Patchwork Improvements Project at Friends Home

    The Styer campus of Friends Home & Village, located on Lower Dolington Road, Newtown, has seen the recent creation of the Patchwork Improvements Project which seeks to raise funds in support of several, smaller improvement projects, or patches, needed on site.

    “This campus has been open for nearly 40 years, and we work hard to ensure things are in top working order, but things age. We looked around and found that there were multiple smaller projects needing attention that added up to something big. Addressing the smaller patches of our larger community makes a more vibrant and enjoyable experience for our residents,” said CEO Tyler Hoff.

    Standing on seven acres, the Styer campus of Friends Home & Village was donated by the Styer family in the late 1970’s for the purpose of building a retirement community and addition to its Paxson campus, located in the heart of Newtown borough.

    Inspired by the Patchwork Improvements Project, residents of the Styer campus partnered with the Newtown Quilters’ Guild for the purpose of creating a commemorative campus quilt. “It just clicked,” said Mr. Hoff. “We were talking about how the projects reminded us of the patches of a quilt, and the idea grew from there.”

    The Newtown Quilters’ Guild, comprised of members with a passion for quilting, are known not only for creating award-winning quilts, but for donating quilts to members of the community in need.
    Members of the guild collaborated with community members of Friends Home & Village to design and create a quilt as a physical representation of what the community means to its residents.

    Marketing Director Karen Haney said, “Our residents were very clear about what makes the community important to them. It’s really exciting. I can’t wait to see the finished product.”

    The finished product will be unveiled on April 4th, at a fundraising celebration marking the beginning of the Patchwork Improvements Project.

    The celebration will be held at the Styer campus dining room at 6:30pm.

    To learn more about Friends Home & Village, or to R.S.V.P. to the event, visit or call 215-968-3346.

    Information regarding the Newtown Quilters’ Guild can be found at

    PHOTO CAP: Styer campus residents of Friends Home & Village with Newtown Quilters’ Guild members.