Board of Directors grows at Bucks County Audubon Society

    Bucks County Audubon Society (BCAS) recently welcomed the addition of several new Board of Directors members and announced the election of a new President, Heidi Shiver.

    Due to personal health issues, past Board President, Bob Hennessy had to step down. While Bucks Audubon will miss him greatly, they are excited that Heidi has stepped in to fill the position.

    She has been fortunate over the years to dedicate her time to her passions: the environment and teaching languages. Nature has always been a place of beauty, exploration, and relaxation for her.

    While enjoying teaching German for 35 years, she has also taught as a Teacher Naturalist at Peace Valley Nature Center and as a Penn State Master Gardener. As a longtime resident of Doylestown Township, she joined the BCAS Board to help support and promote their mission of education, conservation, and advocacy.

    Now as President, she remains deeply committed to moving forward their environmental educational programming, as well as strengthening relationships with members and the community to care for our environment.

    Bob McGarry has been volunteering at BCAS since February 2018, and joined the Board of Directors in August of that year. A lifelong resident of Bucks County, Bob grew up in Perkasie and returned to the area in 2014 after studying literature at Hampshire College in western Massachusetts.

    Bob is a committed birder who has always been a passionate environmentalist, having first dabbled in birdwatching, inspired by his fascination with extinct and endangered birds, during middle school.

    As a writer, Bob hopes to find ways to use his skills and talents to advance the cause of environmental protection and mitigate climate change.

    Over the last few months, he helped to implement Audubon’s Climate Watch program, a citizen science initiative that tracks how bird populations are responding to climate change, in the county. Recently, he was elected the Vice President of the Bucks Audubon board, and he hopes to use that position to further advocate for the environment, to help BCAS to thrive, and to promote birding.

    Reg Hoyt brings over two decades of knowledge and experience in biology and conservation work from all over the world. In the past, he has worked as curators at zoos around America and has participated in research studies before joining the faculty at Delaware Valley College (now University).

    For over a decade, he has taught Animal Biotechnology and Conservation courses and now is the Co-Chair for the department and on the tenure track. His research has been extensively in Liberia, West Africa on projects related to the biologic and socio-economic impacts of the wildlife harvest and bushmeat trade.

    In 2006, he wrote an “Elephant Conservation Action Plan for Liberia” for the Government of Liberia. On the more local side of research, he has studied conservation issues in Pennsylvania, including attempts to captive breed the Allegheny woodrat (Neotoma magister).

    By joining the Board of Directors, he hopes to promote action on behalf of the regions rich biodiversity.

    Steven Blumenthal is a biologist with over 40 years of professional experience including marine biology, physiology and pharmacology research and pharmaceutical regulatory affairs. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Long Island University (New York) and a Master’s of Science degree in Biology from East Carolina University (North Carolina).

    Steven volunteers for the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources annual bluebird nesting survey. He is particularly interested in promoting citizen science projects with BCAS.

    For more information, contact Bucks County Audubon Society at 215-297-5880 or Also visit


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