

Also settling into his role is young professional Minesh V. Pathak, of Yardley, who has been in his position as Executive Director of LBCCC since July of last year.

“The most exciting part of my job is meeting all the new members and getting to know the business community as well as the entire community at large. Being involved in the community is a great asset,” says Minesh.

Minesh is the youngest Executive Director to work in his position at LBCCC and while the Chamber focuses on business owners and members from every generation, Minesh also wants to encourage young professionals to build more relationships and network.

“One of my goals is to have more young professionals join the Chamber and grow with me in my role.”

The Chamber wants the community to know they’re here for you and their members.

Something both Minesh and Jude possess is the knowledge of what it’s like to be on the receiving end – before they worked for LBCCC, they were each members of other Chambers of Commerce and know what businesses are seeking to gain from a Chamber.

“Not only do we know how a Chamber works and the dynamics of it, but we have been members of a Chamber as well, working for different companies,” says Jude. “We possess a unique dynamic that we bring into our daily work.”

The two directors bring fresh eyes to the Chamber and are all the more enthusiastic and focused on success for each and every member of LBCCC.

“All of the Chamber staff work for our members – everything we do is to help members,” Jude says. “For the good of the Chamber and for the good of the membership, the Chamber is here to provide a conduit for the community and their members to build your business for further success.”

The Chamber is also geared to welcome new businesses.

With strong, high-level relationships, the LBCCC staff is able to gather interest over a new business, bring out the Mayor or Board of Supervisors across numerous municipalities, and back a budding business to help launch them into the community.

“That’s part of the benefits of being a Chamber member,” Jude says. “We can get a crowd of people there, invite politicians and create excitement and buzz for a new business to come to town.”

LBCCC also offers numerous programs that are priceless for businesses and growing professionals.

Among these include Lead & Succeed, a program held at Bucks County Community College for high school students which encourages youth leadership.

Available to anyone who wishes to join is LBCCC’s eight-month program called Leadership Bucks County.

In this program, leadership students meet once a month on a Tuesday to learn about Bucks County. This is a wonderful resource for young professionals and seasoned employees alike.

The goal is to teach any professional greater leadership skills, no matter how seasoned and experienced.S

ome companies invest in their employees and send them here to obtain further professional development.

For more information, visit LBCCC online at or call them at 215-943-7400.

PHOTO CAP: Staff and Board of Supervisors for Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce, from left, Susan Harkins (Professional Development), Kathy Zelenka (Past Chair), Bill Koelewyn (Chairman of the Board), Denise M. Bowman, Esquire (Past Chair), Minesh V. Pathak (Executive Director), Kim Bloemker (Publications Specialist), Jude Martin-Cianfano (Director of Events & Membership), William Brady (Past Chair).