Sohl Foot & Ankle: Leaving a footprint on the Bucks County community

by Tianna G. Hansen

Many people experience some type of foot/ankle problems throughout the course of their lives. 

When this happens, there is a new face in town to help you get back on your feet. Meet Dr. Andrew Sohl.  

After eight years of leaving a lasting footprint practicing podiatry and surgical procedures for feet and ankles around Lower Bucks and Northeast Philadelphia, Dr. Andrew Sohl has opened a private practice and put down roots in his new Southampton office.

“I wouldn’t have created my own practice without the urgings of my former patients,” says Dr. Sohl. “I’ve had countless patients tell me, ‘you should be out there doing this on your own.’ So I decided, why not?”

This encouragement shows the impact of the care that Dr. Sohl focuses on. Dr. Sohl and his wife have spent the several months rehabbing the new office, putting their thoughtful touch on the space to create a perfect, welcoming atmosphere.

Above all, Dr. Sohl wants his patients to feel comfortable when they come to him with foot and ankle conditions.

“We are open to people of all ages, with all types of needs.”

From kids with warts and in-grown toenails, to working adults with bunions, strains, and heel pain, to people of retirement age who have more regular foot care needs and management.

“As people grow older, their feet get older too and require a little more maintenance.”

Before he pursued podiatry as a career, Dr. Sohl’s first patient was his grandmother.

“My grandmother taught me how to care for someone’s feet, what to do and what not to do, and how to be gentle. I learned a lot thanks to her.”

This compassionate touch is what has made Dr. Sohl well known throughout the community for many years. He cares for his clients and aims to catch people before their foot issues become chronic or seriously damaging.

“The ultimate goal is to prevent a more serious issue from occurring.”

Dr. Sohl’s personal nature allows him to connect with patients and grow a relationship with them.

He understands that sometimes, patients have anxiety when going to see a podiatrist. Some may view a visit to the podiatrist like a trip to the dentist – something to put off or dread until the problem becomes persistent and painful.

“You shouldn’t leave your foot or ankle concerns until the last minute,” he says.

Sohl Foot & Ankle aspires to be your trusted medical provider who can provide you with thorough and compassionate care in a warm environment. It is their mission to provide patients with honest evaluations and comprehensive treatment plans to help keep the community on their feet.

Looking toward the future, Dr. Sohl “wants things to grow steadily. I look forward to seeing familiar patients from previous practices and welcoming a new group of clients.”

Setting down these roots with his private practice has been a leap of faith, but Dr. Sohl plans to leave an everlasting and impactful footprint on the community.

Treatments resolve or manage ailments such as heel pain, sports/overuse injuries, tendonitis, foot pain or injury, flatfoot pain, ingrown toenails, difficulty clipping toenails, plantar warts, dry or itchy skin, infection concerns, bunion or toe deformity, arthritis, diabetic foot evaluations, orthotics or special shoes, and more.

Check out Sohl Foot & Ankle on Facebook, visit their website at or call 267-699-3839 for an appointment.

Their office is located at 86 Buck Road, Suite 2, Southampton. Hours are Monday 9:30am to 3:30pm, Wednesday 10:00am to 7:00pm, Thursday 2:00pm to 6:00pm, and Saturday 9:00am to noon (by request).

PHOTO CAP: Dr. Andrew Sohl