Outpatient programs for women at Libertae

Freedom in recovery

Learning to live a life free from addiction is a journey. During treatment, a recovery process begins that encourages healthy behaviors and empowers the individual to pursue a productive, meaningful life.

While it is not an easy journey, success is more likely when an all-inclusive, personalized support system is in place.

The Outpatient Program at Libertae provides exactly that. Accessible and holistic, the Outpatient Program specifically addresses the unique needs of women in recovery that are often associated with stigmatization and trauma.

Through individualized attention, active listening and careful assessment, a program for successful recovery is established for each client, ensuring the best possible outcome.

A Professional Outpatient Staff
Libertae is staffed with highly experienced, credentialed professionals who have made treatment and recovery support the focus of their careers. They understand that each client’s road to recovery is unique, resulting in a personal plan that addresses goals and objectives for treatment, good health and important life skills.

Programs Tailored to Your Needs
Libertae is one of a very small number of treatment programs in Pennsylvania dedicated to treating and supporting women with substance use disorders. With an emphasis on gender-informed treatment, Libertae strives to create an environment that reflects an understanding of women’s lives that responds to their many challenges and results in a high success rate.All programs available to Libertae’s residents are also available to our outpatient clients.

A full-service daycare is located on the premises so that clients can pursue treatment knowing their children are safe and being cared for.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid Use Disorders
Believing that addiction is a chronic condition, Libertae is a provider of MAT, the use of FDA-approved medications for Opioid Use Disorders that relieve withdrawal symptoms and eliminate cravings.

Research has shown that medications may be used effectively for extended periods of time with no adverse effects.

For more information about all programs at Libertae, please call us at 215.639.8681, e-mail us at or visit our website at

PHOTO CAP: Libertae takes into account the unique needs of women in recovery, providing personalized treatment options that specifically address each individual.