Four Lanes End Garden Club hosts 59th annual Holiday House Tour

    by Tianna G. Hansen

    Each year for 59 years, the Four Lanes End Garden Club has hosted their momentous Holiday House Tour and Tea in Langhorne, their largest fundraiser featuring intricately decorated houses around the community, handmade ornaments, and hundreds of fresh flower arrangements.

    The House Tour occurs over the course of a single day, this year on November 15th from 11:00am until 8:30pm, and people begin lining up at the doors of the houses as early as 9:45am.

    Finishing touches continue until the last moment from the hardworking women of the FLEGC.

    Every corner of the home is decorated, every detail pristine.

    Each home on the tour is themed and assigned a team of Garden Club members, including two co-chairs and many other members (plus volunteers) who dedicate numerous hours often accumulating into an entire week’s worth of work for a single day of the community’s enjoyment.

    This year, the impending snowstorm didn’t keep guests away – they lined up with umbrellas and winterwear outside each home, brimming with excitement at what waited inside.

    Included on the tour was the Borman residence, on Teal Drive, decked out with plaid and checkered patterns to keep the rustic feeling the homeowners use in their own decoration.

    Co-chairs who oversaw the decorations for this home were Trish Gorman and Patricia Linton.

    Walking up to the door, top hats and bows decorated the windows and old bike tires formed into two snowmen welcoming in the guests.

    “I had to go hunting around for the old bikes just to make these,” said Patricia. “Every inch of this home is geared around the rustic but contemporary feel the homeowners have cultivated.”

    There were handmade plaid balls in black, red and white leading up the staircase.

    “Everyone has put so much hard work in,” Trish said. “The outcome always amazes us every year.”

    The Bowman residence, on Edgemont Lane, held the theme of “Eclectic Allure,” and included decorations unveiling a penchant for the old.

    Each room from the kitchen to the sitting room to the man-cave “must-see” held this eclectic theme, bringing the old and the new together in wondrous décor.

    Co-chairs running the decorations for this home were Melanie Goldstein and Rita Beale.

    Two homes nearly adjacent on Maple Avenue included the Lamberth-White home, with a Victorian theme of “Come Calling,” with Garden Club members’ cards left at the door and a specially decorated whimsical tree featuring the various ways the homeowners like to decorate their porch throughout the season – brightly colored balls, umbrellas, and chandeliers became handmade ornaments for the tree in the den.

    Co-chairs of decoration for this home were Marianne Ziegler and Chris Wright.

    “This year, we based the decorations of the house off the old Victorian style – back in those days, people such as chauffeurs would come by and leave their calling cards so we wanted to make our theme around this,” Chris said at the event.

    Next on Maple Avenue was the Connally residence, “HO HO HOme for the Holidays” with decorations based on the owner’s Santa Claus collection.

    Inside, the Santa theme became reality with a ‘naughty or nice’ list by the door and many other treats to see in each corner.

    Entering the back garden revealed a fir tree dressed as St. Nick and a play on the theme with “Hoe Hoe Hoe” decorations.

    Co-chairs for this home were Maureen Walko and Judy McTaggert.

    Some of the first guests to visit the home were longtime Langhorne residents, Hazel Smith and Ann Krull.

    “We’ve been coming to this event for years and each year is more exciting,” said Hazel. “We love seeing all the hard work put into the decorations, it’s one of our favorite events.”

    Also included on the tour was the lovingly decorated Middletown Country Club, with a theme of “‘Tis the Season,” a vibrant tree and red color scheme throughout the banquet room, a cake made completely of white and red carnations, white metal birdcages full of brilliant flowers on each table, and delicious tea and cookies baked by garden club members.

    Running the show was head of the FLEGC herself, Kathy Sheehan.

    “We highly anticipate this event every year and love putting all the finishing touches on,” Kathy said.

    The Four Lanes End Garden Club holds meetings on the fourth Tuesday of the month (from September to May).

    For information, contact Darlene Helicke at 215-757-8931 or

    Visit or their Facebook page.

    PHOTO CAPS: 1. Maureen Walko, poses on the festively decorated porch of the Connally residence, decorated in recognition of the homeowners’ Santa Claus collection with a theme of ‘HO HO HOme for the Holidays.’

    2. FLEGC members who decorated the Borman residence, from left, Michele Jones, Phyllis Rodill, Tina Cuff, Renee Rumsey, Trish Gorman, Pat Linton, Ceil Graff, Kathy Gavlick, Bernadette Rountree, Gerry Sproesser, and Jodi Schafer.