Warwick Elementary School honors veterans

by Tianna G. Hansen

On Monday, November 12th, the day after Veterans Day, Warwick Elementary School (WES) held a special Veterans Day celebration where they invited a number of veterans to join the students for a breakfast and assembly.

The day started off with a special breakfast tribute where veterans and their loved ones joined together for a hearty meal and warm coffee, the auditorium full of happy faces and warm conversation.

The school’s first and second graders joined the group to sing patriotic songs before attendees moved into the gymnasium for a full assembly.

The entire school was decorated to make veterans feel welcome with drawings featuring adjectives that describe veterans to the students – these included selfless, brave, heroic, strong, noble, clever, and many more.

A wall of appreciation featured poems, essays, and acrostics written by students who were proud to see their work displayed, among them Elena and Sarah Rivera.

During the assembly, select students presented some of their poems, acrostics, and essays as tribute to veterans in attendance.

There was also a student who honored each branch that the veterans could serve in, and veterans were asked to stand for their service, honored individually.

Many students at WES have family members who are veterans or are currently serving.

“We should all be very thankful for these brave men and women you see before you,” one student read from an essay.

Kasey Walker and Antonio Rosado were among a group of students who presented original poems in honor of this special day.

An original song, “Thank You Soldiers” was performed by the third and fourth graders and veterans in attendance were all presented with an Honorary Warwick Bear Award.

A video tribute dedicated to those who could not attend or have lost their lives was presented, featuring pictures of numerous veterans and their loved ones.

Kristin Sleicher, the school’s guidance counselor, ran the event and handed out red and white carnations to each veteran’s student.

The entire community of students and teachers were proud to clebrate this special day to honor those who have served our country.

PHOTO CAPS: 1. Marine vet Steve Pitts, of Warwick, with his granddaughter, Amanda Smith.

2. Veteran Michael Aluise (center), of Warwick, with his three daughters (from left), Brooklyn, Mackenzie, and Delaney, and their grandfather, Marine vet Steve Galm.