Functional Life of New Hope provides customized chiropractic, nutritional and fitness services

by Maryanna S. Phinn

Often when someone seeks chiropractic care for pain relief from an injury or a chronic medical condition, there may be additional unresolved issues contributing to the problem such as excessive weight, lack of exercise or poor eating habits.

At Functional Life, Dr. Eric Pirrone, DC, and his staff specialize in taking a holistic approach to treating clients with chiropractic problems by including fitness and nutrition into their overall treatment program. While many of Functional Life’s clients are active in sports such runners, joggers, rowers or swimmers, anyone seeking chiropractic care is welcome.

“My model has always been combining chiropractic care with fitness and nutrition. We offer options along with chiropractic care for lifestyle modifications that addresses all three of these core components in one location,” notes Dr. Eric, who has more than 25 years of experience as a personal trainer and chiropractor in Bucks County and has trained more than 1,000 fitness trainers during his career.

Functional Life is designed and equipped as half chiropractic and half fitness studio emphasizing the importance of chiropractic care with nutrition and exercise.

There is also a private examination area, if needed.

“Our clients work individually with our trainers or in small group training sessions. They craft individualized workouts for each person while facilitating and guiding them through their program,” he says. Workouts may include a combination of yoga and flexibility training, strength training similar to CrossFit and cardio so clients gets a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to their care in a comfortable setting.

Customization is a unique aspect of Functional Life’s overall approach. “Not many facilities have both doctors and trainers creating customized workouts for their clients,” says Dr. Eric. “Many of our clients come in seeking relief from pain that we quickly address and effectively treat. But there are frequently more underlying problems. When a patient starts feeling better and out of pain, we’ll ask them about their overall health goals. Usually they want to lose weight or to start exercising again. We have customized programs that we offer clients to meet their goals. In this facility you get to address all of these issues in one place and it’s doctor-driven.”

Clients also have the option to get their blood panel drawn for further analysis, which is unique to Functional Life’s overall program. “We do blood work for our patients through local laboratories to determine their levels for things like cholesterol, inflammation or diabetes,” says Dr. Eric.

Patients are offered this option during their initial 45-minute consultation and health assessment or if there is a known history of high cholesterol or similar problems.

Dr. Eric and his team sponsor a monthly workshop called “Better Results Faster” that’s open to community enrollment and features fitness and nutrition topics.

For example, a recent topic focused on the Ketogenic diet or “Clean Keto,” a diet that incorporates 70% healthy fats, 20% proteins and 10% carbohydrates into a person’s diet and uses an app to determine a person’s body composition and body fat percentages.

The Functional Life team is extremely active and supportive of community, corporate wellness, school functions and charity events such as 5K runs or outdoor festivals such as New Hope Celebrates or events like FACT Bingo, which raises funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS. Functional Life sponsors the annual “Future Health Care Leader Scholarship,” designated for New Hope High School students who are committed to a scientific educational track in college.  

Functional Life is located in the Village Square Shopping Center at 15 Village Square, Suite 1 in New Hope.

It is open Monday 7:30am to 5:30pm, Tuesday 7:00am to 12:00am, Wednesday 7:30am to 5:30pm, and Thursday 7:00am to 4:00pm. To schedule an appointment or a complimentary new patient consultation, call 215-693-1176.

For more information, visit “Like” Functional Life on Facebook @FNX.LIFE or watch Dr. Eric Pirrone’s health and fitness discussions on YouTube.

PHOTO CAP: Dr. Eric Pirrone, Tess Sberna, Mary Schwalm and John Gaeta.