Hurricane Charley – Grilling and Chilling

    submitted by Chef Joseph of Joseph’s Premier Catering

    Today’s recipe comes from an experience I will never forget! Preparing for a big catered event of 500 people for a company picnic, I figured I would start setting up early.

    After the tent is installed, we start putting up tables, chairs, bars and grills. I get warned of a storm but pay no attention and keep working.

    Well guess what – tent blows over, equipment goes everywhere and as they say, along comes Charley!

    We gathered our equipment and headed for the hills. For those who don’t know, Newtown is surrounded by water so at this point all roads are closed as creeks and waterways are flooded.

    My brother lives in nearby Holland so my crew and I bunkered up at his house.

    The event was a few days later and we grilled away for the large crowds who all added some tales and war stories to the storm of 2004!

    Recipe: Grilled Shrimp & Scallops


    Sea Scallops U-10 (size tells you how many in a pound – always use dry as they are fresh and never have water weight – grill and pan sear to perfection)

    Shrimp – Gulf Coast U-13 – Using a gulf shrimp is natural, water is cleaner

    Portabella Mushrooms & Grilled Asparagus – Farm to table

    Filet Mignon – Butchered into 4-ounce portions

    Method of prep:

    Have grill as hot as possible. The key is to lock in flavors – this can only be done with a hot grill.

    Prior to grilling, rub oil on grates making grill smoke and allowing products to mark well and not stick.

    For different flavors, add soaked smoked woodchips such as apple-wood and cherry.

    Marinate items prior to grilling using a marinade of: Olive Oil, Fresh Garlic, Black Pepper, Kosher Salt, Lemon & Lime Zest (grated fine).

    Mix ingredients together and chill.

    (Zest will bring out freshness in grilled items – gives it a burst!)

    Drain off excess liquid – grill and brown off both sides.

    Shrimp and scallops will firm up.

    Grill three minutes each side or until seared brown and plump.

    Filet mark with grill, turn over four minutes each side or until internal temperature of 120 for medium rare.

    Vegetables gain flavor from the grill – so much you’ll never eat the old fashioned way.

    It’s grill season – so let’s go!