Reach Out Foundation of Bucks County

Now providing free transportation to their support center

“On the rise like an air balloon,” said Douglas Hicks, Executive Director of the Reach Out Foundation when asked about group attendance at the peer-to-peer support center located in Penndel.

Attendance has increased significantly since the Reach Out Foundation is now able to offer free transportation through a generous donation that was used to purchase a van in memory of David Kime.

David was a dedicated consumer and employee of Reach Out Foundation for more than 20 years.

He was well-known in Bucks County art and poetry circles and was in charge of the creative and poetry support groups at Reach Out Foundation.

Reach Out Foundation of Bucks County, located in Penndel, was established as a not-for-profit organization in 1995.

Now serving thousands of people through peer-to-peer support groups, special events, and social activities.

Their mission is to provide a safe and accepting environment for people with behavioral health and/or addiction disorders.

Programs are provided free of charge to everyone.

Reach Out welcomes adults of all ages and backgrounds to join them at the only “drop-in center” in the area.

Consumers are offered education, peer support, and the opportunity to learn how to advocate for themselves.

Douglas Hicks and Sandy Gallant, Program Director, are committed to making consumers feel welcome and accepted.

“It’s like we are family,” said Sandy. “We are here for each other, it’s a place where everyone feels at home.”

Some of the Peer Support Groups that Reach Out offers include:
*Co-Occuring Group – for those living with both addiction and mental health disorders.
*PTSD Group – talk with others who know what you are going through.
*Anxiety Group – work toward recovery from anxiety disorders.
*Beyond Recovery Poetry Group – imaginative expression through reading and writing.
*Creative Groups – work on projects such as arts and crafts, fun and games, music, and movies.

Contact the Reach Out Foundation of Bucks County at 215-970-5462, or visit their website at

Van Information: Pick-up begins at 9:00am, and returns begin at 3:00pm, Monday through Thursday.

You can call anytime to schedule your free transportation at 215-970-5462.