My Chef Disney experience

    submitted by, Chef Joseph A. Garvey,

    Today’s recipe comes from my Disney Experience!

    So I was dating a girl from college – My parents came to Disney to visit me, so while they were at the park -we decided to hang out in their room at the Contemporary Hotel. As we were leaving the room we were spotted by a manager at the hotel. What are you guys doing! I replied we are on our honeymoon and were told with a pending strike we were not aloud to take off work! My mother returns to room to find an urn with 4 dozen roses and champagne. She thinks my son is so special, all the while my boss put the little tale right back at me. I get a call from the head of Disney to congratulate me on my wedding! I am thinking, Oh boy am I in trouble now!

    A good laugh for all at Disney! Then of course it was time to get back to work for Mickey! This recipe was from the outdoor Grille room

    Grilled Filet with Sauce Demi

    Butcher Filet Prime cut in 4 oz portions – Season with Kosher salt -Black pepper & Shallots

    Heat Grille – Grates must be smoking hot!!! Grille & Mark -Best Served Medium Rare 120 degrees

    Veal bones -5 #

    Tomato paste 8 ounces

    Celery- Bunch


    Onions- 2 each

    Garlic cloves – 4 each

    Bay leaves – 3 ea.

    Kosher salt, Black pepper, Rosemary leaves, Thyme -to Taste

    Water, Red wine (Water cover 2 inches above product) Red Wine 8 ounce

    Corn starch – To Taste

    Method Of Prep

    Rub bones with tomato paste and roast in the oven for 40 minutes or when bones are caramel/brown. Add Mirepoix- celery, carrots, onions, herbs and spices-roast another 30 minutes to get aromatic herbs and spices to infuse into bone marrow.  Place ingredients in stock pot – Deglaze remaining particles in roasted pan with red wine – Place everything in stock pot once all particles have loosened from bottom of the pan. Add remaining vegetables, spices & water to top of bones and let simmer 6-8 hours.

    Strain bones and vegetables from liquid and place liquid back into pot and bring to simmer.and reduce until it thickens naturally. Place corn starch in a small bowl and add enough water to make it a loose liquid with no clumps. Slowly add to simmering beef liquid. Liquid will become slightly thick. Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper.

    Serve with Charred Yukon Potatoes & Bundle Grilled Asparagus