Spread your butterfly wings

submitted by Tracey Reed, Warminster Library Director

There a documented decline* in the number of butterflies and other insect species around the world, including bees. Which got me to thinking about the Butterfly Effect: the idea that when a butterfly flaps its wings halfway around the world, it causes a rainstorm here.

The concept is less about weather patterns and more about how small things can create large change and disruption without ever knowing it. It’s a powerful thought: that the little things we do each day can have lasting and far-reaching effects.

It’s these far-reaching, lasting effects that libraries bring to communities through the things we do every day. We have started doing monthly youth programs at the YMCA, and adult DIY craft programs at Charter Arms Senior Living Apartments.

Getting out into the community, and bringing Library services to places other than 1076 Emma Lane, allows us to reach even more people.

One of the programs we’re doing this summer is “Storytime in the Parks,” where we will be in six local parks over the course of the summer, reading and doing crafts with people who are enjoying nature, or playing sports (a couple of our times coincide with soccer!). Southampton Library, with whom we partner on several programs, does nature walks once a month during the warm months (check out their calendar for more information).

All of this is to say that the library is more than what’s contained inside our building.

When you leave with an item, or you discuss a program that you attended, or you talk about the movie you saw last Tuesday night, you take us into the world – into your world. And while you may not notice a change right away, you’ve gained a bit by doing that.

You’re spreading your butterfly wings and changing the world – just a little bit at a time. So keep doing it – all these little changes might just create a tidal wave of library love!

* For more information about the butterflies:, and the bees:

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