Enhance your summer at Richboro Swim Club

by Tianna G. Hansen

A family of swimmers turned their passion into a business when they bought Richboro Swim Club (RSC) 38 years ago. In an effort to become “caretakers of a tradition,” Tom Yaegel and his family took on the swim club as a way to maintain what was already there.

Tom didn’t want to see the swim club transformed into something it was not; he wanted to continue the wonderful atmosphere RSC exuded for his community. As Tom described, the swim club was founded by the Hettler family in 1953, German immigrants who came to the US after the war in the 1940’s.

It was sold to another family who owned it until 1981, when they announced to Tom and his brother-in-law they were going to sell it and Tom offered to buy it. Today, it’s Tom, his wife, their two children and eight grandchildren who all help operate the swim club.

It’s truly an effort of three generations.

“Both of my kids have been competitive swimmers, lifeguards, managers, and swim coaches,” Tom said. “They’re still very involved with coaching here.”

Tom’s son runs a high school coaching class over the summers at 6:30am, while his daughter (along with their head swim coach Diane, who has been with the swim club for 55 years), run practice sessions for younger kids from 8:30am until 12:30pm.

“It’s a nice summer place to bring your family.”

RSC offers both private and group lessons for those interested in learning the art of swimming or refining their skills.

Over the years, Tom has made it a goal to keep the same familiar atmosphere of the swim club while keeping up with modern times, adding more water play features such as slides and climbing walls.

“It’s almost like a mini-waterpark,” Tom said. “We host a lot of family events that keep our community entertained and coming back.”

During the summer, they host a family fun day, a Fourth of July celebration, and last year they held a “town festival” called Richboro Fest complete with carnival games, food trucks, vendors and a DJ.

“People really like that about us. They’re looking for more. We offer entertainment, cleanliness and safety to our community, but we also have a familiarity with our members that you won’t find elsewhere.”

Their membership opportunities give the three-generation family a chance to learn who is coming into their pools and become familiar with different swimming abilities of their members.

RSC also offers swimming and diving teams, keeping up with modern coaching methods and offers. Tom says keeping his family close is the best part by far.

“Most people aren’t so lucky having that close connection because their kids move away, but we are fortunate to have both our kids stay in the community and now our grandkids are part of the swim club as well.”

His granddaughters help manage the front desk and will be joining the swim club as lifeguards this summer.

“We have a number of three-generation family members who attend the swim club,” Tom said. “There are people our kids’ age who move back to the area and join with their kids. When they’re working, we see grandparents coming to the swim club with their grandkids.”

RSC is a family facility operated by a family for families.

They understand the different needs of families and use this as an advantage to set them apart from other swim clubs or pools in the area.

For more information and to learn more about membership options and all that RSC has to offer, call 215-357-9596, visit, or check them out in person at 750 Second Street Pike, Richboro.

PHOTO CAP: Tom Yaegel with his grandchildren